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For centuries, the countless masses of big ass lusters across the galaxy have been collectively awaiting the coming of the great Ass Goddess, an apocalyptic figure in the Boobianic Scriptures (specifically, the Book of WoobaGyrations chapters 3, 4, and 6). Now, many Boobianic theologians are speculating that the Ass Goddess may have arisen in the form of Velicity Von, whose cheeks are so perfect, many believe them to be divine. BoobaWooba, who holds an honorary doctorate in Boobianic Divinity from the highly respected Culona University, is urging caution, though he does consider Velicity’s ass cheeks to be of superior quality. She doesn’t have to be a Goddess in order to worship that fantastic big butt, BoobaWooba reminds us. Her great curvy figure is perfect for any booty lover, but her juicy big tits also provide ample erotic value as well. In this hardcore video she did for Extreme Asses, Velicity Von sucks a massive cock and takes it deep in her tight pussy. We all get to watch that big oiled ass get adored and worshiped before it starts bouncing on this guy’s lap. Goddess or not, Velicity’s great ass will definitely make you bow in worship.


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Big Ass Latina Luscious LopezWhen BoobaWooba desires something sweet, he usually orders his personal chef, who he bought for only 2700 quatloos on the intergalactic culinary slave workers market, to bake him up some tasty gourmet confection that will dazzle his alien taste buds. But now that he has become aware of the fact that big ass latina superstar Luscious Lopez has a talent for baking, he is strongly considering feeding his personal chef to his pleasure beasts and hiring Luscious instead. In this video she recently did for Extremeasses, Luscious bakes up some cookies while dressed in a very skimpy apron and thong which shows off her big latin ass beautifully. She is met in the kitchen by a gentleman with a thick cock that’s got her name on it, and she goes down on that piece of man muscle like it’s the tastiest thing in the room. He strips her down, showing off that fantastic latina bubble butt, then fucks the stuffing out of her right there in front of the cookies and everybody. This is a Luscious Lopez video, so there almost certainly is bound to be lots of hot anal action. That big ass booty gets thoroughly penetrated as it bounces and jiggles like it’s the happiest thing in the galaxy. Perfect cumshot on the butt marks the end of this hot scene.


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Delotta Brown and Cherokee - big black bootiesThe women in this video from Extreme Asses have butts that defy logic and reason, BoobaWooba claims. Delotta Brown and her sexy curvy friend Cherokee (who also, by the way, have remarkably huge natural tits) have stunned the greatly esteemed and intergalactically respected porn baron with the massiveness of their sexy round booties. BoobaWooba believes that their asses would probably fetch more than 10 million quatloos each on the underground ass transplantation market on Culona 4. One must assume, of course, that these lovely big black booties can shake and jiggle on par with the very best bubble booties in the galaxy, and one would definitely be right, as this video more than proves. The geniuses at Extremeasses paired Delotta and Cherokee, then delivered them to a guy who obviously loves big black booty as much as we do, judging from the size of his rigid penis. These sexy ebony goddesses goble his cock and slurp it up like they haven’t had a dick fix in months. When they get on his cock to ride it, their big bubble booties jiggle like you wouldn’t believe. This is a LOT of ass, people of Earth, so prepare yourselves well.


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Extremeasses Rachelle and her wet bootyRachelle and her friend are two hot black girls who’ve got so much booty, it’s ridiculous. BoobaWooba mentioned to me that he has had several brushes with death as a result of servicing butts this large (one of these times, the great smut pusher was half ingested by the ass of a Beroolian BBW during a spirited session of deep analingus). Extremeasses got Rachelle and her sexy nubian gal pal to oil up those fantastic big booties for their camera, and the result was a wet booty foursome fuckfest that reached new levels of cosmic debauchery. The video begins as it should, with plenty of oil being applied to the girls’ juicy butts, even while their tight shorts are still on. Soon, the saturated shorts get slowly peeled off and we get to see these round and wet black asses in their full naked glory. I never get tired of watching oiled-up curvy babes feel each other up, but it’s even better when some cock is introduced into the mix. When the girls do get cock, they slobber those things up like crazy, sucking deep and enthusiastically. When they get on for a good fuck, their wet booties shake and bounce like you wouldn’t believe (these are human black babes, after all, the finest booty shakers in the 3 colonized galaxies). The video ends with the dudes spewing a massive amount of cum all over the girls’ sexy butts, and that is quite a pretty picture.

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Extremeasses DollceDollce is an extremely arousing specimen, BoobaWooba insists. Her big ass booty is one of the finest latina butts he has seen, especially since his last South American “Booty Discovery” tour, which he financed through his charitable foundation under the guise of cultural outreach. He tells me that Earth’s latinas are notorious for having big juicy booties that are an erotic sight to behold. That’s why Dollce from Extremeasses caught his eye. She’s got that perfect big butt that latinas are famous for, but she’s also got a sexy pair of big tits that look positively delicious as well. In this video at Extreme Asses, Dollce enters the picture wearing a tight green dress that accentuates her great curvy body. When she peels that thing off, we see what a fantastically round butt she’s packing back there. Her gorgeous tits also come out and they just make you want to reach out and squeeze. She gets paired with a horny dude who’s aching to plunge his fat cock deep into her pussy. She goes to town on his member in some sloppy oral sex action, then gets on for some fun riding his dick to orgasm. Nice tits on this one, and you get to watch them bounce and sway during the action, but her best asset is her junk in the trunk — muy bueno…

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extremeasses erikaWhat’s better than a nice big latin booty sitting peacefully upon your face? BoobaWooba can’t come up with an answer to that question, but he insists it may be due to the mega hangover he is still experiencing from the all-night interspecies anal orgy he held at the Booba-Mansion recently. The illicit Romulan Ale he smuggled in from the Potara sector for the glorious bacchanal was a rare treat but, having consumed more than 3 gallons of the powerfully intoxicating alcoholic beverage, BoobaWooba had to leave the party early so that he could vomit out half of the food he has ever eaten. Too bad he is too sick to enjoy this very hot video featuring latina babe Erika from Extreme Asses. She seems like a cute girl next door type you might meet on some college campus but her innocent, fresh look conceal a deep desire to get porked while her fantastic latina butt bounces around for all to see. Erika gets picked up by these dudes and gets convinced to show off her great butt for their camera. It’s so plump and perfect, you’ll shit yourself while appreciating it’s delectableness. When they get all her clothes off, she sits that booty right down on this guy’s face and he makes her squirm with his tongue! Erika goes on to get that tight latina body fucked hard and takes a load of cum right on her pretty face. Ass-lovers need to check this one out.