Alexis Texas Ass Parade

Porn King Insists Alexis’s Ass Responsible For Dream Homicide!

Alexis AssparadeBoobaWooba once related a dream to me that he had had where he was laying naked at the center of a very large room that was surrounded by massive marble pillars. He looked up and saw a gorgeous woman enter the enormous room wearing a tiny white gown that barely covered her amazing body. As she approached, the esteemed intergalactic porn baron could see that she was naked underneath the gown and that she had the curves of a goddess. When she neared BoobaWooba, she removed her gown leaving herself totally naked and revealing a phenomenally round ass that was a sight of pure perfection. It was the most splendid big round butt that our porn-slinging superstar had ever laid eyes on – round, firm, and protruding like a bubble of ecstasy. BoobaWooba relates that the dream then concluded with this bubble butt goddess sitting on and asphyxiating the master smut peddler with her massive keister while tiny pink elves danced around the room singing “If Ya Think I’m Sexy.”

BoobaWooba insists that this new girl at AssParade, Alexis Texas, is a virtual carbon copy of the woman in his famous dream. He insists that her ass is every bit as divine as the one that snuffed the life out of his unfortunate dream self. In this scene, Alexis gets doused with oil and is greased up for some naughty sex that caused BoobaWooba a significant amount of carnal satisfaction. Just watching that perfect round ass get oiled up is all you’ll need to blow a few loads into the tissue paper, BoobaWooba assures me.