Busty Black Hottie Stacey Adams

Stacey Adams
When BoobaWooba stumbled upon this video over at Extreme Naturals featuring the very busty and sexy black pornstar Stacey Adams, he immediately ordered me to post an entry on it. Stacey is certainly one of the hottest big tit black babes to enter the intergalactic porn world in quite some time, made famous by her huge full natural boobies and curvy round booty that make mouths water across the galaxy, for biped and multiped males alike.

In this particular porn movie she recently did for Extreme Naturals, Stacey gets her gorgeous big boobs oiled up by the pool and shows them off to the camera. Those delicious black tits shine and glisten in the warm sun while Stacey proceeds to apply even more oil. When she moves into the house, Stacey decides to go into the kitchen and fry up some hot dogs. Lots of ketchup and mustard gets applied to her huge breasts, as well as a hot dog, which is placed right between those gargantuan gazongas. Soon, master cocksman Steve Holmes shows up and starts caressing Stacey’s massive tits and she later responds by sucking his big dick. The two of them move to the living room where they fuck their brains out. The best thing about this scene is watching Stacey and her huge tits bounce around like crazy while riding a big cock. This kind of curviness comes along only so often.

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Giggles and Hot Tits

Gianna Michaels' Hot Tits In Hardcore Action
It’s no secret that BoobaWooba has longed to place his microscopic wart-covered penis between the hot tits of Gianna Michaels. This busty and curvy goddess has been sucking cock and getting her delicious tight pussy fucked on video while BoobaWooba has been blowing wads of copious green cum to those videos all the while. Now, Gianna is starring in this extremely hot big tit porn video called “Giggles and Tits” from Extreme Naturals where she gets her gorgeous big tits oiled up and adored before getting thoroughly fucked. This is probably one of the best videos she’s done because there’s plenty of oiled boobs action, which is quite arousing. Oh, and Gianna also has quite a big ass on her, as well. It gets oiled up and adored too, and that alone would get BoobaWooba ejaculating like a machine gun. There’s no hotter sight than watching Gianna get fucked and her seeing her hot tits bounce off the fucking walls, so definitely watch this video.

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Hot Boobs Get Oiled Up

Alexis Silver and Honey take cum on their hot boobs - Free Gallery
BoobaWooba has long been of the opinion that hot boobs of all stripes are inevitably destined to be oiled up. Whether they belong to Pamela Anderson, or to a Hortaxian Mammary Beast, it is simply unavoidable that big juicy boobs will take a splash of baby oil and get rubbed up to glistening perfection. This video from Extremenaturals features two such sets of hot boobs belonging to Alexis Silver, that exotic British babe with the ungodly hot set of massive titties, and Honey, an asian looking girl with a similarly arousing pair of squeezable gazumbas. The scene starts off with lots of bouncing and jumping jacks and basically any other activity that leverages Earth’s gravity to cause breast gyrations conducive to the stimulation of male loins. After lots of oil has been applied to both ladies’ sets of tits, the girls begin to rub up each other in very friendly ways. They both partake in the delight of sucking awesome oiled boobage, then get ready to take some action from hard cock. When the human male enters the picture, his dick is engorged and ready to fuck boobies. The girls go straight for that cock and orally service it until there’s more drool being produced than at one of BoobaWooba’s notorious interspecies analingus parties. Soon, Alexis Silver positions her curvy self on that cock and receives the hardest fucking of her life. Honey, too, gets a royal fucking that must be witnessed by all boob lovers, since those tits were flying all over the place and looking like they might achieve low earth orbit. Finally, the busty maidens get a copious load of human male ejaculate all over their great titties, finishing a scene that put BoobaWooba’s tiny alien testicles on ice for a full week on doctor’s orders.

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Busty Samantha G

Busty Samantha G at Extreme Naturals
Time for some ridiculously huge boobage, people of Earth. From time to time, BoobaWooba is overcome by a lust for seriously large tits and ass, a fact that has gotten the intergalactically respected porn king into more than his share of trouble (the Volkswagen tit enlargement incident immediately comes to mind). This time, though, I cannot see a way that my revered smut pushing master would encounter any danger, since Samantha G has already declined his offer to have her flown to the Booba-Mansion so that BoobaWooba can nest in her cleavage for two weeks. Samantha, by the way, is the terribly busty and voluptuous female you see before you who has recently shot this extremely arousing video for Big Tits Round Asses. Her body is a curve-lover’s dream come true, with a massive set of huge natural boobs and an ass that is sure to attract a moon in the near future. In this scene, we see her get a total full-body sex workout as she’s fucked with a massive dick and gets cum creamed all over her busty boobage. This woman is what the doctor ordered if you’re just not getting enough monster tits and ass in your diet.


Big Ass Huge Tits

Extremenaturals Kali - Big Ass & TitsBoobaWooba recently traveled to the American heartland on Earth in search of milk-fed curvy hotties that exude midwestern realness and innocence. After he was released from a Michigan jail for solicitation of paid sexual acts from several cheerleader girls at a local mall food court, the great intergalactic porn monger set his sights more realistically and combed the big tit porn world looking for a fresh faced cutie with all the qualities he desired — big natural tits, a curvy big ass, and a set of curves that would melt the tongue off a celibate Jarkanian eunuch. He found such a girl in Kali from Extremenaturals, a total cutie-pie with a set of real huge tits that pushed BoobaWooba back on his bony green heels. This girl is a total breath of fresh air, with her all natural features complimented by her innocent and enthusiastic attitude. In this video, Kali gets presented with a massive cock that barely fits in her little mouth. That big dick then proceeds to enter her tight pussy and fuck the crap out of the young busty beauty. This video is just right if you’re looking for a break from the tattooed car wrecks that sadly so often show up in porn these days.


Busty Anna Nikova

Busty Anna NikovaBoobaWooba is currently on his boob-shaped blackberry speaking with his psychiatrist about an urgent mental health issue that has just arisen. It seems that the fantastically admired, impeccably dressed (when he is clothed, at least), and perpetually horny porn king has gone all this time without taking notice of the very busty beauty Anna Nikova, who has just done a sizzling video for Extreme Naturals where she gets her gorgeous round ass fucked deep and her great tits sprayed with a copious amount of human male ejaculate. This video is really one of the best these people have ever produced, rivaling the best big tit porn videos put out by BoobaWooba Inc’s� Erotic Entertainment Division itself, BoobaWooba concedes. Anna sucks this big cock so lustily, she must have gone seven decades without sex before she did this scene. When the fucking begins, Anna takes that fat cock up her tight bald pussy and loves every last minute of it. But the best of the best begins when this unfathomably lucky chap gets to stick his large phallus into the pristine round ass of this gorgeous busty creature. This is one video that will most certainly cause you to have to pop some blood pressure meds, as it has caused BoobaWooba to pop three different meds for his newly diagnosed Boobulan Attention Deficit Disorder.


Natural Tits

Alanna Ackerman's Natural TitsThe very sexy Alanna Ackerman has once again sparked a fire in BoobaWooba’s checker-print Speedos. The highly esteemed and universally revered porn baron has spotted the curvy, naturally busted babe in a video for Extreme Naturals taking a very large cock in her tight pussy. The video begins with Alanna’s marvelous natural tits getting oiled up and rubbed, which soon leads to some nasty oral sex action when the gentleman with the large cock arrives. We get some nice footage of this girl’s fantastic big ass as well. Alanna is soon found with that fat dick deep in her salivating mouth as her pussy moistens, anticipating the deep power fuck it is about to receive. Alanna soon assumes the doggy position and takes that cock up her wet twat, moaning and groaning like the dickens. When the guy finally cums, he shoots his man sauce all over her perfect natural tits. Very nicely done.


Huge Tits – Cassandra Calogera

Cassandra Calogera's Huge TitsFor those of you who’ve been hiding under a Sareezion Tit Beast for the last several months, BoobaWooba feels the need to bring this sexy boob babe to your attention. Her name is Cassandra Calogera and she’s a tasty morsel of naturally breasted beauty. Her huge tits are some of the choicest in the galaxy, and the people at Extremenaturals have put her into a scene that ends up with those plump boobies absolutely inundated in warm human ejaculate. Firstly, the video starts out with sexy Cassandra oiling up her massive tits by the pool and getting herself in the mood for some hard cock. The oil seems to somehow make it’s way to Ms. Calogera’s hot pussy, and before you know it, this curvy hottie is covered in slick. Cassandra’s body is all-natural and voluptuous, with a big round butt that BoobaWooba is fervently praying will soon enter the field of sexual action. When she goes inside, a dude with a huge cock is waiting for her and boy does she show her appreciation for his presence. She goes straight for that cock with her mouth and BoobaWooba insists he hasn’t seen so much slobber since the time he filmed a pleasure mule performing analingus on an Oprah Winfrey clone. After a torrid fuckfest that makes those sweet big boobies bounce off the walls, Cassandra gets a copious load of jizz blasted all over her huge tits. This girl’s tits approach Boobianic perfection, and they look great with a nice cum glaze.

Cassandra Calogera Gets Her Huge Tits Fucked
Maria Moore’s Huge Tits In Action


Massive Tits

JessIn the intergalactic porn world, one rarely sees asian women from Earth who possess any kind of serious substantiality in the busom. BoobaWooba informs me, however, that Jess from Extremenaturals may be the first busty babe from the orient to shatter that myth. She’s a stunning asian beauty who’s got some plump boobies that are topped off with perfect big areolas the size of Zarkezian Diaphrams. Not only does Jess have a fantastic set of huge boobs, but her hot butt will be causing dicks to pop up all across the galaxy. This curvy asian babe shows up and immediately gets disrobed so we can watch her big boobs and big round ass flop around. Those perfect big tits get lubed up with oil and start glistening in the sun. They then throw a horny dude at Jess and move her into the house for a serious and aggressive fuck session. She gets thick cock rammed so far down her throat, she’ll have to gargle Feraxian Dung Tea for three weeks before she’ll be able to talk normally again. After the oral sex action, she gets that fat tubesteak rammed up her tight asian pussy and takes the fucking of her life. The best part of this video, though, would be at the end when the guy blows his juice right into her mouth and the scuzz drips out all over her massive tits. Between her huge boobs, her hot big butt, and her big areolas, Jess would have to be recorded as a seriously hot new asian entry into the big tit porn biz.


Big Boobs Faith

When BoobaWooba discovered the perfect big boobs that reside on Faith’s chest, he immediately sought to purchase those beautiful boobies for one of his slave girls, who had tragically suffered a bit of an accident while preparing a motorized breast milk enema for the intergalactically beloved porn king. For some unknown reason, Faith declined the esteemed smut baron’s generous offer of 4.5 million quatloos and 2 gallons of “Galactic Asshole” brand anal lube. Sadly, BoobaWooba realized that the only way he would be able to enjoy Faith’s indescribably gorgeous big boobs would be to watch her porn video scenes, including this new one for the site Extreme Naturals. Words cannot express how delectable this busty vision of perfection looks in this video, as she strips off her swimsuit and shows off what have to be the most desirable boobies this side of the Gazonga Nebula. BoobaWooba was impressed by the shear size of these mammaric monsters, each with gloriously large areolas that could stimulate the penis of a dead Voltaxian Sex Nazi to full erection. When this busty princess moves into the shower to soap up her ridiculously large big boobies, the eroticism of the video really starts to escalate. BoobaWooba had to let his load of chunky green ejaculate spew freely at about this point, but he recommends that you try to hold on to your ball sauce until the end. He insists you won’t regret it.

Faith’s Big Boobs


Extreme Naturals Simone

BoobaWooba once mentioned to me that very few things in the cosmos arouse him more than a set of huge boobs that have been oiled up to shiny perfection. That’s why I pointed out Simone from Extreme Naturals to him the other day. This woman has a couple of monumental big boobs and a round big butt that will blow your mind. BoobaWooba commented that he had run several calculations and could still not figure out how exactly those massive tits are able to hang from Simone’s chest without severely injuring her spine. He thought, perhaps, that they are artificial and are much less massive than they appear, however, upon further analysis, he concluded that they are natural as can be. While it may be a mystery how those huge boobs are able to stay affixed to Simone’s chest, it is certainly no mystery why this unbelievably hot big boob queen has developed the fan following she has. You could literally lose yourself in that wonderfully massive busom of boobiness. In fact, BoobaWooba is reminded of the time when exactly that unfortunate event happened to him during a groupsex session with three Tripple Titted Zercorian War Whores. He had just leaned over to pinch one of the lady’s nipples when he was smacked in the back of the head by a rogue EEE breast that rendered him temporarily unconscious. When he came to, there was nothing but tit flesh all around him. It took him more than 20 minutes to navigate the nine huge boobs that flanked him on all sides and finally get a breath of air. BoobaWooba claims that had the boobs been oiled, he would have been a sure goner since he doesn’t see how he would’ve been able to gain any traction whatsoever. In any event, Simone’s oiled boobs pose no threat to you, so go ahead and check out her super hot video.


Extreme Naturals Courtnie

Extreme Naturals has brought to the intergalactic porn audience a girl named Courtnie who possesses a pair of huge tits that you have to see to believe. These tits have to be size EEEE, or possibly a few extra E’s on top of that. BoobaWooba believes that if these tits were orbiting the sun, they would attract moons and atmospheres. How appropriate, then, that they be featured on this, the most popular intergalactic porn blog in the universe. Courtnie’s video begins with some nice long footage examining her delicious curves, including those fantastically huge tits. We get to watch as this busty redheaded cutie takes off her top and shows off her gigantic boobies, which look like they must require tritanium laced bras for proper support. This girl’s body is all natural goodness, no plastic surgery or genetic augmentation detectable at all. One minor complaint, though. Courtnie happens to have some of the longest, most trecherous looking nails either BoobaWooba or I have ever seen (BoobaWooba insists that she would have to clip those fuckers before he would ever grant her the priviledge of copulating with him, particularly since he’s quite partial to digital prostate massage during sex).

Courtnie’s partner doesn’t much mind about her nails, though, as he goes straight for those huge tits and licks them up, then delivers a bucketload of cum all over those all-natural beauties. This video will really make your day if you like watching hot chicks with seriously huge tits, and I mean huge, getting fucked and bathed in cum.