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Gianna Michaels

Holy Mother of the Great Galactic Tit Beast, Gianna Michaels has just entered the building! This woman is the most perfect big tit babe BoobaWooba has seen since he recovered from his last hallucinogenic mind trip three days ago. So perfect she is, in fact, that BoobaWooba claims that if you looked up the term “big tit babe” in the Intergalactic Edition of Webster’s Boobulan Dictionary, you would a see a picture of Gianna right next to the definition. For quite some time, BoobaWooba has been aware of Gianna Michaels, but he never considered her to be among the top tier of big tit babes until he saw her in this porn video scene at Big Tits Round Asses. The stars must have aligned in some spectacular way the day she did this video because she is just absolutely stunning in this one. Freshly tanned and looking more voluptuous than an Antaran Pleasure Cow during it’s fertility cycle, Gianna is a sight for any lover of big tits to behold.

The video starts off with the gorgeous big tit babe teasing the guys at an outdoor cafe. They convince her to show her tits and do other assorted naughty actions, which is a serious turn-on (especially for the old guy that got an unexpected eyeful). They then retreat to the apartment where, if everything goes according to plan, Gianna will get the stuffing fucked out of her perfect curvy body. Those beautiful big titties come out and Gianna lubes them up until they’re all shiny and happy. Then we get to watch as this hot babe puts those titties to work in some excellent hardcore action. Lots of cock sucking, tit jiggling, and ass rippling in this video, so don’t fucking miss it!

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Claire Dames

When one finds the perfect example of big boob perfection, one must linger over it until one’s salivary glands have yielded every last drop of drool they will produce. That’s BoobaWooba’s governing philosophy when it comes to the discovery of big tit porn hotties. That’s why he has chosen to bring back one of his favorite boob queens, the irresistible Claire Dames, who BoobaWooba insists has more curves than the Cherelian Asteroid Field Race Track, which he and I are quite familiar with given that we’ve actually raced on that trecherous track in the hyperdrive-enabled Booba Cruiser (the prize for that race was a lactating Antaran Tit Beast). When you get an eyeful of Claire’s stunningly perfect big boobs, you realize that this girl is truly special. Those plump titties are decorated with the most delicious looking big areolas BoobaWooba has ever seen on a human female (think giant Soraxian pepperonis). Those big titties aren’t the only things Claire Dames has going for herself, that ass of hers is also a thing of cosmic beauty. So round and firm, a big butt that begs to be adored.

In this sizzling porn movie for Bigtitsroundasses, Claire’s goddess like body gets adored and worshiped like it should. First, she strips off her top to show us her magnificent titties, then gets totally naked and shows off her perfect ass. Plenty of hot shots of her gorgeous big booty and sweet big tits before we get to the action, which entails Claire getting her wet bald pussy stuffed with thick dick. You’ve got to see Claire Dames ride cock while her big boobies jiggle uncontrollably. Good shit, says BoobaWooba.

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Alexis Texas Assparade

Why do all the most amazing bubble butts in the galaxy always show up on Earth, and not on planets far closer and within convenient range to BoobaWooba? That’s what the highly esteemed and universally admired intergalactic porn king is currently wondering, given that Alexis Texas has just popped onto his big ass radar. This woman has an ass that will cause your dick to jump out of your pants and demand a scientific explanation. But whether this amazingly gorgeous bubble butt can be explained by science, or any other discipline for that matter, is a question that is still very much in the air. Right now, all we know is that Alexis Texas has to be considered one of the hottest big butt babes in all the Alpha Quadrant, a girl with first class tits and ass. When you get a glance at this marvel of nature you will see why BoobaWooba has decided to offer Alexis over 10 million quatloos and 500 edible butt-plugs in exchange for her allowing that a cast be made of her delectable big ass so that a statue can be erected in BoobaWooba’s foyer.

Assparade is definitely the site you want to be charged with presenting the beauty of Alexis’s perfect round ass to the general public, and they definitely don’t disappoint with this porn video. The video begins with Alexis walking around in a skimpy bikini and the camera focusing on the majesty that is that bubble butt. She strips off her bottom and shows off that big butt copiously while playing with her perfect tits, then turns her attention to a huge cock that has been lined up for her. The best part of the video is watching that hot ass bounce and jiggle while thick cock is pounded ruthlessly into her wet bald pussy. You can’t miss this one, people of Earth, so don’t even think about turning on Grey’s Anatomy or some other such nonsense.

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Your Swimming Pool

Hello, Mr. Wooba. This is Fereezi Malegaigox, the contractor you hired to construct the 100-foot swimming pool in the shape of a massive set of big boobs in your backyard. I have a couple of questions that I need to get answered by you before we break ground on the project at your mansion. First off, you mentioned when we spoke last that you wanted the areas where the nipples would normally be to consist of rounded fountains that would periodically spew bursts of water to simulate lactation of real breasts. Is this still your wish, because, frankly, most of the people in our office believe that’s kind of sick. Also, do you still require a blessing of the site conducted every 5 minutes by a Boobianic Priest as we proceed with construction, because this will delay things a bit as we are not able to find a priest who thinks this is an acceptable use of his time. Also, I’m going to have to speak with you at length about your plans for a massive ass-shaped backyard observatory. Your insistence that the telescope protrude from the anus is causing some serious design problems that we’re going to have to resolve. Thank you for your prompt reply.

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