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Super Butt Babes

Butt Babes Jezebelle and DanaA couple of days ago while pinching an unusually large fecal log on his gold plated toilet, situated in the middle of his palatial private bathroom at the Booba Mansion, the great but gassy BoobaWooba managed to come across a couple of the most delectable round butts he has seen since he last officiated at the Miss Galactic Asshole “Roundest Rump” competition, a renowned event that usually attracts the galaxy’s brightest and most prominent stars and luminaries. BoobaWooba insists that had these two hot assed morsels of big butt perfection been contestants, they most likely would have walked away with top prize. Jezebelle Bond joins her big butt babe girlfriend Dana Dearmond for a scorching fuck session over at Ass Parade that will melt the dried cum stains off your ceiling for sure. These girls have asses that inspire the heart and stiffen the cock. Jezebelle is a dark, exotic babe with a round rump and perfect big natural tits that you just want to pop in your mouth. Dana, a milk-fed brunette with a huge round butt that BoobWooba believes could possibly serve as emergency shelter for him should some unexpected natural calamity strike the Booba Mansion, is a sex-crazed super slut who needs thick cock up her big ass like fish need water. In this video, the two sexy butt babes show off their bubble butts and natural titties while taking thick cock, with Dana Dearmond even taking it up the ass. I don’t need to tell you, this scene is a keeper, my butt-loving compadres.

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Big Boob Queen Chloe Veria

Chloe Veria Comeback VideoIf you are any kind of natural big boobs fan (I’m assuming you’re not here because you’re turned on by 3-foot tall green alien porn kings. If by any chance you are — ok, that’s just sick.) you’ve almost certainly heard of the latina big tit phenom Chloe Veria. This curvy latin mamacita was apparently discovered in Colombia on Earth when she was just 19 years old. A whirlwind porn career ensued that saw this delicate busty flower get stuffed with more stiff cocks than you’ll find at one of BoobaWooba’s Antaran Sex Beast gang-bangs. Chloe retired from the debauched world of booby porn too early, but the good news is that she has now mounted a comeback that is sure to cause your penis to spew ejaculate just as uncontrollably as it has for BoobaWooba’s. This gorgeous sweetie is all natural — no silicone, saline, or intergalactically regulated breast enlargement compounds to be found in those perfect big boobies. She gets back into action in this video for Big Tits Curvy Asses, and damn it’s good to see that curvy latina bounce on hard cock once again. Those big natural breasts go crazy as they fly around the room while she gets pounded by this guy. This one can’t be missed, my friends. It’s Chloe Veria, for Crissakes!!

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Dolly Kumar Titty Sex

Dolly Kumar, Slone Ryder and their Big TittiesBoobaWooba was amazed when he first spotted Dolly Kumar as she debuted on the intergalactic big tit porn scene, but now he has been knocked onto his bony green ass by her latest scene with big titty hottie Slone Ryder. Bigtitsroundasses brings us this masterpiece of big boob debauchery, so we know the scene will be a ball-drainer from the getgo. These two big tit beauties just drip a magnetic lust for sex that makes BoobaWooba’s tiny micropenis jump to attention and produce a barely noticable pimple-like bulge in his checker-print speedos. The video begins with Dolly and Slone playing around with each other’s fantastically large big titties. Dolly apparently loves to suck on massive boobs as much as BoobaWooba does, because she goes straight for Slone’s meaty melons of joy. Dolly Kumar just has this look about her, I don’t know, just really sexual. That face looks really good with a thick cock stuffed in it, and thankfully these guys don’t disappoint. Both these busty beauties go to town on that cock and all sorts of really fun and depraved events ensue that will most certainly cause you to free willy and get the piston action going, so make sure that door lock is working and draw the blinds, compadres.

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