Big Boobs Poolside

Jason writes:
“Well, my story has to do with older women. Older women with big boobs, that is. When I was 23, I got a job cleaning the pool at a really high-class country club that was frequented by lots of rich folks. Every Thursday, there was this group of 3 very Milfy, very busty women who used to lounge by the pool and chat it up with each other. They were all in their upper thirties and they all had very nice plump boobs, a couple of pairs courtesy of the local plastic surgeon but still fantastic looking. This one lady, a stunning blonde, had a set of boobs that had to have been double D at least. They were all in bikinis, showing off their delicious curvy bodies. While performing my duties, I would often look over at them and I started to get hard imagining what it would be like to get it on with the three of them at once. It was so fucking distracting.

At one point, the blonde saw me gawking at them and then turned to whisper something to her two friends. The next time I looked back at them, they were all sharing one pool chair and were rubbing suntan lotion on one another. They each removed their bikini tops so that they could apply the lotion better and I got to see their perfect big boobs totally bare. These chicks were so fucking hot, I couldn’t believe it. I was thinking to myself how fucking lucky I must be. They each started to rub lotion all over each other’s boobs and then they all took their bottoms off! I couldn’t believe they were doing this. They were the only ones at the pool that day, so their audience consisted of just me. I could tell they liked that I was watching them because they would flash me wicked smiles. I was so hard watching those wet oiled up big boobs that I needed some relief. I walked over and asked if they needed any help applying their lotion. The blonde with the big double D boobs said no, they didn’t need help, they just need cock! She reached over and unzipped my shorts. My dick popped out and was as hard as it had ever been. She started to suck it right there and her friends lined up for turns. All three of these busty MILF hotties sucked my cock until I finally came all over the blonde’s big boobs! That was the best fucking job I ever had.”