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Huge Boobs

Huge Boobs on Brandy TaylorThis woman possesses one of the finest natural racks in all the Alpha Quadrant, BoobaWooba opines. Brandy Taylor should be familiar to most of you, since she and her exquisite huge boobs have been causing erections in men and pleasure donkeys for a couple years now, as she has made her rounds in the intergalactic big boob porn industry. Some of her best work has been filmed by Big Tits Round Asses, as this latest video proves. Brandy starts off playing some pool as she warms her tight pussy up for the action that is to come (this part brought back some horrible memories for BoobaWooba from the time when a pool cue broke off in his own tiny green ass during a session with a Zercorian dominatrix that got a little out-of-control). Brandy is soon joined by a gentleman with a large erection who’s obviously enamored with her gorgeous huge boobs. He plays with those beautiful natural boobies as his dick only gets harder for her. Brandy soon begins work on the cock, taking as much of that thing in her hungry mouth as she can. When she takes it in her tight pussy, we see just how hot for a fucking this curvy goddess really is. Judging from the massive cum eruption, Brandy Taylor is one hot ride.

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Big Tit Babe Phoenix Marie Anal

Phoenix Marie Big Butt AnalBoobaWooba has just blasted into my quarters raving about a recently posted video he has just seen over at MonsterCurves. Apparently, the very sexy and curvy Phoenix Marie, whose delicious big tits and full round butt have been making my diminutive master’s salivary glands overproduce for the last few months, has done anal for the first time and the scene is absolutely white hot. The video starts with Phoenix arriving at an upscale earth domicile where all of the debauched anal penetration will take place. The cameraman gets her to lift her tight dress and show off that amazing big booty while she walks slowly to an ornate bathtub that reminds BoobaWooba of the one he had to use during his leaner days when he was just starting out in the intergalactic porn business. Phoenix gets naked and slips her curvy self into a nice sudsy bubble bath and washes her perfect big tits and big butt. When the dude finally shows up, he’s as hard as can be and Phoenix pops to attention and slips his hard cock into her hungry mouth. Lots of sloppy oral, then she gets her tight pussy nailed right there in the tub. Her gorgeous tits flop around while he’s nailing her and that big round ass jiggles and ripples like nuts. Finally, we get to the anal and it is electric! Phoenix takes that cock all the way up her ass and those fantastic ass cheeks just bounce and jiggle like they’ve never been happier. Totally hot video of this curvy goddess getting her tight pooper poked good.

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Big Natural Boobs Milf

Big Natural Boobs on Kelly CorleoneWhile the great and virile BoobaWooba is known to favor young, nubile busty hotties for the solemn privilege of orally servicing his purple hemorrhoid infested anus, he often deviates from this norm and seeks out curvy older babes who’ve been around the block a few times to employ at his intergalactically infamous bunghole. Kelly Corleone is one such busty milf that BoobaWooba remarks could easily send his pulsating anal ring into orgasmic convulsions that would rock the entire Booba-Mansion. Her great big natural boobs are just simply perfection itself. Her big round ass and sexy curves would stiffen the penises of even the most sex-negative GalactiPuritan preachers, including the esteemed Reverend Jerrinus Falweliax himself. In this video at Bigtitscurvyasses, Kelly Corleone takes on the fat cock of a human male who desperately wants to fuck the ever loving milfy goods out of her. Kelly sucks his thick dick very nicely, then mounts him and rides his cock while her big round ass shakes and jiggles wildly. He pays a lot of attention to those hot big natural boobs, squeezing those tasty big tits while he pumps her bald pussy full of meat. Finally, he cums all over her face, and the scuzz drips all over her fantastic rack. Very hot milf.

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Big Ass Huge Tits

Extremenaturals Kali - Big Ass & TitsBoobaWooba recently traveled to the American heartland on Earth in search of milk-fed curvy hotties that exude midwestern realness and innocence. After he was released from a Michigan jail for solicitation of paid sexual acts from several cheerleader girls at a local mall food court, the great intergalactic porn monger set his sights more realistically and combed the big tit porn world looking for a fresh faced cutie with all the qualities he desired — big natural tits, a curvy big ass, and a set of curves that would melt the tongue off a celibate Jarkanian eunuch. He found such a girl in Kali from Extremenaturals, a total cutie-pie with a set of real huge tits that pushed BoobaWooba back on his bony green heels. This girl is a total breath of fresh air, with her all natural features complimented by her innocent and enthusiastic attitude. In this video, Kali gets presented with a massive cock that barely fits in her little mouth. That big dick then proceeds to enter her tight pussy and fuck the crap out of the young busty beauty. This video is just right if you’re looking for a break from the tattooed car wrecks that sadly so often show up in porn these days.

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Big Boob Babes

Alanna Ackerman and Whitney StevensFew women arouse the microscopic loins of the galaxy’s most revered porn baron as does Alanna Ackerman. Her big round butt and perfect natural boobs are simply some of the best boobage to be found in the Milky Way. Whitney Stevens is another girl who’s formidable bust tugs at BoobaWooba’s prickly green nutsack, so it was a foregone conclusion that we would be doing a post featuring the latest Bigtitsroundasses video starring both of these super hot big boob babes getting down and dirty with two exceptionally well-endowed guys who are apparently hornier than a priapism-plagued Saurion Fuck-Dino. This foursome sex fest is loaded with plenty of great shots of both Alanna and Whitney taking massive cock up their tight twats. BoobaWooba mentions that the part where Alanna and Whitney are riding cock on the couch is probably the best, since it provided the maximum amount of jiggling boobage. These girls both have a couple of nice round butts to compliment their great boobs as well, and those plump cabooses go wild as well during the height of the action. This video will most certainly pull some serious quantities of jolly juice out of your groin, so don’t forget the wet-naps.

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Big Tit Babe Phoenix Marie

Big Tit Babe Phoenix MarieThis one is the total package, people of Earth. Phoenix Marie has previously been featured in the pages of this blog, and she is now back due to her magnificent big tits and profoundly hot big booty — physical features which have stimulated the great and sexually potent BoobaWooba to ridiculously high levels of Boobulan arousal. Phoenix is the perfect curve queen, with nice big titties that are plump and juicy, much like the treacherous Gazongalia fruit from the deepest reaches of Boobula’s tropical rain forests. But, unlike Gazongalia fruit, Phoenix’s boobs will not consume you whole, digest your flesh, then spit out your acidified remains onto the jungle surface. In this hot video for Monstercurves, this sexy buxom babe goes on a hiking trip that turns into a debauched carnal fuckfest. She gets stripped out of her tight shorts and skimpy top and gets boned by a gentleman with a large penis. Judging by her reactions, the deep pussy penetration she receives is very satisfying, but more satisfying is the sight of watching that fat ass and those big tits jiggle while she’s being plowed relentlessly. Much to stroke to here.

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Busty Anna Nikova

Busty Anna NikovaBoobaWooba is currently on his boob-shaped blackberry speaking with his psychiatrist about an urgent mental health issue that has just arisen. It seems that the fantastically admired, impeccably dressed (when he is clothed, at least), and perpetually horny porn king has gone all this time without taking notice of the very busty beauty Anna Nikova, who has just done a sizzling video for Extreme Naturals where she gets her gorgeous round ass fucked deep and her great tits sprayed with a copious amount of human male ejaculate. This video is really one of the best these people have ever produced, rivaling the best big tit porn videos put out by BoobaWooba Inc’s� Erotic Entertainment Division itself, BoobaWooba concedes. Anna sucks this big cock so lustily, she must have gone seven decades without sex before she did this scene. When the fucking begins, Anna takes that fat cock up her tight bald pussy and loves every last minute of it. But the best of the best begins when this unfathomably lucky chap gets to stick his large phallus into the pristine round ass of this gorgeous busty creature. This is one video that will most certainly cause you to have to pop some blood pressure meds, as it has caused BoobaWooba to pop three different meds for his newly diagnosed Boobulan Attention Deficit Disorder.

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Sexy Boobs on Cassandra Calogera

Cassandra Calogera - Sexy BoobsThe busty Cassandra Calogera still manages to ridiculously stimulate the tiny jaded loins of our smut slinging superhero, the great BoobaWooba. Apparently, Cassandra has filmed a new video for Bigtitsroundasses that has caused my intergalactically adored master to ejaculate liberally all over his new Sony Quadratron Holo-Monitor. When I inquired what exactly brought him to a total loss of voluntary control over his stunning 2-inch Boobulan erection, he mentioned to me that Cassandra is simply so hot, what with those great sexy boobs and big round ass, that he couldn’t keep himself calm and instead launched into a masturbatorial frenzy that left a wake of chunky green ejaculate all over the visible universe. Perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration, but it certainly feels like it to me when I’m cleaning up messes such as these, which are sadly not that rare. The video that produced this cummy apocalypse is definitely a hot one, no doubt. Cassandra gets her beautiful natural boobs and big ass adored on camera, then she gets paired with a dude who’s swinging a big cock that’s got her tight pussy’s name all over it. I’m serious, if you look closely, you can see “Cassandra’s Pussy” spelled out in genital warts near the base of the penis. That’s a lie, but the scene is hot.

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Busty Latina Sophia Martinez

Busty Latina Sophia MartinezA curvy busty latina has once again caught the attention of the most revered intergalactic smut king the galaxy has ever known. BoobaWooba points Sophia Martinez out to me immediately after his morning session of Boobianic Pilates and mentions that she has the plumpest set of titties he had seen in some while. I then pointed out to him that, according to the site Big Tits Curvy Asses, Sophia recently gave birth and her large boobs are still engorged with milk. This bit of information caused BoobaWooba to become even more aroused than he already was, causing a noticeable 1/2 inch increase in his all-too visible erection which, for BoobaWooba’s tiny 2 inch penis, is a huge percentage expansion. I encouraged the dashing porn baron to return to his quarters and watch the full Sophia Martinez video there so that he may release his obvious tension. Apparently, the video is quite the sizzling sex tape, with the sexy busty latina sucking cock and taking it deep in her tight pussy. The scene climaxes with a ridiculously copious cum explosion all over her great big latina tits.

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