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Big Ass Busty Latina

Big Ass Latina Tit Babe Jaylene Rio
Time for more tits and ass from that splendid southern continent region you humans call latin america. This time, BoobaWooba has discovered a voluptuous Brazilian beauty by the name of Jaylene Rio who’s got a body that could dehydrate the esteemed intergalactic porn magnate by inducing excessive salivary excretions. This is a real woman, people of Earth, and she’s showing a deep lust for sex in this video that will make your dick hard enough to cut diamonds.

The video is called “Bowling For Tits” and it features the lovely and curvy Jaylene getting her massive tits fucked, not to mention her tight pussy. Jaylene’s amazing big ass bounces and jiggles like crazy while she takes a big dick, getting fucked as thoroughly as she’s ever been in her entire life. She takes the guy’s copious cum shot right in her mouth and it overflows out onto her chin, making for an extremely messy finale, which is just how we like it. This is not a scene to be missed, especially if you’re a fan of the very busty and bootyful Jaylene Rio.


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Busty Black Hottie Stacey Adams

Stacey Adams
When BoobaWooba stumbled upon this video over at Extreme Naturals featuring the very busty and sexy black pornstar Stacey Adams, he immediately ordered me to post an entry on it. Stacey is certainly one of the hottest big tit black babes to enter the intergalactic porn world in quite some time, made famous by her huge full natural boobies and curvy round booty that make mouths water across the galaxy, for biped and multiped males alike.

In this particular porn movie she recently did for Extreme Naturals, Stacey gets her gorgeous big boobs oiled up by the pool and shows them off to the camera. Those delicious black tits shine and glisten in the warm sun while Stacey proceeds to apply even more oil. When she moves into the house, Stacey decides to go into the kitchen and fry up some hot dogs. Lots of ketchup and mustard gets applied to her huge breasts, as well as a hot dog, which is placed right between those gargantuan gazongas. Soon, master cocksman Steve Holmes shows up and starts caressing Stacey’s massive tits and she later responds by sucking his big dick. The two of them move to the living room where they fuck their brains out. The best thing about this scene is watching Stacey and her huge tits bounce around like crazy while riding a big cock. This kind of curviness comes along only so often.


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Curvy Chick Rides Cock

Curvy Chick Jayden Jaymes
Jayden Jaymes has been ripping a path through the porn universe for a couple years now, making an impression that has inflated countless male genital appendages across the Milky Way. Now, Jayden has chosen to do a video for Monster Curves that has gotten BoobaWooba drooling even more liberally than usual. Jayden is a sexy curve queen who’s just about got it all. She’s got a curvy round ass and a pair of big tits that, even though BoobaWooba’s scans detect significant artificiality, do appreciably arouse the phallus and tingle the testicals.

In this sizzling porn video called “Ass Craving”, Jayden is working at a jewelry store when Manuel Ferrara walks in looking for a gift for his girlfriend. You can imagine his reaction when he see Jayden’s sexy curves and spies some of that hot cleavage. He invites her back to his house and ends up fucking her brains out by the pool! The best part of this video is when Jayden is riding his cock cowgirl and her plump butt just jiggles out of all control. Lots of good titty sucking action as well.


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Latina Ass Babe Isabella Cruz

Latina Ass Babe
BoobaWooba was chomping some chips and salsa recently, which caused memories of his many sex tourist trips to South America on Earth to come flooding back into his exquisite alien mind. When I mentioned to the great smut king that chips and salsa is really a Mexican food and not South American, he promptly had me strung up by my pinky toes and singed the pubic hair off my trembling testicles with a lit doobie. Seeing as I will not be correcting BoobaWooba on any matter of fact ever again, I recommend that we just go with his fantasies from now on to ensure the well being and intactness of my cherished genitals.

After administering my testicular tortures, BoobaWooba proceeded to find himself a sexy latina ass babe on the internet with a delicious pair of ass cheeks that made his mouth water into the next room. Isabella Cruz is a curvy latina cutie with a great ass, and she absolutely loves to bounce it on the laps of horny men. In this video for Ass Parade, Isabella takes a really big cock up her tight latina pussy and ripples that fantastic big ass as she slaps herself down on that formidable phallus. Very hot action featuring a sexy latina butt babe.


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Big Tit Porn Star Claire Dames

Big Tit Porn Star Claire Dames
Well, BoobaWooba’s tiny alien genitals were so aroused by the last update that he has ordered me to serve up another post featuring the very curvy and busty big tit porn star Claire Dames. This sexy short-haired brunette tits and ass goddess is indescribably gorgeous, but since BoobaWooba has a super charged particle phaser pointed straight at my temple, I’ll try to describe her gorgeousness anyway. Her massive round boobies are the first things that hit you when you look at Claire. They’re like a couple of fun bags made just for your own personal enjoyment. Her big round ass is unspeakably hot as well, and thanks to the great Gods of Boobianity, Claire is now taking cock back there (checkout Claire Dames getting buttfucked here).

In this video for Big Tits Round Asses called “Mattress Madness”, Claire takes on a guy in the kitchen. She gets stripped down and water gets poured all over her great tits and big ass. When the dude is finished adoring and lubricating Claire’s curvy body, he whips out his hard cock and plants it in her hungry mouth. She sucks him nice and vigorously, then takes his cock between her massive big tits. Soon, he’s sticking his horny manhood deep into Claire’s delicious looking bald pussy and gives her the fucking of her life. Claire has never looked better.


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Hot Ass Anal Orgy

Hot Asses In a Hardcore Anal Orgy - Claire Dames, Ricki White, and Kelly Divine
BoobaWooba is asking all of his adoring fans to take a moment to prepare themselves for the big booty bounty that is about to come their way. This video called “Booty Building” over at Big Butts Like It Big featuring Claire Dames, Kelly Divine, and Ricki White getting assfucked at a gym is one of the most arousing big butt anal porn videos that has been produced on Earth in quite a while. Now, BoobaWooba had to put his precious alien testicles on ice after he viewed this video, but it is known that human testes are slightly more resilient to excessive masturbation, so you may fare better. However, it is a definite fact that the sight of these three hot asses getting a hard anal stuffing of cock is going to be hard on the male genitalia of any species.

While at the gym looking to build their asses into perfectly sculpted mega booties, Claire Dames and her two busty gal-pals get instructed by their horny male personal trainers on exactly what they need to do in order to get those hot asses into the shape they desire. Evidently, one of the most important training methods is to stuff those asses with ridiculously large cocks. Kelly Divine and Ricki White look absolutely amazing getting anal attention on their delicious big booties, but Claire Dames is totally ball busting as she rides thick cock with her big round ass while her great big boobs bounce about. This anal orgy is a perfect example of what a typical gym session should consist of. The calories burned would be off the charts.


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Busty Mom Fucks Young Stud

Busty Mom Amber Bach at Mommy Got Boobs
BoobaWooba has some desires that he, frankly, is not terribly proud of. One of these desires is to copulate with the very busty mom of his childhood best friend, Chezo Bonkadoo, who is currently a very successful personal injury attorney in Las Nalgas. Chezo’s mother is a portrait of Boobulan milfy perfection, with her gargantuan green tits and wart covered nipples, not to mention her cottage cheesed thighs and disproportionately large green ass. While BoobaWooba has never acted on his desires, he has developed a somewhat repressed lust for busty milfs of any species that often surfaces unexpectedly, just as it has now with the discovery of the extremely hot blond milf Amber Bach from MommyGotBoobs.

Amber is a curvy milf goddess of the highest caliber, with a couple of gorgeous big boobs and a big round ass that makes the salivary glands of most Milky Wayan males overproduce to the point of flood hazzard. Her curvy body looks even better when it is being fucked by a hard cock, which is exactly what occurs in this video. Amber takes on a young stud who’s hot for her milfy goodness. She takes out his horny poker and goes straight to work on it. It’s totally hot to watch this sexy milf suck this guy’s cock, but the main event is when Amber Bach takes it in her bald milf pussy. Those great big boobs bouncing around during the fucking is one of the most perfect sights in the galaxy. Terribly hot scene.


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