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For centuries, the countless masses of big ass lusters across the galaxy have been collectively awaiting the coming of the great Ass Goddess, an apocalyptic figure in the Boobianic Scriptures (specifically, the Book of WoobaGyrations chapters 3, 4, and 6). Now, many Boobianic theologians are speculating that the Ass Goddess may have arisen in the […]

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When BoobaWooba desires something sweet, he usually orders his personal chef, who he bought for only 2700 quatloos on the intergalactic culinary slave workers market, to bake him up some tasty gourmet confection that will dazzle his alien taste buds. But now that he has become aware of the fact that big ass latina superstar […]

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The women in this video from Extreme Asses have butts that defy logic and reason, BoobaWooba claims. Delotta Brown and her sexy curvy friend Cherokee (who also, by the way, have remarkably huge natural tits) have stunned the greatly esteemed and intergalactically respected porn baron with the massiveness of their sexy round booties. BoobaWooba believes […]

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Rachelle and her friend are two hot black girls who’ve got so much booty, it’s ridiculous. BoobaWooba mentioned to me that he has had several brushes with death as a result of servicing butts this large (one of these times, the great smut pusher was half ingested by the ass of a Beroolian BBW during […]

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Dollce is an extremely arousing specimen, BoobaWooba insists. Her big ass booty is one of the finest latina butts he has seen, especially since his last South American “Booty Discovery” tour, which he financed through his charitable foundation under the guise of cultural outreach. He tells me that Earth’s latinas are notorious for having big […]

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What’s better than a nice big latin booty sitting peacefully upon your face? BoobaWooba can’t come up with an answer to that question, but he insists it may be due to the mega hangover he is still experiencing from the all-night interspecies anal orgy he held at the Booba-Mansion recently. The illicit Romulan Ale he […]