Big Butt Spring Break

Harrison writes:
“I had an experience, once, which really turned me into a big butt lover. I was a freshman in college and a few friends and I decided to go to Cancun Mexico for spring break. It was the first time I had ever been to a spring break celebration, and I had never been with a girl before, so the guys were all talking abouthow they were going to get me laid finally. Before this experience, I was into petite chicks. I never particulary liked a big butt on a woman, but a girl I met in Cancun changed all that for good.

Her name was Maria, and she was also 18. She had a body that just wouldn’t quit, with the sexiest curves I had ever seen on a woman. Her ass was a thing of beauty, nice and plump and round as could be. That butt was perfection, but at the time, I didn’t pay it much mind — not until Maria did her little dance for me. She took me away to a secluded spot near the bar we met at and slowly started to disrobe. I knew she was horny and that she wanted sex, but I was a scared kid who’d never even been to third base. I was basically frozen in place while she proceeded to tease the hell out of me with that body of hers. Some salsa music was playing in the background and she started to move those hips. She turned around, bent over right in front of me, then took down her shorts and slipped them off. She wasn’t wearing undies, so that big glorious butt was staring me right in the face. I remember thinking to myself, damn, that’s a sizeable caboose. But them I noticed something else. My dick had stiffened to the point of pain. I was literally as hard as a rock. Then it began to dawn on me that that butt was really turning me the fuck on! I watched as she shook her naked ass right in front of my face. She moved close to me and began pushing her big ass butt right into my crotch. She whispered to me in a soft, delicate voice that she wanted me to fuck her butt! I was in shock, ok. This hot latina honey wanted me to fuck her ass and I had never even fucked a pussy.

I took her back to my hotel room and somehow managed to perform the deed. I fucked her good and hard up the ass and worshipped her big butt of perfection like a devoted servant. That experience totally changed my sexual outlook. From then on, I became a total assman.”