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Delotta Brown Cherokee

Delotta Brown and Cherokee - big black bootiesThe women in this video from Extreme Asses have butts that defy logic and reason, BoobaWooba claims. Delotta Brown and her sexy curvy friend Cherokee (who also, by the way, have remarkably huge natural tits) have stunned the greatly esteemed and intergalactically respected porn baron with the massiveness of their sexy round booties. BoobaWooba believes that their asses would probably fetch more than 10 million quatloos each on the underground ass transplantation market on Culona 4. One must assume, of course, that these lovely big black booties can shake and jiggle on par with the very best bubble booties in the galaxy, and one would definitely be right, as this video more than proves. The geniuses at Extremeasses paired Delotta and Cherokee, then delivered them to a guy who obviously loves big black booty as much as we do, judging from the size of his rigid penis. These sexy ebony goddesses goble his cock and slurp it up like they haven’t had a dick fix in months. When they get on his cock to ride it, their big bubble booties jiggle like you wouldn’t believe. This is a LOT of ass, people of Earth, so prepare yourselves well.

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Huge Boobs on Gabriella Michaels

Gabriella Michaels - Huge BoobsCurvy, sexy, buxom, and super slutty are good adjectives to describe Gabriella Michaels. This blond sex goddess has a pair of huge boobs that would shock a Terrazian Ass Pumper into catatonia. BoobaWooba believes that Gabriella is one of a select few big tit babes on Earth who could successfully wrap her enormous breasts all the way around the penis of Giraxo Hornmonger, the intergalactically renowned male porn star who sports a ribbed cock that is approximately 45 inches in length, and 35 inches in girth. BoobaWooba claims that, just last week, he directed a porn scene featuring superstar Varla Fantax taking all of Giraxo’s monster cock up her voluptuous round ass. The scene was electric, BoobaWooba claims, but Ms. Fantax unfortunately will be requiring a full lower digestive system transplant as a consequence of the scene. No word yet on whether Gabriella might consider an anal scene with Giraxo Hornmonger, but this video she recently starred in for the site Bigtitscurvyasses is a fine substitute. Gabriella gets fat cock placed right between her massive boobs, then rides cock while all of her sexy curves jiggle and bounce (including that fantastic round ass!). She caps it all off with a super slutty ingestion of cum that will pop your boner into next Tuesday.

Huge Boobs of Nikki Castro

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Hot Ass on Jessica Lynn

Jessica Lynn's Hot AssThere’s a new ass in town, and this one is a hot cheek package. Jessica Lynn is new to the porn biz, and her beautifully hot ass is making a splash all over the cosmos. Roundmoundofass was able to hook up with Jessica for a steamy sex video that will have butt lovers drooling gallons onto the carpet. BoobaWooba believes that Jessica’s ass is very near to being perfect, except that it does not have multiple anuses, which would be quite useful at his sex parties. For most of us, however, Jessica’s one-anus ass is more than enough to get the job done. This video at Round Mound of Ass is a great way to appreciate the stunning hotness of this blond porn newbie, as it contains some sizzling scenes involving the oiling up and fondling of this terrific butt as they prepare her to take cock. Jessica goes right to work on that cock as soon as they present it to her, sucking this guy nice and sloppy. When she gets on to ride his cock, her glistening hot ass jiggles about splendidly, which is sure to put a couple of wads of cum in your tissue paper (BoobaWooba ejaculated so many times into his tissue paper that it became saturated to the consistency of pudding. Yes, chunky green pudding. Wanna guess who had to clean it up?). The video ends with the guy spewing his copious cum eruption all over her sexy butt. Don’t miss the cowgirl cock riding, it really is the hottest part of this video.

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Lucy Love Juicy Tits

Lucy Love's Juicy Tits in a hot anal sex videoThe remarkably busty and hot Lucy Love is a sure boner popper, no matter where you go (BoobaWooba claims that Lucy can even cause boners to pop on Chauvinax 3, where all the males were castrated several years ago as a result of their feminist revolution, but I suspect my porn peddling master may be blowing some smoke up my enthralled ass). It turns out that Lucy absolutely loves anal sex, and that’s one of the reasons the dude who runs Bustyadventures arranged to do another video with her. Thanks to him, we are able to watch the sexy big tit porn babe take a seriously thick cock up her big round butt. The video starts with Lucy sucking on a dildo vibrator, which she then wraps her gorgeous breasts around. She plays with that thing for awhile, then a dude shows up to give her a taste of real live man meat. She demonstrates some fantastic oral sex skills, then takes a good fucking. The fun really begins when she gets on all fours and takes his hard cock anally up her big ass while her great tits jump around like an elementary school class on speed. You won’t want to miss this one if you’re a fan of the great Lucy Love.

Lucy Love and Her Juicy Tits

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Rachelle Wet Booty

Extremeasses Rachelle and her wet bootyRachelle and her friend are two hot black girls who’ve got so much booty, it’s ridiculous. BoobaWooba mentioned to me that he has had several brushes with death as a result of servicing butts this large (one of these times, the great smut pusher was half ingested by the ass of a Beroolian BBW during a spirited session of deep analingus). Extremeasses got Rachelle and her sexy nubian gal pal to oil up those fantastic big booties for their camera, and the result was a wet booty foursome fuckfest that reached new levels of cosmic debauchery. The video begins as it should, with plenty of oil being applied to the girls’ juicy butts, even while their tight shorts are still on. Soon, the saturated shorts get slowly peeled off and we get to see these round and wet black asses in their full naked glory. I never get tired of watching oiled-up curvy babes feel each other up, but it’s even better when some cock is introduced into the mix. When the girls do get cock, they slobber those things up like crazy, sucking deep and enthusiastically. When they get on for a good fuck, their wet booties shake and bounce like you wouldn’t believe (these are human black babes, after all, the finest booty shakers in the 3 colonized galaxies). The video ends with the dudes spewing a massive amount of cum all over the girls’ sexy butts, and that is quite a pretty picture.

Extremeasses Rachelle in Some Wet Booty Action

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Teen Tits – Paris Milan

Paris Milan's Teen Tits get FuckedThis new busty teen babe, Paris Milan, being featured at Bigtitscurvyasses is a remarkable specimen, BoobaWooba opines. Her all natural body is very arousing to the alien porn king, especially since it sports two of the plumpest natural teen tits in the Alpha Quadrant. Her gorgeous form is put into action in this video at Big Tits Curvy Asses, which has Paris sucking cock, getting her big boobs fucked, and taking a big load of human male ejaculate in her tiny mouth. Considering she does all of this with her hair in ponytails, this scene makes for an extremely satisfying erotic adventure. That and the fact that, at the end, she spits out all of the cum onto her delicious teen tits should mean that many men across the galaxy will be spending some time in Paris tonight.

Paris Milan’s Teen Tits in Action

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Natural Tits on Oklahoma

Pornstar Oklahoma - natural titsOkay, well, everyone who follows the career of the most distinguished, most respected, and most admired porn king the galaxy has ever known, knows that BoobaWooba prefers natural tits over artificially engineered or augmented tits. This does not mean that he is against fake boobs, only that he clearly favors the soft, floppy feel of the real thing. Lucky for those of us who agree with his galactically renowned smut-pushing highness that Bigtitpatrol has found a sexy new entrant into the big tit porn universe — a tall busty blond by the name of Oklahoma. She’s a sight for sore eyes, given that so many of the big tit pornstars these days look like they just finished performing 50 lapdances at the local strip bar. Not so with Oklahoma, she’s a beautiful sexy young thing that just likes to fuck and wants people to watch. This video at Big Tit Patrol shows us all of this new pornstar Oklahoma in all her naked glory, from her hot natural tits to her shaved pussy. Watching this busty blond ride cock with that dripping wet bald twat will definitely get you wishing more “real girls” like Okie would throw caution to the wind and jump into the debauched world of porn.

Pornstar Oklahoma Rides Cock – Hardcore Natural Tits

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Big Ass Booty

Extremeasses DollceDollce is an extremely arousing specimen, BoobaWooba insists. Her big ass booty is one of the finest latina butts he has seen, especially since his last South American “Booty Discovery” tour, which he financed through his charitable foundation under the guise of cultural outreach. He tells me that Earth’s latinas are notorious for having big juicy booties that are an erotic sight to behold. That’s why Dollce from Extremeasses caught his eye. She’s got that perfect big butt that latinas are famous for, but she’s also got a sexy pair of big tits that look positively delicious as well. In this video at Extreme Asses, Dollce enters the picture wearing a tight green dress that accentuates her great curvy body. When she peels that thing off, we see what a fantastically round butt she’s packing back there. Her gorgeous tits also come out and they just make you want to reach out and squeeze. She gets paired with a horny dude who’s aching to plunge his fat cock deep into her pussy. She goes to town on his member in some sloppy oral sex action, then gets on for some fun riding his dick to orgasm. Nice tits on this one, and you get to watch them bounce and sway during the action, but her best asset is her junk in the trunk — muy bueno…

Extremeasses Dollce – Big Ass Booty Videos

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Tits Perfection

Tits - Primecups NancyBoobaWooba knows that when tits are as perfect as those belonging to Nancy from Primecups, they should generally be scientifically analyzed and studied to determine their exact cellular makeup, so that they can be mass-replicated and sold at a premium on the intergalactic breast transplantation market. Unfortunately, Nancy has rejected persistent requests by BoobaWooba Inc agents to get this done. But even though BoobaWooba cannot exploit Nancy’s deliciously perfect tits on the open market, he can at least enjoy her raunchy video over at Prime Cups, which has her engaging in all sorts of sordid sexual activities such as assfucking and double penetration. But the stars of this scene are definitely Nancy’s big beautiful titties, which are totally out of this galaxy. They’re so perfectly plump and round that BoobaWooba claims they might be a sign of some Boobianic apocalypse. It is written in the Boobianic Scriptures that there will, one day, come a pair of titties so gorgeous, so arousing, that the men of the universe will strive against one another in desperate competition to win the right to fornicate with the most holy tits. I don’t know whether I buy any of that (I’m a lapsed Boobianist) but I definitely agree that Nancy’s tits are something special. And watching her big round ass get thoroughly and deeply penetrated is more than enough to make me spill my seed.

Tits Of The Utmost Perfection

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Niki Castro Huge Boobs

Niki Castro and her Huge BoobsBoobaWooba claims that, on his last sex tourism vacation to the tropical isle of Cuba on Earth, he spotted a busty latina hottie who had a pair of the most amazing huge boobs he had yet seen on his trip. As fate would have it, BoobaWooba now drools over her great tits as he watches her fornicate on his computer screen for the site Big Tits Curvy Asses. Niki Castro has left behind oppression, barely operational antique automobiles, and her meager monthly allotment of rice and beans to come to America and debauch for the cameras. No one in the galaxy is as happy about this turn of events as is his virile green sexiness, BoobaWooba. Niki Castro will be entertaining quite a few others, I’m sure, as she puts her fabulous huge boobs on display and into action in what will soon prove to be a rocketing big tit porn career. In this video at Bigtitscurvyasses, Niki gets hardcore with a dude who possesses a nice long cock that she loves to rub her great big titties around. She sucks him, then gets on to ride that dick with her tight pussy. Fans of titfucking will appreciate this video, as we get lots of footage of Niki’s huge boobs getting sawed by cock. The end of the video is probably the hottest part, as the guy lets loose his load of semen in Niki’s mouth, which then drips all over her perfect big tits. What a sight, watching Niki and her boobs essentially bathed in cum. This one’s definitely worth a yank or two.

Niki Castro Gets Her Huge Boobs Titfucked

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Big Butt Babes

Abbey Brooks and Mariah Milano are big butt babes that like cock. Free sex gallery.It’s never a small matter when the galaxy’s most esteemed, most sexually desired porn baron needs to seek medical attention as a result of a masturbation session. BoobaWooba, greatly admired smut magnate and intergalactic superstar, has just returned from the orbiting San Areolas Memorial Hospital after seeking treatment there for an impacted testicle, which he suffered during an overheated jerk-off while watching this extremely arousing new big butt porn video over at Assparade. Abbey Brooks and Mariah Milano star in this dangerously erotic masterwork, which features the two big butt babes dressed up as western cowgirls cavorting around a ranch. These chicks have round asses that could freeze a Darkozian Enema Party. BoobaWooba claims that the hottest part of this video is the beginning, where Abbey and Mariah start peeling the pants off each other and examine the other’s big round butt. Abbey has the biggest ass of the two, and it is just stunning to behold. This blond big assed hottie has legs that never stop and is boosted in her Boobametric Hotness rating by her huge pair of floppy big tits. Mariah, too, has a fantastic set of tits to go with her magnificent big butt. When these two babes get a hard cock shoved in their faces, all hell breaks loose as they compete to see who can jam more of the huge cock into their orifices. Having now watched the entire video, I can see what got BoobaWooba’s testes in a bunch. No word yet on whether the fantastically revered porn king with the problemed nut will seek legal action against Ass Parade for releasing such a ball-busting episode, as the BoobaWooba Inc legal department is still carefully reviewing the matter.

Free Videos of Cowgirls Abbey Brooks and Mariah Milano

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Big Tit Fucking

Jessica Moore and Myra - Free VideosBoobaWooba almost slipped on his own chunky green ejaculate while rushing into my quarters to notify me of this boner-popping video over at Bustyadventures. It seems the friendly, aggressively tattooed european chap who runs the site was able to score a scene featuring the lovely and busty Jessica Moore and a sexy new blonde named Myra, who’s got a nice tasty pair of boobs that need to be squeezed to be believed. There’s nothing that stiffens a human dick (or a Boobulan micropenis) as fast as the sight of two busty blondes engaged in a debauched session of raw big tit fucking. This particular scene certainly does not disappoint, it seems to have it all. First, the sexy blondes go to town on each other, savoring each other’s big tits and pointy nipples. Then, the dildo comes out and they start rubbing that thing all over their hot curvy bodies, as well as between their plump tits. It’s exceedingly hot to watch Jessica Moore get her tight pussy filled with dildos, but it’s even hotter to see that hot twat get rammed full of real fleshy cock. A dude pops into the picture at precisely the right time and the girls start going to town on the stud, delivering a fantastic double blowjob that should give King Tut’s corpse an erection. Soon, the busty blond babes hop onto his cock and they ride that fucker for all they’re worth. All in all, a very hot video and BoobaWooba claims that he hasn’t cum this hard since his last prostate exam at the Nipplona Erotic Health Center last fall.

Jessica Moore & Myra Get A Good Big Tit Fucking

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