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Big Wet Boobies

Big BoobiesBoobaWooba tells me that he once cracked his pelvis during a heated tit-fucking session with an intoxicated Denubian Sex Goddess. Her breasts were so large, he insists, that he had to be suspended from above by a harness so that he could position his tiny penis between her oiled wet boobies. Everything went swimmingly well until the harness snapped and BoobaWooba careened into the boobular abyss that was this woman’s tit cleavage. The lovely Denubian was in a state of extreme drunkeness and sexual excitation and did not even notice that the diminutive smut baron was experiencing serious trauma while trapped between her massive swaying boobs. BoobaWooba only brings up this unfortunate encounter with big oily boobs because he was reminded of it when watching this video from Prime Cups featuring Carolina, a sexy blond with a perfect set of tasty titties. This girl oils up her fantastic big boobies and shows them off for all to enjoy. She also gets around to masturbating her sexy pussy and even fucks herself in the ass with anal toys! One serious piece of ass you need to check out.

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Maria Moore Huge Tits

Maria Moore - Huge Oiled TitsThe great and virile BoobaWooba, esteemed intergalactic smut king, has done much research into the fascinating and intellectually stimulating world of female mammaries. Having read just about every scientific study on female breasts published in the three known parallel realities, BoobaWooba was convinced that boobs could not possibly reach the size of JJ naturally. Well, here comes Maria Moore to blow BoobaWooba’s assumptions right out of the primordial green pond which his diminutive race once crawled out of many millions of years ago. Maria’s naturally huge tits are size 36JJ, which is so large that BoobaWooba is regrettably convinced that he could not possibly titfuck those booby beauties without suffering extreme trauma to his tiny frame. But those perfect big boobies do get properly titfucked, even if not by our porn-slinging hero. In this video at Big Tits Curvy Asses, Maria Moore gets those unbelievable huge tits oiled up and adored, then fucked by a thick cock. Maria loves this kind of action and you can definitely tell as this voluptuous tit queen starts emitting various pleasure noises uncontrollably. She then gets power fucked while her big boobs sway and jiggle and gets a torrent of semen spewed all over her big juicy tits. Maria is definitely one of the most wank-worthy big tit babes BoobWooba has come across in quite some time, so if you love really big natural motherfucking tits, you need to check this one out now!

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Dolly Kumar Big Boobs

Dolly KumarWhoa, whoa, stop the intergalactic presses people. Dolly Kumar has now arrived on the big boob porn scene and she is loaded for bear. Actually, she could probably knock out a bear by simply swinging those gigantic tits in it’s general direction. BoobaWooba doesn’t know where this big booby goddess has been hiding, but he’s on his tiny knees thanking the great Gods of Boobianity that she has finally arisen. Dolly’s tits are simply beyond description, but I’ll do my best since BoobaWooba is holding a high-powered taser to my genitals. This particular pair of big tits is all-natural, first of all. After conducting multiple thorough scans and video analysis, BoobaWooba Inc’s top scientists have been unable to detect a single ounce of silicone, saline, or Theraxian Pork Beast Fat in either of Miss Kumar’s boobs. Not only are they natural, but they’re plump as can be and look absolutely fuckable. Dolly’s areolas are huge as well, so if you like big headlights, you’ll be swimming in booby bliss with this girl. Her video at Big Tits Round Asses contains some sizzling action that you won’t want to miss. Watching Dolly get drilled by a fat cock while her perfect big boobs bounce around wildly is a definite must see.

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Big Latin Booty

extremeasses erikaWhat’s better than a nice big latin booty sitting peacefully upon your face? BoobaWooba can’t come up with an answer to that question, but he insists it may be due to the mega hangover he is still experiencing from the all-night interspecies anal orgy he held at the Booba-Mansion recently. The illicit Romulan Ale he smuggled in from the Potara sector for the glorious bacchanal was a rare treat but, having consumed more than 3 gallons of the powerfully intoxicating alcoholic beverage, BoobaWooba had to leave the party early so that he could vomit out half of the food he has ever eaten. Too bad he is too sick to enjoy this very hot video featuring latina babe Erika from Extreme Asses. She seems like a cute girl next door type you might meet on some college campus but her innocent, fresh look conceal a deep desire to get porked while her fantastic latina butt bounces around for all to see. Erika gets picked up by these dudes and gets convinced to show off her great butt for their camera. It’s so plump and perfect, you’ll shit yourself while appreciating it’s delectableness. When they get all her clothes off, she sits that booty right down on this guy’s face and he makes her squirm with his tongue! Erika goes on to get that tight latina body fucked hard and takes a load of cum right on her pretty face. Ass-lovers need to check this one out.

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Huge Boob Babes

Claudia Marie and MinkaThe boobs on these two busty women have got to be seen to be believed. BoobaWooba once thought that it would be impossible to find a pair of natural tits that could approach the size of small planetary bodies, but evidently he was mistaken because Big Tits Curvy Asses has just found two such pairs. Claudia Marie and Minka are two of the hottest big tit babes BoobaWooba has encountered since he served as a judge for the “Miss Mega-Mam Intergalactic Beauty Pageant”, which was held on Gazongania 4. Claudia is a curvy blond sweetheart who’s got big ass tits that will make you want to reach through the computer screen and squeeze them until they yield some kind of juice. Minka is a sexy big tit babe from southeast Asia on Earth who knows her big boobs are a wonder of the world. During their video scene, Claudia Marie can’t seem to get enough of those gorgeous boobs in her hungry mouth. She sucks those big hooters and plays with Minka’s big round areolas. These two big boob babes go to town on each other in all sorts of debauched and perverted ways (Claudia even sticks stuff up her big ass) so anyone who claims to be a disciple of the great and sexy BoobaWooba should definitely check this porn video out.

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