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Busty Big Butt Milf Assfucked

Busty Big Butt Milf Devon Lee Anal Video
BoobaWooba believes that busty milfs are a galactic treasure that exceed the entire Milky Way’s gold-pressed latinum reserves in intrinsic value. What makes a busty milf perfect, however, is a complimentary big butt that happily accepts extremely large penises through it’s tight sphincter, says the renowned porn king. Devon Lee is a sterling example of the kind of big tit milf BoobaWooba speaks of. She’s a sexy human woman in her thrities who’s got a fantastic pair of big tits, but who also sports a perfectly round bubble butt booty that is as desperate for big cocks as BoobaWooba’s 234-year-old Analingus Pleasure Beast is for a mercy killing.

Now, this busty babe’s ass is a perfect globe of naughtiness, considering that she can accommodate ridiculously large cocks inside of it. In this video called “The Ass Warden” over at Big Butts Like It Big, Devon plays a prison guard who gets accosted by one of her inmates in her bathroom. This particular inmate isn’t packing heat, but he’s packing an awful lot of something else. He just happens to have a huge cock, which he decides he needs to shove up Devon Lee’s voluptuous curvy ass. What ensues is a torrid assfucking that will leave your ceiling dripping cum. Truly, BoobaWooba believes this to be one of Devon’s hottest anal videos to date. This gorgeous big butt milf gets assfucked like it’s scheduled to be banned by the Galactic Congress. This particular anal video is a must see.


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Giggles and Hot Tits

Gianna Michaels' Hot Tits In Hardcore Action
It’s no secret that BoobaWooba has longed to place his microscopic wart-covered penis between the hot tits of Gianna Michaels. This busty and curvy goddess has been sucking cock and getting her delicious tight pussy fucked on video while BoobaWooba has been blowing wads of copious green cum to those videos all the while. Now, Gianna is starring in this extremely hot big tit porn video called “Giggles and Tits” from Extreme Naturals where she gets her gorgeous big tits oiled up and adored before getting thoroughly fucked. This is probably one of the best videos she’s done because there’s plenty of oiled boobs action, which is quite arousing. Oh, and Gianna also has quite a big ass on her, as well. It gets oiled up and adored too, and that alone would get BoobaWooba ejaculating like a machine gun. There’s no hotter sight than watching Gianna get fucked and her seeing her hot tits bounce off the fucking walls, so definitely watch this video.


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Big Butt Anal Sex Queen Phoenix Marie

Big Butt Anal Babe Phoenix Marie - Free Movie
Well, Phoenix Marie has done it again. She has brought the intergalactic porn world a masterpiece of big butt/big tit erotica by starring in this debauched piece of work over at Big Butts Like It Big. BoobaWooba assures me that Phoenix’s beautiful big butt gets soundly fucked in this movie (entitled “Anal Proposal”) and that the scene is absolutely volcanic. Apparently, Phoenix has a boyfriend who’s been waiting an eternity for her to agree to let him slip his rigid manhood into her curvy round ass (BoobaWooba reminds us that there are interstellar treaties banning this form of torture, most prominently the “Intergalactic Convention on Anal Refusal” and the “Galactic Minimal Booty Sex Agreement”, both of which were signed by at least 4,589 races and the Orion Syndicate ).

But now, Phoenix has had a pang of conscience and has agreed to spread her voluptuous cheeks for her anally starving man. She arranges a nice little romantic dinner for the two of them and teases him with her great ass for a while before letting him go for the anal gold. We soon see that this guy is extremely well-endowed, which might explain Phoenix’s hesitation to allow anal sex. Nevertheless, she does manage to fit that big cock into her big bubble butt and it is a sight that will make your penis shoot through your pants. When he cums, he makes sure to drench her gorgeous big tits, which is a nice ending to a torrid scene. This is one of the hottest big butt anal movies out there right now, so don’t miss it.


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Big Booty Threesome

Big Booty Babes Carmella Bing and Chayse Evans
It’s safe to say that Carmella Bing has been one of BoobaWooba’s favorite big booty babes for quite some time now. Her curvaceous womanly figure has captivated the renowned porn king in a way that I haven’t seen since the great smutmaster purchased his last Orion slave girl for 3,740 quatloos at the Intergalactic Sex Slave Expo, which was held that year on Depravinax 6. That girl had a beautiful set of big plump boobs, and so indeed does Carmella. Those hot tits would ordinarily be more than enough to arouse the microscopic genitals of the galaxy’s most intrepid porn pusher, but Carmella also possesses one of the hottest big booties either BoobaWooba or I have ever seen.

She is joined in this porn video called “Double Ass Action Pack“, which was produced by the pervy crew at AssParade, by the sexy Chayse Evans, who is also packing quite a booty back there herself. The scene begins with these two butt babes taking each other’s clothes off and adoring the voluptuous curves that abound between them. Soon, a big thick dick is introduced and we get an all-out fuckfest that sees more jiggling booties and titties than you can imagine. BoobaWooba claims the best part is when Carmella is getting pounded with cock and her great big ass shakes like an earthquake. Fans of big booty simply must watch this incredibly arousing movie.


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Busty Milf – Sexy Car Wash

Busty Milf Charlie James - Sexy Car Wash
BoobaWooba has noticed that, for some odd reason, humans attach a great deal of importance to the appearance of their automobiles, which he points out are far inferior methods of locomotion given that they lack hyperdrives. For instance, BoobaWooba mentions that just last night, he jumped into the hyperdrive enabled Booba-Cruiser and was able to pickup three Zarphlaxian hookers in Las Nalgas, the famous gambling and sin capital of the Milky Way, and shortly thereafter arrived at the BoobyLand theme park a full 98 light years away so that he could enjoy a debauched foursome while riding the “Monster Mammary Milkshake” rollercoaster.

In this video entitled “Sexy Car Wash“, a sexy and very busty milf named Charlie James attends to a human-built luxury automobile by washing it thoroughly with soapy water. Though this car lacks hyperdrive engines, it compensates by having a deliciously curvy milf draped all over it, with her fantastic big natural titties hanging from out of the bottom of her drenched white t-shirt. The video footage gives us several great shots of her amazing big ass while she soaps it up and rinses it off. Soon, a muscular male enter the picture and orally services Charlie’s erect nipples and juicy breasts. There’s some great shots of Charlie riding cock while her big natural titties bounce around and jiggle uncontrollably. Her sexy big ass is also on display while she takes cock, rippling and gyrating enough to make you cum like a fusion powered particle cannon. This brand new busty milf is definitely an all-natural superstar in the making.


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Huge Tits – Big Black Cock

Samantha G and her Huge Tits with a Big Black Cock
BoobaWooba had expressed a desire for ridiculously large breasts today, so I went and found him this big tit video from BigTitsCurvyAsses. It stars Samantha G, a very voluptuous lady with a pair of unbelievably huge tits that appear to be 100% natural. BoobaWooba expressed immediate approval when he glimpsed Samantha’s monster tits, exclaiming that I had “exceeded all expectations of competency in webmastering” and that I would shortly receive a bonus reward for my demonstrated professional excellence. The reward turned out to be one of BoobaWooba’s used pleasure mules, which had quite a bit of mileage on it and an unsightly ring of inflammations surrounding the genitalia that were oozing pus, so I graciously declined the gift.

In this video, Samantha G takes it to a new level when she gets it on with this black guy who possesses a monster cock to match her monster tits. He puts her to work on that thing as she orally pleasures him by taking that dick as far down her throat as she can. Soon, that big black cock is plumbing the depths of her tight pussy and making her squeal in delight. Samantha then gets some titfucking action and takes his warm load of cum all over her deliciously huge tits. Very hot action in this video featuring a very voluptuous big tit babe.


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Busty Babes In Threesome Sex

Busty Babes Jenna Doll and Whitney Stevens in a Sexy Lingerie Party
BoobaWooba has been of the opinion that Jenna Doll is one of the hottest busty babes to perform in the big tit porn world in quite some time. The sight of her all-natural voluptuousness, which is highlighted by her amazingly gorgeous big natural tits and round butt, is just too much to bear without rapid masturbatorial release. Another busty cutey in the world of big boobs on video is the sexy Whitney Stevens, who is a piece of work in her own right. Big natural boobs and a sexy big butt that is always open for business. In this video over at Big Tits Round Asses, both Jenna Doll and Whitney Stevens get together for a sexy lingerie party that turns into an all-out dildo fuckfest, which itself turns into a girl-boy-girl threesome fuckfest when the very lucky sex toy salesman shows up. These hot busty chicks suck cock, eat pussy, and take thick dick in their tight pussies for what seems like forever. This guy ends up cumming about 90% of his bodily fluids all over these sexy ladies and their hot big boobs. Totally out of control scene and very wank-worthy.


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Big Tit Babes Nancy and Lizette

Big Tit Babes Nancy and Lizette from Primecups
BoobaWooba strongly believes that, when you’re dealing with a couple of incredibly hot big tit babes, it sometimes is better to leave cock out of the equation. Hairy Man Ass Syndrome has ruined many otherwise hot scenes with gorgeous titty babes in the past so BoobaWooba is glad to have spotted this video from PrimeCups that features two sexy and busty sweeties who have decided to go at each other without penile intervention. Nancy and Lizette are terribly hot girls from Eastern Europe with terribly hot sets of all-natural big titties that you just want to pop into your mouth and suck on for a few centuries. This particular video that brings them together for some busty lesbian naughtiness is just what you need to get your ding dong hard as a rock. The two busty hotties go at each other’s tits and suck them like they’re looking for milk. Soon, the girls are stuffing dildos into each other’s wet pussies and making each other cum like it’s the best sex they’ve ever had. Look, BoobaWooba appreciates big dicks plunging into tight female orifices as much as the next diminutive green alien, but sometimes a little lady-on-lady loving is what the doctor ordered.


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Bubble Butt Hottie

Jordan Jagger - Bubble Butt Hottie in Hardcore Sex Video
Bubbly and juicy, that’s how BoobaWooba would describe Jordan Jagger’s big round butt. It’s one of the finer specimens of human female ass that the great intergalactic porn baron has seen so far this year (BoobaWooba is not counting the new Human-Goralian Ass Beast hybrid that was introduced by his company last month, as he believes it would be an unfair comparison). We are lucky that a girl with such a fine bubble butt has entered the debauched world of intergalactic pornography, but her juicy ass is far from all this sexy babe brings to the table. In this hot sex video for Round Mound of Ass, Jordan Jagger shows off her great oral sex skills by blowing this guy while her ass is jutting up into the air. As hot as that is, it’s even hotter to watch Jordan ride his hard cock while her big ass is flopping around all over the place. After he’s done fucking the pudding out of her in the doggy position, he blows a thick wad of cum all over her great round ass. Jordan is a sight for sore eyes, and her ass is a jiggly bundle of joy.


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Busty Butt Babe Titfucked

Busty Butt Babe Rachel Solari - Ass Grinding
Here’s a girl that seems to have been laying low for a while. BoobaWooba still remembers Rachel Solari and her big juicy titties from when she first entered the intergalactic big tit porn world a year or so ago (at first, the renowned porn baron believed he remembered Rachel from an interspecies analingus contest he hosted on Sphinctoid 4, but that was somebody else). Rachel Solari is definitely the total package when it comes to tits and ass. Her big titties are nice and natural, and her glorious big butt is extremely inviting. Monster Curves shot this video with her getting her gorgeous boobs oiled up by the pool and being appropriately worshiped as her sexy curvy body entitles her to be. Once the oiling and the worshiping is over, Rachel gets led indoors where this male human with a large phallus proceeds to orally service her, and then put her to work on his cock for some slobbery blowjob action. Pretty soon, Rachel is taking a good fucking in that hot pussy of hers and squeezing those tits like crazy. At this point, it’s time to fuck those tasty titties, so the guy plants his slobbered up cock right between her mams and titfucks her until cum is flying all ove the place. Very hot scene which BoobaWooba would rate 4 out of 5 green micro-boners.

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Busty Tit Babe Carmella Bing

Busty Porn Queen Carmella Bing Getting Fucked
It has come to BoobaWooba’s attention that urban humans frequently decide to sunbathe on rooftops, so as to achieve maximum sun exposure while also minimizing the attraction of gawkers. Well, apparently, the very busty porn queen Carmella Bing decided to do much the same thing, except she attracted a big cock that was unceremoniously stuffed into her mouth, and later into her tight pussy. The people at Big Tits Round Asses videotaped all of this debauchery, mind you, so you won’t miss any of the tit busting action. BoobaWooba admits that it is quite a sight watching Carmella, who is one of the curviest and bustiest big tit queens in all of intergalactic porndom, get her curvy voluptuous body fucked vigorously on a rooftop. Her big round ass is also a fine feature of this buxom woman, and we get to see that perfect pair of buns jiggle and bounce while she rides cock. Very hot video for those interested in rooftop sex.


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Big Ass Sex

Velcity Von and Her Big Ass in a Hardcore Sex Video
For centuries, the countless masses of big ass lusters across the galaxy have been collectively awaiting the coming of the great Ass Goddess, an apocalyptic figure in the Boobianic Scriptures (specifically, the Book of WoobaGyrations chapters 3, 4, and 6). Now, many Boobianic theologians are speculating that the Ass Goddess may have arisen in the form of Velicity Von, whose cheeks are so perfect, many believe them to be divine. BoobaWooba, who holds an honorary doctorate in Boobianic Divinity from the highly respected Culona University, is urging caution, though he does consider Velicity’s ass cheeks to be of superior quality. She doesn’t have to be a Goddess in order to worship that fantastic big butt, BoobaWooba reminds us. Her great curvy figure is perfect for any booty lover, but her juicy big tits also provide ample erotic value as well. In this hardcore video she did for Extreme Asses, Velicity Von sucks a massive cock and takes it deep in her tight pussy. We all get to watch that big oiled ass get adored and worshiped before it starts bouncing on this guy’s lap. Goddess or not, Velicity’s great ass will definitely make you bow in worship.

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