Big Ass Mexican Booty

Mexican Booty Babe Duvy
BoobaWooba had no celestial idea that Mexico was producing such big, round, and juicy booties as the one attached to Duvy — a sexy all-natural latina chick who’s featured in this recent video from Assparade. This mexican mamacita is too hot for words, but her gargantuan latina booty is really what makes your balls pulse. That huge mound of round flesh is so inviting, BoobaWooba claims that he has already offered Duvy an exorbitant amount of quatloos in exchange for her allowing the tiny alien smut king to reside in her vast butt cleavage (for a specified time period to be determined in lease negotiations). No word yet on whether or not Duvy has agreed to the offer, but BoobaWooba is cautiously optimistic.

Now, Duvy is not simply a mega booty queen, she’s got a super hot all-natural pair of titties that arouse BoobaWooba’s tiny green pee-pee almost as much as her massive ass does. This curvy latina likes big cock, so the dudes at Assparade paired her with a muscular stud who’s packing some thick salami. Duvy wraps her lips around that big boy and sucks the human sausage until it’s hard enough to cut diamonds. Then, the sexy butt babe climbs aboard and rides that massive dick with her juicy pussy. You can even hear the juiciness, believe it or not. And that rippling, jiggling bubble butt of a gigantic ass just goes crazy during all that carnal copulation. BoobaWooba is strongly urging his throngs of devoted fans, worshipers, and admirers to watch this big booty porn video with due haste.

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Latina Butt Babes Take Cock

Big Latina Butt Babes Ice LaFox and Luscious Lopez
BoobaWooba recalls that, several years ago, he was amazed by the stunning beauty of the perfectly round and bubbly latina asses that he witnessed during a sex tourism trip to South America. Disguised as the heavily mustached Doctor Enano Verde, a fictitious oral surgeon from the Falkland Islands, the intergalactically adored and widely recognized porn baron toured the latin continent in search of sexy chicas with big butts who don’t mind fucking short, very foreign, men with tiny wart-covered penises.

None of the girls he found could compare to the two latina butt babes that Assparade rounded up for this sizzling video, though. Ice Lafox and Luscious Lopez should be well familiar to most of you who love big ass latinas. Ice has never looked better, BoobaWooba mentions, with her gorgeous womanly curves and big round booty making him drool even more liberally than normal. Luscious Lopez is a woman whose booty has a reputation bigger than hers, as BoobaWooba insists that It’s one of the most fantastic pieces of work in the whole galaxy.

In this porn video, these curvy latinas play with each other’s big butts and later take dick in their tight pussies. If sexy latina butt babes getting fucked doggy style — with all the rippling ass flesh that implies — is something that would turn you on, you must see the full video.

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Bubble Butts and Boobs

bubble butts and boobs
Nikki Sexx
and Monique Fuentes together in an Assparade video? Yeah, I wouldn’t have thought of the pairing either, but having seen the torrid scene, I can tell you that it’s a very hot combo. Monique is a curvy latina goddess who’s got great tits and a big bubble ass that makes men water at the mouth all across the cosmos. Nikki Sexx is a voluptuous hottie whose tits are big and natural, plus her big juicy butt is deliciously hot as well.

These two babes lounge around by the pool for a while in sexy bikinis, then go and take some seriously huge cock in their pussies. Very nice footage of the ladies riding cock, which means lots of jiggling ass and bouncing titties. This one is a real treat.

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Sara Jay and Phoenix Marie

sara jay and phoenix marie
These two big tit babes are in a league all their own. Sara Jay is a curvy, voluptuous goddess of tits and ass. Her great floppy tits are reason enough to fall in love with Sara, but her massive round bubble butt is reason enough to propose marriage. Phoenix Marie is also a super hot booty babe, with a big sexy ass that just makes you wish you could dive right into it.

These two hotties take a monster cock in their hungry holes and look great doing it. Lots of bouncing titties and jiggling ass flesh. Very nice to see these two porn superstars working together. More, please!

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Big Tits and Bubble Booty

planet ass - big tits booty
Time for Planet Ass, my friends. Brooke Lee Adams and her big booty latina friend Carmen De Luz pull off one hell of a performance in this porn video over at Ass Parade. First of all, Brooke is a fucking piece of work. Her teen cuteness is adorable, and her sexy bubble butt is a masterpiece.

Carmen De Luz is packing some serious curves, with massive tits and a huge round ass that will floor any lover of female booty. The two of them take some big hard cocks in this video, sucking down dick and riding meat poles like they need it to survive. Very sexy booty babes.

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Big Ass Latina Tits

Angelina Castro - Big Ass Latina
Angelina Castro
has made quite an impression with my alien smut-slinging master. BoobaWooba claims that watching Angelina shake that deliciously round latina ass gives him some of the most effective boners he’s ever had. In fact, just yesterday, BoobaWooba claims to have painted the walls of his palatial bathroom with cum jerking off to this video while pinching a purple turd on his gold-plated toilet.

After his ejaculation, he promptly lost his grip on his I-Phone and it fell right into the toilet bowl (Yes, I was the one tasked with retrieving it). If you like the idea of Angelina Castro shaking those big natural tits and that hot latina ass while taking on a thick cock with her sexy gal pal, you need to watch this porn video over at Ass Parade.
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Lisa Ann – Boobs and Butt

lisa ann boobs
BoobaWooba has long harbored a very deep and passionate lust for curvy milfs with big plump boobs and bubbly round asses. There is no better example of this variety of human sex goddess than the fantastically hot Lisa Ann. This stunning piece of dick stiffening perfection comes to us from the site AssParade, but she’s got a lot more to show us than just her big juicy ass. Her massive tits are as succulent as can be, and her tight pussy seems to just ooze with female juices.

Lisa Ann takes on a nice big cock in this porn video, sucking it down her hungry milf throat as far as she can take it. Watching Lisa suck that cock will make you want to spew cum all over the draperies, but hold yourself back because the real fun begins when he starts to slam her pussy. She gets a nice power fuck that has her gorgeous big boobs bouncing around all over the place while her sexy big round butt jiggles helplessly underneath. Just a very hot video that you shouldn’t pass up.

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Big Butt Hotties Take Anal Fucking

Big Butt Hotties
What is finer than a plump round female butt getting fucked so deeply that she feels pressure at her tonsils? BoobaWooba is at a loss to answer, but he’s too ensconced in this anal video from AssParade to care. Clearly, Ricki White is one of the hottest curvy babes currently making her rounds in the intergalactic porn world. Her big juicy tits and plump big butt make BoobaWooba’s salivary glands overproduce to dangerous flood risk levels. Ricki is a naughty porn babe, so naturally she loves to take huge cocks up her juicy ass, which she does in this scorcher of a scene.

She’s joined by the sexy big tit blond Lichelle Marie, who’s also got a nice big booty worthy of worship and adoration. The two curvy babes get to know each other a little better at the beginning of the video and are soon kissing deeply and licking the other’s hot tits. Lichelle takes down Ricki’s bottoms to show us what a phenomenally big juicy butt she’s got. That ass is destined to take cock, so Lichelle does her best to prepare the succulent rump for what’s in store for it. When they are joined by the dude packing the man meat, they attempt to take as much of his huge cock into their mouths as they can, but it’s a beast of a phallus. Pretty soon, Ricki takes that fat dick up her tight round butt and all hell breaks loose. BoobaWooba blew more cum at this scene than he knew his tiny loins could produce. Not to be missed!

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Latina Ass Babe Isabella Cruz

Latina Ass Babe
BoobaWooba was chomping some chips and salsa recently, which caused memories of his many sex tourist trips to South America on Earth to come flooding back into his exquisite alien mind. When I mentioned to the great smut king that chips and salsa is really a Mexican food and not South American, he promptly had me strung up by my pinky toes and singed the pubic hair off my trembling testicles with a lit doobie. Seeing as I will not be correcting BoobaWooba on any matter of fact ever again, I recommend that we just go with his fantasies from now on to ensure the well being and intactness of my cherished genitals.

After administering my testicular tortures, BoobaWooba proceeded to find himself a sexy latina ass babe on the internet with a delicious pair of ass cheeks that made his mouth water into the next room. Isabella Cruz is a curvy latina cutie with a great ass, and she absolutely loves to bounce it on the laps of horny men. In this video for Ass Parade, Isabella takes a really big cock up her tight latina pussy and ripples that fantastic big ass as she slaps herself down on that formidable phallus. Very hot action featuring a sexy latina butt babe.

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Big Booty Threesome

Big Booty Babes Carmella Bing and Chayse Evans
It’s safe to say that Carmella Bing has been one of BoobaWooba’s favorite big booty babes for quite some time now. Her curvaceous womanly figure has captivated the renowned porn king in a way that I haven’t seen since the great smutmaster purchased his last Orion slave girl for 3,740 quatloos at the Intergalactic Sex Slave Expo, which was held that year on Depravinax 6. That girl had a beautiful set of big plump boobs, and so indeed does Carmella. Those hot tits would ordinarily be more than enough to arouse the microscopic genitals of the galaxy’s most intrepid porn pusher, but Carmella also possesses one of the hottest big booties either BoobaWooba or I have ever seen.

She is joined in this porn video called “Double Ass Action Pack“, which was produced by the pervy crew at AssParade, by the sexy Chayse Evans, who is also packing quite a booty back there herself. The scene begins with these two butt babes taking each other’s clothes off and adoring the voluptuous curves that abound between them. Soon, a big thick dick is introduced and we get an all-out fuckfest that sees more jiggling booties and titties than you can imagine. BoobaWooba claims the best part is when Carmella is getting pounded with cock and her great big ass shakes like an earthquake. Fans of big booty simply must watch this incredibly arousing movie.

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Phoenix Marie – Big Butt Gets Anal

Phoenix Marie Gets Anal at Ass Parade
It must be a time of great galactic good fortune, BoobaWooba opines, since the last few months have seen the busty big butt super babe Phoenix Marie perform a score of sizzling anal sex scenes that have melted the previously unreachable green cum stains off of the master smut peddler’s cathedral-like bedroom ceiling. Today, we find that Phoenix has done yet another big butt anal video, this time for the site Ass Parade. Do you like the idea of watching this busty booty babe wash herself with lots of bubbly suds, then take a fat cock deep in her delicious looking bubble butt? Well, if you do, watching this video will become a necessity that will trump your other priorities to the back burner. Yes, BoobaWooba knows that your son needs braces and the leak in the bathroom is on the verge of inundating the entire second floor, but are those things really as important as watching this choice piece of big butt beauty get assfucked until her anal ring can take no more? Of course not.

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Caroline Pierce Big Ass

Caroline Pierce - big assAnybody up for more of that unbelievably hot big ass porn queen, Caroline Pierce? BoobaWooba has received a ton of mail, lately, insisting that Ms. Pierce should be installed as the reigning intergalactic Ass Queen. Sadly, BoobaWooba does not directly possess the power to make this happen himself, although he is considering several alternative methods to accomplish the goal including bribery, blackmail, impersonation, intercessory prayer, and black ass magic. While we’re waiting for Caroline to be recognized as the big butt royalty she is, we can enjoy her latest video for Ass Parade, which is absolutely off the charts hot. This curvy butt babe, who also sports some delectably sweet boobies, knows how to stiffen cocks, and she more than proves it in this scene. Watching her play with that man meat is so pleasing to the eye, but watching that sexy big ass bounce around while she’s riding cock is totally without arousal precedent. This woman will get your balls to produce sperm that will militantly demand that they be shot directly into Caroline’s round ass.

Caroline Pierce – Another Hot Big Butt Scene from Assparade