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Extreme Naturals Simone

BoobaWooba once mentioned to me that very few things in the cosmos arouse him more than a set of huge boobs that have been oiled up to shiny perfection. That’s why I pointed out Simone from Extreme Naturals to him the other day. This woman has a couple of monumental big boobs and a round big butt that will blow your mind. BoobaWooba commented that he had run several calculations and could still not figure out how exactly those massive tits are able to hang from Simone’s chest without severely injuring her spine. He thought, perhaps, that they are artificial and are much less massive than they appear, however, upon further analysis, he concluded that they are natural as can be. While it may be a mystery how those huge boobs are able to stay affixed to Simone’s chest, it is certainly no mystery why this unbelievably hot big boob queen has developed the fan following she has. You could literally lose yourself in that wonderfully massive busom of boobiness. In fact, BoobaWooba is reminded of the time when exactly that unfortunate event happened to him during a groupsex session with three Tripple Titted Zercorian War Whores. He had just leaned over to pinch one of the lady’s nipples when he was smacked in the back of the head by a rogue EEE breast that rendered him temporarily unconscious. When he came to, there was nothing but tit flesh all around him. It took him more than 20 minutes to navigate the nine huge boobs that flanked him on all sides and finally get a breath of air. BoobaWooba claims that had the boobs been oiled, he would have been a sure goner since he doesn’t see how he would’ve been able to gain any traction whatsoever. In any event, Simone’s oiled boobs pose no threat to you, so go ahead and check out her super hot video.

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Big Ass Tits

Lucy LoveBoobaWooba just loves to visit Earth, especially Eastern Europe. He knows he can always find plenty of big tit babes there who just love sex and crave his chunky green ball gravy all over their big ass tits. Well, ok, he’s only ever had one big tit babe from Eastern Europe crave his ball gravy on her tits, and she was high on three different hallucinogens at the time, but still. BoobaWooba believes that Lucy Love from Primecups is one of the hottest of these formerly iron-curtained cuties and I have to say, I have rarely witnessed a big tit hottie with such a lust for cock in all my days as an intergalactically indentured adult webmaster. This sexy blond has got a serious pair of big ass tits. They’re plump and juicy as can be, and they’ve got some of the hottest big areolas either BoobaWooba or myself have seen in quite some time. The movie at Primecups starts with some copious adoration of this busty sex kitten as she takes off her top and start to liberally apply oil to her perfect big tits. Watching her rub all that oil into her big boobs will get you hard as a rock, but don’t blow your load of liquid love just yet because this video has a lot more to offer the horny gentleman. Lucy gets introduced to two studs who possess thick cocks designed for some serious orifice plumbing and they go straight to work on Lucy’s tight holes. She gets both her tight pussy and round ass violated as they fuck the living daylights out of her. Then, they turn their attention to Lucy Love’s big ass tits and go crazy. You’ve got to see the whole movie, because it will blow your mind. Greasy tits getting fucked in a porn movie is always a winner.

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Jane Darling

The porn world regularly produces busty babes that love taking cock in their orifices, but only a few have the overflowing lust for sex that Jane Darling has. She’s a stunning blond sex kitten that’s been turning on the galaxy’s men through her scorching performances as a renowned porn star. One of the features that have made Jane Darling the super porn queen she is, is her perfect set of big boobs. Those tits are simply exquisite examples of booby beauty, BoobaWooba agrees. Indeed, BoobaWooba claims that just last week, he judged a regional big boob beauty contest in the Potara Nebula which was won by a Zercorian War Whore who had one of the most stunning sets of five boobs he’d ever seen, but even those paled in comparison to the perfect busom of Jane Darling. In this porn video from PrimeCups, Jane gets joined by two guys who love her tits as much as we do. They shove their thick dicks in her face and she does an admirable job of servicing them. BoobaWooba admits that, while watching this, he fantasized about Jane servicing his own 2-inch wart covered love rod. After the oral sex, Jane Darling gets her delicious looking busty babe body fucked hard while she begs to be fucked harder. The video finishes up with Jane chugging down a fat load of cum. Definitely a scene that can’t be missed.

Jane Darling from PrimeCups Gets Two Cocks – Free Videos

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Extreme Naturals Courtnie

Extreme Naturals has brought to the intergalactic porn audience a girl named Courtnie who possesses a pair of huge tits that you have to see to believe. These tits have to be size EEEE, or possibly a few extra E’s on top of that. BoobaWooba believes that if these tits were orbiting the sun, they would attract moons and atmospheres. How appropriate, then, that they be featured on this, the most popular intergalactic porn blog in the universe. Courtnie’s video begins with some nice long footage examining her delicious curves, including those fantastically huge tits. We get to watch as this busty redheaded cutie takes off her top and shows off her gigantic boobies, which look like they must require tritanium laced bras for proper support. This girl’s body is all natural goodness, no plastic surgery or genetic augmentation detectable at all. One minor complaint, though. Courtnie happens to have some of the longest, most trecherous looking nails either BoobaWooba or I have ever seen (BoobaWooba insists that she would have to clip those fuckers before he would ever grant her the priviledge of copulating with him, particularly since he’s quite partial to digital prostate massage during sex).

Courtnie’s partner doesn’t much mind about her nails, though, as he goes straight for those huge tits and licks them up, then delivers a bucketload of cum all over those all-natural beauties. This video will really make your day if you like watching hot chicks with seriously huge tits, and I mean huge, getting fucked and bathed in cum.

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Assparade – Caroline Pierce

Caroline Pierce is one of the hottest big butt porn stars on the planet Earth, BoobaWooba insists, so he directed me to feature one of her video episodes from Assparade on the blog. I have to say, I have rarely seen a butt that compares to Caroline’s in it’s delicious roundness and plumpness. This ass might have won the Boobulan Intergalactic Mega-Booty Felching Contest, BoobaWooba assures me, had Caroline seen fit to enter it. It’s probably a good thing that Caroline Pierce is performing in front of the camera for sites like Assparade instead of trying to win alien contests that would pit her marvelous big butt against those of competitors like “Jerita The Interdimensional Ass Whore.” When you get a look at the action in this porn video, you’ll agree. Caroline’s fantastic butt gets worshiped and adored before any fucking begins, which is a trademark of Assparade, thankfully. After plenty of big butt adoration, they put Caroline Pierce to work on the big dick that will soon penetrate her tasty nether regions. BoobaWooba appreciates the way Caroline sucks cock, and I have to agree. Any girl who can get a cock that hard with her mouth knows what she’s doing. Check out the free videos and see what else happens in this interesting episode.

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Big Natural Tits

Have you ever called an escort service for a hot “date” only to find that your partner for the evening will be a less than attractive rolly polly with a thousand tattoos, droopy tits, and a really bad yeast infection? Every man this side of the Xerexi Expanse has his escort service horror story (BoobaWooba’s involves a 5-legged Jerruppi Pleasure Cow who wouldn’t do anal. This was a particularly vile outrage since these pleasure cows are genetically engineered to have 7 anuses. You can imagine the disappointment.). Well, Evie is the exact opposite of the escort from hell that you’re probably imagining right now. This hot little latina mamacita is the most perfect date-for-hire you’ve ever seen, complete with a shaved pussy, a nice round ass, and a set of big natural tits that will blow you away. Evie was ordered up by this dude who got lonely sitting around in his hotel room (or, at least, that’s the setup at Bigtitsroundasses). Evie shows up and the dude is pleasantly surprised that she’s so damn hot. She does a little show for him, stripping off her clothes to reveal those fantastic big natural tits and round ass. Evie then gets oiled up and we get to see those marvelous titties shining and glistening and screaming for a big dick in between them.

After the show, Evie gets down to business and sucks some cock before riding it with her tasty looking shaved pussy. This scene will definitely change your opinion of the escort industry, at least the one on Earth. BoobaWooba wouldn’t ever fuck with the escorts on Zercoria Prime, for instance, no matter how much they’ve tried to recuperate their reputation.

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Carmen Kinsley – Big Butt Girl

Carmen Kinsley is a chick that needs to be seen to be believed. This nearly perfect big butt girl has got a body that could cause a pileup on the Culona Interstellar Space Lane. She’s a sexy blond girl who happens to have an ass that is the most dangerously attractive round mound of pleasure that BoobaWooba has seen, at least since the beginning of the week. This mega butt babe recently decided to do a scene for the big ass porn site Assparade, and it is on fire. First of all, Carmen gets joined by another hot big butt girl for the scene (dressed as an Earthling mail carrier, no less) and the both of them get fucked nice and hard by a dude with a big dick who’s experienced far too much good fortune up to this point in his life. He could check out tomorrow and his life would be a sterling success, simply because he got to fuck these incredibly hot big butt chicks. The porn video starts out with a super hot ass worshiping session in some bachelor pad. Carmen Kinsley gets stripped down to reveal her perfect body and fantastic round ass. Once she’s all nice and naked, the guy reaches for some oil and greases up her big butt, so as to facilitate more efficient ass worship. That beautiful round butt gets played with, slapped, and jiggled for our erotic entertainment. Once the mail babe arrives, things get pretty fucking interesting, as you’ll find out. This video is very arousing, and very hardcore, so make sure you got your tissues and Viagra bottles in order and ready to go.

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Tyra Moore – Big Tit Porn

Tyra Moore has got perfect big boobs that make BoobaWooba’s loins tingle – at least, he thinks they do. I tried to explain to him that it’s probably the venereal disease he picked up from that obese Zorbian Sex Monkey last month, but he’s convinced it’s Tyra’s nice big boobies that are doing the tingling. In any event, it is obvious to any objective big tit porn lover that Tyra Moore is definitely one seriously hot big boob porn star. She recently did a scene for Big Tit Patrol, and it was one hell of a barn burner. After the nice little interview, the top comes off and the beautiful big boobies come pouring out. These puppies are all natural, and you can plainly tell. No beachball titties here, they just drape elegantly over Tyra’s chest. This guy they pair her with is clearly aroused by this girl’s perfect boobs, as he examines them with his hands and tongue in great detail. When Tyra Moore starts to suck cock, you’ll want to blow your load right there. This girl knows how to slobber a cock up – she deposits possibly three-quarters of her bodily fluids on this guy’s dick. When the tit-fucking begins, you’re going to scream out loud (BoobaWooba recommends you view these porn clips in a sound proof room, or at least an abandoned missile silo). I’ve honestly never seen a pair of big boobs wrap so perfectly around a cock before in all my years as an indentured internet porn web servant. There’s plenty more seriously hot big tit porn action in these videos, so check out the free clips.

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Porn Star Pinky

Look the fuck out, people of Earth – the galaxy famous porn star Pinky has just entered the building. I can’t say that I love her porn stage name, but this woman has an ass that could easily conquer your planet, if it wanted to (thankfully for you, BoobaWooba cannot think of a good reason that Pinky’s ass would desire this). Now, if you love big black ass, then you probably already know about this curvy nubian goddess. One can only imagine how that butt got this way – perfect in it’s bulbous massiveness. BoobaWooba suspects large injections of “Butt Be Big” topical cream, but it is still unclear. However this ultimately happened, it is undeniable that this ass must be worshiped as the erotic savior of all humanoid-kind that it clearly is. BoobaWooba has even scoured the sacred scriptures of Boobianity to see if there are any references to the coming of Pinky’s ass. The only verse of interest he was able to find is in the Book of Boobelation, chapter 13 verse 10: “And behold, there arose from the pit of debauchery a beast of gigantic proportions, and it had two mounds of such great vastness that no man could measure, and the men of the cosmos craved the beast and desired to fornicate with it.” So, obviously, we have an ass on our hands that is truly of biblical significance.

Pinky gets a nice big cock to play with in her scene at Assparade, which is definitely the XXX porn site that can be trusted to fornicate with her great ass at a level that is worthy of it. The guys at Ass Parade are known for spending plenty of time worshiping and adoring the fantastic asses in their videos, and this scene is no exception. We get lots of footage of Pinky’s big black ass before the fucking starts. Check out these free clips so you can worship along with the rest of us.

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Amy Reid – Big Tit Videos

Amy Reid has made quite a splash in the world of intergalactic big tit porn videos. Ever since this busty petite hottie first arrived on the scene, men all over the freaking cosmos have been walking around with their tongues hanging out of their mouths in total lust for this cutie (and if you happen to live on Lenguana 4, that’s quite a problem since native Lenguanans each have a total of 12 self-lubricating tongues, which also happen to be ribbed and naturally vibrating, for you frisky ladies out there who may be planning a summer vacation). It’s clear that Amy Reid has attained a level of porn stardom that can’t be easily matched, so it’s really quite an honor to present you with these free big tit videos featuring the alluring Ms. Reid, which are just a taste of the truly hardcore tit-fucking spectacular that is her scene over at Big Tit Patrol. BoobaWooba claims that he has rarely ejaculated so frequently during a porn video, and that this must prove that Amy Reid’s scene is hot, since he wasn’t on any particular hallucinogen at that time of viewing.

Check out the free big tit videos and you’ll see that I do not lie when I tell you that this stunning big tit porn superstar is definitely one to watch closely…very closely.

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CosmiBanc Latinum Visa

Dear Mr. Wooba,

We have placed a temporary hold on your CosmiBanc Latinum Visa account due to some irregular charges that we recently discovered. Specifically, on 4/28, there was a purchase of a “Fusion Powered Anal Cleansing System” that was charged to your account by subaccount holder “Misty MegaTits”. On that same day, there was a charge for 50 cans of “Super Fresh Flatulence Odor Eliminator” by the same subaccount holder. Please confirm that these charges are genuine and we will promptly reinstate your account. For security reasons, we will require you to personally confirm these charges over the phone to one of our friendly female customer service representatives. All calls are monitored and recorded to ensure courteous service. Thank you.

Varla Vega, Director – Account Affairs

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Angelina Lee – Big Ass Booty

Angelina Lee is the perfect big ass booty girl. She’s a curvy dark hottie with something in her eye that just screams “fuck me.” BoobaWooba believes it might be a case of Zantropian Ocular Fever, but it’s probably just nymphomania. Angelina’s ass must rank right up there with the most fantastic, lust inducing big booties ever to be seen in the three known parallel universes. In fact, with an ass this perfect, it would’ve been a moral crime had this sexy butt slut chosen not to enter the intergalactic porn industry (the Boobianic Scriptures are very clear on this matter). Luckily, though, Angelina Lee has not only chosen to do porn, but she’s chosen to a video for the renowned big butt clearinghouse Round Mound of Ass. Her scene is absolutely volcanic. First, that amazing round ass is put on display for all of us to adore. The sexy big ass booty is worshiped, spanked, licked and fondled, but that’s only the pre-game show.

When it’s time for the real sex to begin, Angelina Lee proves that she does, indeed, have a deep hunger for cock. This guy she gets paired with has a nice thick dick, and he proceeds to shove it into her pretty face for some servicing. She sucks on the fucker and jams it as far down her throat as she can, then she begs for it to be crammed into her tight pussy. Angelina makes the cutest noises while her tight hole is being stretched to astronomical dimensions. The best part of watching her take that cock, though, is glimpsing that magnificent big ass booty shake and jiggle while she’s getting nailed. A truly stellar experience.

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