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Kristina Milan Huge Boobs

Kristina MilanThis woman will bowl you over when you get a look at her ridiculously huge boobs, which simply defy description. Kristina Milan is evidently an extremely large busted human female who has, up to this point, somehow evaded the attention of the galaxy’s most powerful, most beloved, most famous, and most notoriously perverted porn king. But the great and virile BoobaWooba, who discovered Kristina during a late-night porn surfing session at Big Tits Curvy Asses, is now fully aware of the big tit perfection that is Ms. Milan. Her body is a curvy masterpiece, with a big round butt and full hips that will make your mouth water (or, if you happen to be a Terzekian Sewer Hobo, you’ll probably ooze acidic mucous from at least 3 of your 5 anuses). However your physiology decides to react to Kristina’s hotness, it will be multiplied exponentially when you see her fantastic set of naturally huge boobs. When BoobaWooba first glanced those glorious big boobs, he immediately lost consciousness and began to ejaculate involuntarily for the next five hours. When I found him the next morning, he was slumped at his computer unconscious and covered in his notoriously foul-smelling chunky green ejaculate from head to toe. After I woke him and cleaned him off, he resumed his enjoyment of Kristina Milan’s porn video while I left to go check myself into the Mayonax Clinic on Disturbiax 4, where I received extensive psychotherapy and vomit suppression medication. BoobaWooba reports that the best part of this video is when Kristina gets her huge boobs fucked raw and the guy cums bucketloads all over her beautiful big tits. Not one to be missed.

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Huge Tits on Savanah Gold

Savanah Gold's Huge TitsBoobaWooba mentioned to me a couple days ago that he was wondering why so many hot busty porn babes with huge tits were coming out of the Earth nation-state of Britain in recent years. I mean, Faith, Sophie Dee, and now the gorgeous Savanah Gold. This blond boob hottie has got it all — big tits, a big round butt, and a lust for sex that would make Her Majesty the Queen faint. The brits have a reputation for being a reserved and sexually repressed bunch, but that stereotype gets blasted out of the English Channel by Savanah. In this porn video she did for Bigtitsroundasses, Savanah gets stripped down and her beautiful big boobs and round ass get adored by the camera while she gets all wet and ready for the fucking that’s in store for her. Her huge tits take a nice titfucking while she plays with her sexy pussy. Next, she goes down on some hard cock and slobbers everything up nicely before she mounts the dude and takes all of it up her tight british twat. At this point in the video, we find out that Savanah Gold likes it up the ass because she begs to get that hard dick in her tight asshole. Her sexy bubble ass gets a hard fucking that should produce wood in the pants of even the most comatose of BoobaWooba’s intergalactic readership. Checkout the free video clips of Savanah in action, you won’t regret it.

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Big Butt Latina Milf Sheila Marie

Sheila Marie - big butt pornSheila Marie has come to BoobaWooba’s attention due to the greatly esteemed intergalactic porn king’s new, but probably temporary, obsession with big butt latina milfs. This obsession originated when the beloved smut pusher, and adored sex object for trillions of salivating females across the galaxy, witnessed his housekeeper — an attractive thirtysomething human latina female from Earth with nice big boobs and a phat ass — bend over in front of him to scrub some green cum stains out of his bedroom carpet, which were deposited there during one of BoobaWooba’s Antaran Pleasure Cow orgies the night before. BoobaWooba, entranced by the sight of one of the largest, roundest, most delicious looking big butts he had ever observed, lost all control and lunged at the hapless maid’s ass, capturing the sizeable booty in a Boobulan Death Grip. The housekeeper, quite understandably, reacted very poorly to this egregious violation of her booty space and proceeded to run madly through the Booba-Mansion screaming “Ay, el cabronito verde me cojio por el culo!!!” with the mesmerized BoobaWooba firmly attached to her posterior.

Hearing the comotion, I rushed over to find the hysterical housekeeper repeatedly slamming her big ass, and my boss, into the marble statue of Anna Nicole Smith which stands in the foyer of the mansion. Armed with a BoobaWooba Inc Desexualizing Beam Weapon, as I always am for emergencies exactly like these, I fired at and hit the lust crazed ass-attached porn baron directly in the genital region, causing an immediate and precipitous decline in sexual hormone circulation. After he was himself again, BoobaWooba tried to apologize to the unfortunate housekeeper who had suffered this most humiliating indignity at his hands, but she had already long taken off never to return. BoobaWooba claims that this event has caused him to be able to think of nothing besides big latina butts and that he must find a regular supply of big butt latinas to masturbate to or risk another event such as the one described. Luckily, he seems to believe Sheila Marie fits the bill quite nicely and has found an extremely stimulating big butt porn video she did for Assparade, which he claims is quite satisfying.

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Brandy Dean Big Natural Tits

Brandy Dean - big natural titsBoobaWooba mentioned to me the other day that the galactic big tit porn industry is becoming overloaded with artificially busted women. Whether it be with sillicone, saline, or Herexian Moose Snot, today’s porn queens are increasingly stuffing their tits to achieve the mega busts that will get them the porn superstardom they desire. What a refreshing thing it is, then, to see an all-natural porn boob babe like Brandy Dean, who’s got a deliciously amazing set of big natural tits that simply stun the eyes and instantaneously erect the penis. Brandy is a redhead with the curves of a goddess, and she’s got the sex drive to rival any of the 3,456 goddesses of lust worshiped in this quadrant alone. Brandy also loves to get her fantastic big tits fucked by hard cocks. Appropriate, then, that she recently did a video for Bigtitsroundasses, the people who have perfected the fine art of big titty-fucking. These dudes have dealt with Brandy Dean before, so they know exactly what this girl wants and they definitely give it to her. They stick a thick dick in her mouth and have her suck that thing until it’s buried so far down her throat, they’d need one of BoobaWooba Inc’s Motorized Phallus Dislodgers to get it out. After Brandy finishes sucking dick, she gets totally naked and mounts the cock with her curvy body and bounces around like a steroidal nymph until she cums ecstatically. Get your load of this woman, her big natural tits are irresistible.

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Big Boobs Faith

When BoobaWooba discovered the perfect big boobs that reside on Faith’s chest, he immediately sought to purchase those beautiful boobies for one of his slave girls, who had tragically suffered a bit of an accident while preparing a motorized breast milk enema for the intergalactically beloved porn king. For some unknown reason, Faith declined the esteemed smut baron’s generous offer of 4.5 million quatloos and 2 gallons of “Galactic Asshole” brand anal lube. Sadly, BoobaWooba realized that the only way he would be able to enjoy Faith’s indescribably gorgeous big boobs would be to watch her porn video scenes, including this new one for the site Extreme Naturals. Words cannot express how delectable this busty vision of perfection looks in this video, as she strips off her swimsuit and shows off what have to be the most desirable boobies this side of the Gazonga Nebula. BoobaWooba was impressed by the shear size of these mammaric monsters, each with gloriously large areolas that could stimulate the penis of a dead Voltaxian Sex Nazi to full erection. When this busty princess moves into the shower to soap up her ridiculously large big boobies, the eroticism of the video really starts to escalate. BoobaWooba had to let his load of chunky green ejaculate spew freely at about this point, but he recommends that you try to hold on to your ball sauce until the end. He insists you won’t regret it.

Faith’s Big Boobs

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Big Tits – Jenna Doll

BoobaWooba has recently discovered a stunning new big tit babe named Jenna Doll who will almost certainly be the next big star in the world of large tits and ass porn, he insists. Jenna has an all-natural curvy body that is simply divine. BoobaWooba believes, in fact, that her body is worthy of Goddess worship, which entails stuffing one’s face in between the boob or ass cleavage and reciting the Ten Laws of Debauchery while masturbating into a ceremonial vessel. While Jenna’s big natural tits are fantastic enough, her big round ass is also a true gem of voluptuous grandeur. A body like this needs only one thing to make it complete, and that’s a large rigid phallus, preferably belonging to a Zercorian War Pimp. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of Zercorian War Pimps currently available for porn work on Earth, due to the recent galaxy-wide War Pimp strike, so Jenna will have to make due with a lowly human stud.

In this video for BigTitsRoundAsses, Jenna Doll gets her massive tits oiled up and fucked by a thick dick that’s pulsing with desire to penetrate her beautiful curvy body. It’s a true dick-stiffening delight to watch those big boobies get plowed like that, but when Jenna goes for the cock with her mouth, that’s when things really get moving. She proceeds to take that phallus up her sexy bald pussy in every position imaginable. This video is a must-see for fans of curvy big tit goddesses, and Jenna is out-of-control hot.

Jenna Doll’s Big Tits – Free Videos

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