Awesome Kate From MFC

I cut my pervy teeth on the cam site MyFreeCams, and one of the first super hotties that caught my attention over there was a cute, super smart chickie called “AwesomeKate” who had a very rare sapiosexual appeal that I absolutely loved. This is a girl who is like no other cam girl you’ve ever seen. She’s not only gorgeous, but she also possesses a fascinating mind. When you drop into her chat room on MFC, you’re as likely to see an active conversation on the meaning of existence taking place as you are to see tits and booty.

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Now, physically, AwesomeKate is totally my cup of tea. I mean, that curvy body, those big plump boobs, and that amazingly full round ass…oh dear, yessss. Just about the only thing about this girl I’m not into is her all-natural hairy coochie but, as Mick Jagger often¬† reminds us, you can’t always get what you want. I’d still totally take her to Pound Town all day long, so hairy pussy or not, this woman is welcome in my bed any time of the day or night (I’m sure she’d be overwhelmed with joy to know this).

Intellectually, Kate is probably one of the smartest active cam models in the industry (other candidates would be Ginger Banks and Aellagirl, both seriously intelligent cam girls). So, if you have any sapiosexual tendencies, you really need to turn on to this lovely lass. She can literally talk for hours with her viewers about various deep issues having to do with science, philosophy, art, and you name it. Her’s is probably the only cam site room where you can both blow a load and get your mind blown at the same time.

And I can’t neglect to mention one of best reasons Kate is so awesome…she’s a great singer/musician! Yep, this chick can belt out songs and play the guitar like a pro, and she often does it on cam! I’m telling you, her room is probably the best place to be on MFC. If you see her on, definitely pop in…you won’t be disappointed.

Kate Is Pregnant!

Awesome Kate is currently cooking up a youngster, so she’s got a nice big pregnant belly that she loves to show off during her camming sessions. Yep, she’s as preggo as they come, and while it was quite a surprise to me when I heard the news, I have to say, that pregnant body is looking fine, fine, fine! You really need to hop into her MFC chat room one day and check it out. If you don’t have an account yet, you can register for free right here.