We Have a Problem

Geraxo R. Chorkorizio writes:
“Dear Mr. BoobaWooba, I feel I have to write in and advise you of a very disturbing problem I have encountered in your newest interspecies anal video “Hortaxia Craves It In The Asses, Volume 32“. Now, I’m sure you’re aware of the great importance of maintaining the highest integrity in the production and marketing of interspecies pornography. For eons, BoobaWooba Inc could be relied on to produce the best, most arousing smut in the cosmos. But now, there has emerged a stain on your once spotless reputation. While watching the aforementioned video, I noticed – just as I was about to climax into a wad of tissue paper – that Hortaxia was being penetrated in only three of her five asses! Now, the gravity of this deception cannot be underestimated. The cover of the video clearly stated that Hortaxia takes Antaran Cow udder in all five of her gloriously big round asses at the same time.

You can imagine my distress when confronted with this pornographical injustice at the point of climax. I was so upset, I could not bring myself to release my seed. I almost instantly lost my erection and descended into a miserable pit of despair from which I have yet to fully extricate myself, despite vast investments in prescription medication, therapy, and visualization coaching. I can only hope you will do the right thing and immediately pull this video from the intergalactic market and promptly replace it with the video we were promised so that I, and I’m sure many others, can finally get on with our lives. This has been Geraxo R. Chorkorizio. Good day or night to you.”