ButteryBubbleButt Brittany Benz

Brit Benz - ButteryBubbleButt at Chaturbate
If you happen to have visited Chaturbate any time in the last couple years, odds are you’ve happened across Brittany Benz’s chat room there. It’s a bit hard to miss, since she’s nearly always at the top of the main list, with over 1,000 visitors checking her out, at any given time. She calls herself the “ButteryBubbleButt” of the cam girl world, and that’s a pretty accurate description. That perfectly formed bubble booty is the kind that can make you blow spooge all over your ceiling within a couple seconds of catching sight of it.

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Alexis Texas Mega Booty

Alexis Texas Booty
BoobaWooba mentioned to me recently that he has not yet encountered the equal of Alexis Texas, the blond human female with the gargantuan mega booty that so mesmerizes the big ass porn viewing public. Indeed, Alexis is a pure beauty from head to toe, and her amazingly large and voluptuous bubble butt is a thing to behold and cherish, if you like junk in the trunk. Some of Alexis Texas’s best work on video can be found at Assparade, where she is featured in numerous videos that expertly portray her full round ass in all its glory.

In this new video from Ass Parade, Alexis gets her gorgeous bubble booty squirted with lots of oil and made shiny for the camera. Lots of ass worship ensues, which then leads to Alexis being given a rather large and thick cock to put in her mouth. Nobody sucks a cock like Alexis Texas, and she puts on quite a show here. Slobbering up that dick and getting it ready for her tight pussy. Watching Alexis get fucked deep and hard is a heavenly experience, and this video contains some of the hottest such footage of her entire porn career. All fans of big white booty have got to see this one.

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Julie Castle’s Big Boobs and Booty

Julie Castle - Big Boobs and Booty
BoobaWooba tells me that one day, he was jogging in the park and came across a stunningly gorgeous triple-titted Gorelian pleasure beast running gracefully through the green fields. Its jiggling boobs and massive booty were so stimulating to my diminutive smut-slinging master that he involuntarily ejaculated and slipped on his own chunky semen. After a five day hospitalization, BoobaWooba vowed to jog only on his indoor treadmill, so as to avoid any more humiliating episodes such as the one described. This porn video, however, has made the dashing porn king reconsider his resolve. Julie Castle is a terribly curvy superbabe of a human woman.

She has deliciously huge boobs and a big round ass that make my master’s tiny testicles shiver in excitement. In this porn video, called “A Beautiful Curve”, Julie is spotted jogging along with her big juicy boobs bouncing around like wild. She is quickly taken to an indoor location where a fellow named J-Mac thoroughly fucks her tight pussy as he squeezes those big tits and ripples that big phat ass with his thrusts. Julie Castle is a delightful new entrant to the world of big boob and booty porn, so you must check this video out.

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Massive Black Booty

Massive Black Booty
BoobaWooba’s high-powered booty radar has just detected a massive black ass that stunned the immensely powerful intergalactic smut peddler when he first glanced it. This amazingly large and round ebony butt belongs to a human girl named Gizelle, a curvy mocha-flavored booty queen who has decided to ride big cock on video for the enjoyment of the galactic porn viewing masses. This sexy big booty babe doesn’t just bowl you over with her juicy bubble butt, she also sports a delectable pair of all-natural big boobs that must feel terrific to squeeze while pumping her full of dick.

In this porn video over at Round and Brown, Gizelle gets her ginormous mega booty adored and worshiped by this lucky chap who gets to water her down by the slip n slide. They engage in various water games before Gizelle gets her mouth filled with hard cock. She sucks the massive dick, getting as much of the human sausage in her oral orifice as possible. The best part of this video comes when Gizelle takes that fat cock in her pussy and gets fucked hard while her big black bubble butt shakes crazily and jiggles like it’s the end of the universe. Overall, a profoundly stimulating big booty porn treat. BoobaWooba’s tiny green balls are still quivering as I write.

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Busty Bubble Butt Babe Nikki Sexx

Busty Bubble Butt Babe Nikki SexxBoobaWooba’s microscopic penis has just been aroused to one of the biggest boners the alien smut king has ever achieved. This stunning wart-covered hardon occurred when the master smut peddler laid eyes on the ridiculously curvy and voluptuous Nikki Sexx, who stars in this scorching porn video over at Monster Curves named “Fire Curves.” This woman has to be seen to be believed, and her curves are nothing short of magnificent. With a hot pair of big juicy tits and a phat bubble butt that jiggles wildly, Nikki is easily one of the hottest booty booby babes to hit the intergalactic porn world in eons.

BoobaWooba notes that the curvy sex goddess takes a big dick straight up her big round ass in this porn video, which is an extremely arousing idea even to contemplate. The big boobs on this hottie’s chest bounce around the room as she takes her anal pounding, and those gorgeous bubbly ass cheeks ripple nicely, in a fashion that was sufficient to cause BoobaWooba to spew his chunky green ejaculate all over his computer monitor. Nikki Sexx is definitely on fire in this episode, and the fact that she’s now into anal sex is a cause for the deepest perv joy.

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Rump Rub Down

Rump Rub Down
Words cannot express how awesome the big juicy booty on this human female named Treasure actually is, but BoobaWooba has put a high-powered hand phaser to my temple and is forcing me to try anyway. Treasure is a mocha flavored superbabe who has a nice round ass that jiggles so happily, it could cure even the worst case of depression. The people at Round and Brown were lucky enough to get Treasure to do a porn video for them, and BoobaWooba is thanking the Gods of booty for that fact.

Treasure’s big black ass is put on fine display during the beginning of the video, and all that rippling butt flesh is quite enough to make any ass lover blow his load right there. But the video gets even more stimulating when a guy named “J-Mac” and his giant cock enter the picture. The sexy black babe sucks his big dick and gets it nice and slobbery, but her best act is yet to come. When Treasure mounts that monster cock and gets the fucking of her life, that juicy round rump comes alive and starts bouncing so jubilently, you may just injure a testicle. This video definitely qualifies as a true “Treasure” of big ass porn, and you should most definitely view it as soon as possible.

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Mega Tits Fucked

Shyla Shy - Mega Tits
BoobaWooba has been elated ever since he discovered this amazingly delicious big tit sweetheart over at BigNaturals. Her name is Shyla Shy, and she has a huge pair of all-natural mega tits that has made BoobaWooba drool to the point of dehydration. This sexy curvy blond apparently love to have her big hot boobs fucked by large cocks, so she got paired up with a lucky human male who loves to saw his big dick between boobies the size of melons. That, among other nasty and debauched activities, is what takes place in this Big Naturals porn video “Sexy Shyla” where the hot budding tit queen shows off her carnal talents for the cosmos to enjoy.

This girl is a gorgeous example of milk-fed babe hotness, with curves that go on forever, a big round ass that will pop you a permanent stiffy, and big natural tits that will make you scream in lust. Shyla Shy sucks some serious cock in this video, then gets her great tits fucked raw. After the vigorous titfucking, Shyla gets her bald pussy penetrated and takes the pounding of her young life. Those amazing juicy boobs bounce around pleasingly during all the action, and you just want to reach out and touch them. Well, you can’t do that, but you sure can pound your pud to the video…and that’s precisely what BoobaWooba recommends you do with haste.

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Butts and Loads – Big Tit Cuties

Big Butts and Big Tit Cuties
Well, Assparade seems to have outdone itself with this recent update, titled “Butts & Loads,” in which two adorable big tit cuties get their tight pussies fucked thoroughly by two massive dicks. The girls are Sophie Dee and Emma Heart, and this being an Ass Parade porn video, of course they’ve got big bubbly butts as well. These busty babes are full of cock lust, so they go for those huge dicks with gusto, cramming as much of them into their hungry mouths as humanly possible (BoobaWooba notes that if Assparade had used Orion slave girls for this scene, instead of human ones, there would’ve been no problem accommodating either phallus).

Now, Sophie Dee is the curvier of the two ladies, and watching her get fucked is a true treat. Those great big boobs and fleshy big ass just jiggle about so happily during the hardcore pounding. Emma Heart has great tits and ass too, and she’s definitely a looker while taking cock. That fabulous bubble butt ripples and bounces as she takes her fucking, and those great juicy tits go crazy too. Really, if you like big boobs AND round bubble butts in your porn videos, you need to checkout this one.

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Big Milf Tits and Booty

Big Milf Tits and Booty - Monique Fuentes & Lexi Lockhart
As a woman ages, BoobaWooba firmly believes, her sensuality increases and her body becomes curvier…more pleasing to his lustful alien eyes. Her breasts become fuller, her ass expands its dimensions, and her hips get even wider. Now, this expansion of curviness could easily go too far (and, sadly, often does), but if controlled, it could mark the woman’s entrance into a golden age of her sexuality and transform her body into a beacon calling out frantically to BoobaWooba’s microscopic loins. Monique Fuentes and Lexi Lockhart are two busty milfs who are well into their thirties but who just about perfectly represent the kind of super voluptuous sensuality my perverted master speaks of.

Monique is a latina curve queen with a bubbly round ass that will pop your boner as soon as your eyes catch a glimpse of it. That gorgeous latina booty shakes so nicely, you could blow a load or two just watching it go. Lexi Lockhart is even curvier than Monique Fuentes, and her curvalicious body comes with a set of huge tits that you just want to reach out and squeeze. But Lexi’s monstrous bubble booty is her best feature, by far, and we can watch that huge ass jiggle happily in this porn video from Assparade. Both curvy milfs get fucked by a huge cock and play with each other’s horny clits throughout. Milf porn has hit a new standard of hotness with this video.

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Big Booty and Tits

Big Booty Tits - Dayna Vendetta and Penelope Tyler
Well, it seems that curvy big tit porn newbie Dayna Vendetta has decided to join forces with Penelope Tyler for this magnificent porn performance which has stimulated BoobaWooba to new levels of alien erotic joy. I speak of the Assparade porn video titled “Baby Shower” in which Dayna and Penelope get drilled deeply by a huge cock as their gorgeous big booties and tits bounce around happily.

These two curvy ladies have got it all..hot big tits and big juicy asses that look ripe for the plucking. The girls love cock, so they take on this fella from the Assparade army of hung studs and get the fucking of their lives. Those massive bubble booties jiggle perfectly as they take their hard pounding, and their big juicy boobs looks magnificent during the various gyrations as well. Definitely a porn video that will stimulate your balls to produce more sperm than you even though was possible with human gonads. Dayna Vendetta has done it again, and Penelope Tyler is on fire here as well.

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Huge 95D Tits In The House

Huge Tits - Cynthia Flowers
Well, it’s extremely pleasing to BoobaWooba that eastern Europe is producing some very busty babes for the big tit porn industry. This one, in particular, has caught his alien interest due to her ridiculously large 95D breasts, as well as her stunning looks. Cynthia Flowers is her name, and she’s a curvy big tit goddess who’s packing some serious guns on her chest. Those massive breasts look delicious, and one can only imagine how hot it would be to suck on those perfectly huge nipples. Cynthia’s huge round ass is also as magnificent as can be, and it’s bubbliness just makes you want plant your cock in there and start pumping.

In this porn video at Big Tits Round Asses, Cynthia Flowers gets those massive tits sucked on and played with before taking a huge dick between those awesome globes of flesh. BoobaWooba loves a good titfuck, although his tiny alien penis is usually too small to register any sensation for the girl. That’s not a problem here, since the notorious Steve Holmes is exceptionally well-endowed and provides Cynthia a reall thrill as he saws between her awesome boobage. When he fucks her, those huge tits and that phat ass bounce around like it’s the end of the cosmos, so you definitely should watch the full video. Terribly hot busty lady.

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Lexi Ward Preps Her Big Ass For Anal

Full Video
Boy, Britain is sure sending lots of busty bubble butt hotties to the porn industry these days, and I’m noticing that most of them love to get fucked up the ass. Lexi Ward is no exception, and the busty British tit babe is packing one hell of a bubbly booty. She preps her gorgeous round ass for some anal loving with a buttplug, then takes a huge cock in her tight pussy. Awesome big boobs on this chick, too.