AellaGirl MFC

They say that girls raised in super strict religious families often make the best cam models and pornstars, which I’ve definitely found to be true. In all my years as a sapiosexual cybersexer frequenting cam sites and enjoying the talents of naughty cam girls, I’ve never come across one so intriguing and deliciously intelligent as Aella from MFC. Her model name on MyFreeCams is “Aellagirl,” and she comes to the land of digital debauchery from the bosom of an ultra-fundamentalist Christian family who taught her that sex and sexuality were evil — but she apparently decided otherwise.

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Having had that kind of sexually stifling upbringing arguably turned this amazingly intelligent girl into a real camming treasure. First of all, she freed herself from the nonsense doctrines and ideas that her parents tried to indoctrinate her with, and the resultant resentment of religious rigidity is one of her best audience draws, in my opinion. Watching her rip the worlds major faiths new assholes on a regular basis is just fun, fun, fun all day long.

AellaGirl is also known on MFC for being a “mime,” which is really cool to see done on cam. Mimes are those street performers you’ll often encounter on a busy intersection who wear white face paint and can expertly convince you that there’s an invisible wall right in front of them. Fun stuff, and it turns out that watching a hot, naked miming cam girl do her thing on MFC is extremely arousing. You’ll get a fat chubby for sure if you catch her doing her routine. (By the way, she also cams a lot with her pal AwesomeKate a lot, and those shows are unmissable.)

One of the best things about Aella is the fact that she’s a total data nerd. Like me, she absolutely LOVES collecting information about various topics of interest. On her blog and social media accounts, she even conducts polls and surveys to figure out what models and cam site members think about certain issues affecting the camming industry. For example, did you know that cam models dating members is far more common than most people think? Yep, she proved that with a survey.

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So, the bottom line with this girl is, if you’re a sapiosexual who likes gorgeous women who possess a fine mind, you’ll definitely want to check out Aellagirl at MFC. She’s probably one of the best things that ever happened to My Free Cams, and probably the entire webcam modeling world, actually. Nothing like miming smart chicks who’ve got it out for organized religion, am I right? Signup for free at MyFreeCams and check her out!