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Phoenix Marie – Big Butt Gets Anal

Phoenix Marie Gets Anal at Ass Parade
It must be a time of great galactic good fortune, BoobaWooba opines, since the last few months have seen the busty big butt super babe Phoenix Marie perform a score of sizzling anal sex scenes that have melted the previously unreachable green cum stains off of the master smut peddler’s cathedral-like bedroom ceiling. Today, we find that Phoenix has done yet another big butt anal video, this time for the site Ass Parade. Do you like the idea of watching this busty booty babe wash herself with lots of bubbly suds, then take a fat cock deep in her delicious looking bubble butt? Well, if you do, watching this video will become a necessity that will trump your other priorities to the back burner. Yes, BoobaWooba knows that your son needs braces and the leak in the bathroom is on the verge of inundating the entire second floor, but are those things really as important as watching this choice piece of big butt beauty get assfucked until her anal ring can take no more? Of course not.


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Busty Big Butt Blond Abbey Brooks

Busty Blond Abbey Brooks Takes Cock
We happily return to featuring one of the hottest, curviest big butt and boob queens in all porndom. Abbey Brooks has just recently done a video for MonsterCurves which has left the highly dignified BoobaWooba a spent, incontinent, salivating mess. I found him unconscious, slumped on the floor in front of his computer screen, covered in his own saliva, semen, and feces. He had just finished watching Abbey’s video and apparently lost all control over his sexual organs, bowels, and oral glands. It is undeniable that Abbey Brooks has something special that makes her fantastic set of big tits and ass stand head and cheeks above the competition. She’s a beautiful busty blond who loves to take cock in her tight puss, and who’s gorgeous curvy body jiggles perfectly while she’s doing so. This scene will make you a fan.

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Busty Black Mama

Stacey's a Busty Black Beauty who loves to take cock
The curvy beauty of this new entrant into the debauched intergalactic big tit porn world is something special. Stacey Adams is a busty black babe who’s got tits so big and juicy, they might make you humans revert to your infantile stage. BoobaWooba agrees that this sexy big tit nubian beauty would qualify as one of the hotter black women we’ve profiled on this site, and he’s even considering asking Stacy to join his stable of Booba Babes (of course, she’ll have to agree to the standard contract stipulations requiring her to orally service BoobaWooba’s inflamed hemorrhoidal tissues, pop his back acne, and occasionally wipe his ass during times of extreme drunkeness). In this video, Stacy shows us just how hot her big plump tits look while she’s servicing a big cock with her hungry mouth. She sucks this guy down, then takes his thick cock in her tight black pussy. Her big round butt jiggles nicely as he soundly fucks her to orgasm, then spews his gallons of human semen into her mouth and on her great tits. Very nice busty black babe action.

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Busty Samantha G

Busty Samantha G at Extreme Naturals
Time for some ridiculously huge boobage, people of Earth. From time to time, BoobaWooba is overcome by a lust for seriously large tits and ass, a fact that has gotten the intergalactically respected porn king into more than his share of trouble (the Volkswagen tit enlargement incident immediately comes to mind). This time, though, I cannot see a way that my revered smut pushing master would encounter any danger, since Samantha G has already declined his offer to have her flown to the Booba-Mansion so that BoobaWooba can nest in her cleavage for two weeks. Samantha, by the way, is the terribly busty and voluptuous female you see before you who has recently shot this extremely arousing video for Big Tits Round Asses. Her body is a curve-lover’s dream come true, with a massive set of huge natural boobs and an ass that is sure to attract a moon in the near future. In this scene, we see her get a total full-body sex workout as she’s fucked with a massive dick and gets cum creamed all over her busty boobage. This woman is what the doctor ordered if you’re just not getting enough monster tits and ass in your diet.

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Large Boobs on Gianna Michaels

Gianna Michaels - Large Boobs Jiggling in Lust
The great and virile smut king, BoobaWooba, known across the galaxy for his intrepid and envelope pushing erotica, has confessed to me that he simply cannot get enough of Gianna Michaels. She’s been featured here before and with every new video she stars in, BoobaWooba’s tiny phallus throbs all the more for her busty deliciousness. This buxom beauty has a body that causes tongues to hit the floor across the cosmos, with a set of perfect large boobs that are big, juicy, and all-natural. Equally stunning and dick-stiffening is Gianna’s big round bubble butt, which is as vast as the strip mines on Culona 3. This new video at Big Tits Round Asses stars the sexy big tit goddess in one of her best performances yet. She gets picked up in a cab off the street by the depraved proprietors of the website, and she quickly gets sucked into an interview that tunes us into the fact that she is a very naughty girl! After the gab-fest, they arrive at a condo where the busty boob queen will be stuffed full of thick cock. They get her naked and wet, then the cock appears and we’re in business! This lucky human fucks the crap out of her sexy curvy body and makes those large boobs jiggle out of all control. BoobaWooba insists that this video will definitely make you blow a few loads of juice, so standard keyboard protection protocols apply.

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