Carly Parker Honking Hooters

BoobaWooba Recalls Sex Toy Salesman Past

BoobaWooba spotted Carly Parker, a busty blond with a terribly naughty gleam in her eye, while reviewing models for inclusion in his next great big tit porn production called “Big Tit Blondies Do The Boronox Nebula” and remarked to me that she resembled a girl he met once while working as a vibrator salesman in his early days, before he became the flamboyant and dashing porn titan he is today. He told me that this girl was quite attractive, with beautifully large tits that approached perfection, but that she was also unfortunately quite obnoxious. BoobaWooba relates that the girl once berated the great smut pusher to be simply because he failed to disclose the fact that the “Barbed Ass Destroyer” vibrator model he had sold her had a desensitizing effect that numbed the rectum to such a degree so as to prevent the user from feeling just how much damage the mace-like sex toy was causing during use. She made BoobaWooba take back the used vibrator and pay for all of her reconstructive anal surgery. BoobaWooba claims this episode caused him to pull out of the masochistic sex toy market entirely.