Bubble Ass Fucked Deep

jada stevens - bubble ass
My greatly esteemed porn peddling superstar of a master has been patiently waiting for what has seemed like an eternity for the lovely and bubbly assed beauty Jada Stevens to start taking live pork up the patookie. Well, BoobaWooba’s waiting is now over, as Monster Curves has just released a sizzling new anal porn video featuring the gorgeous booty babe taking a massive human penis straight up her hershey highway. Not only does Jada take a really big dick up her bubbly booty, but she takes her deep anal pounding while in a bubble bath, which seems to add a special kind of spark to the action, BoobaWooba says.

This scene has deeply and powerfully aroused the virile alien porn baron, like few other works of big butt pornography have in the past. BoobaWooba believes that it might be due to the erotic symbolism of all those bubbles…representing plump, perfectly round female booties waiting to be popped. I, however, believe it’s much more likely due to BoobaWooba’s recent freebasing binge of black market Zarphlaxian aphrodisiacs. Nevertheless, Jada Stevens has never looked hotter and the video is simply on fire, so all fans of bubble butt anal sex across the galaxy should check this movie out with the quickness.

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Julie Castle’s Big Boobs and Booty

Julie Castle - Big Boobs and Booty
BoobaWooba tells me that one day, he was jogging in the park and came across a stunningly gorgeous triple-titted Gorelian pleasure beast running gracefully through the green fields. Its jiggling boobs and massive booty were so stimulating to my diminutive smut-slinging master that he involuntarily ejaculated and slipped on his own chunky semen. After a five day hospitalization, BoobaWooba vowed to jog only on his indoor treadmill, so as to avoid any more humiliating episodes such as the one described. This porn video, however, has made the dashing porn king reconsider his resolve. Julie Castle is a terribly curvy superbabe of a human woman.

She has deliciously huge boobs and a big round ass that make my master’s tiny testicles shiver in excitement. In this porn video, called “A Beautiful Curve”, Julie is spotted jogging along with her big juicy boobs bouncing around like wild. She is quickly taken to an indoor location where a fellow named J-Mac thoroughly fucks her tight pussy as he squeezes those big tits and ripples that big phat ass with his thrusts. Julie Castle is a delightful new entrant to the world of big boob and booty porn, so you must check this video out.

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Dayna Vendetta – Huge Tits

Dayna Vendetta Huge Tits
Well, well, it seems that the human race has produced yet another huge tit queen capable of causing BoobaWooba to cream his checker-print speedos in less than 10 seconds. I speak of the lovely and bountifully voluptuous goddess of a human being known to porn surfers as Dayna Vendetta. This curvy blond superstar of big tit porn (at least, BoobaWooba insists she soon will be) has a marvelously buxom body that simply cannot be resisted by any lover of big boobs and ass. Her big natural tits are gorgeous and juicy looking, but her big round bubble butt can’t be overlooked either. Dayna has that kind of bubbly ass you just want to stick your face into and keep it there for a few weeks, at minimum.

In this porn video at Monster Curves called “Dayna Delivers,” the sexy Miss Vendetta gets naked and shows off her perfect all-natural body, which is more than enough to make you blow your cum all over the monitor in front of you. But please don’t, because Dayna quickly gets to work on a huge cock with her hungry mouth and blows the lucky dude until he’s ready to fuck that delicious wet pussy. The sight of Dayna Vendetta getting fucked is a pure delight, and those amazing big boobs look awesome swaying and bouncing around during the vigorous action. This video is a must-see for lovers of curve queens.

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Busty Bubble Butt Babe Nikki Sexx

Busty Bubble Butt Babe Nikki SexxBoobaWooba’s microscopic penis has just been aroused to one of the biggest boners the alien smut king has ever achieved. This stunning wart-covered hardon occurred when the master smut peddler laid eyes on the ridiculously curvy and voluptuous Nikki Sexx, who stars in this scorching porn video over at Monster Curves named “Fire Curves.” This woman has to be seen to be believed, and her curves are nothing short of magnificent. With a hot pair of big juicy tits and a phat bubble butt that jiggles wildly, Nikki is easily one of the hottest booty booby babes to hit the intergalactic porn world in eons.

BoobaWooba notes that the curvy sex goddess takes a big dick straight up her big round ass in this porn video, which is an extremely arousing idea even to contemplate. The big boobs on this hottie’s chest bounce around the room as she takes her anal pounding, and those gorgeous bubbly ass cheeks ripple nicely, in a fashion that was sufficient to cause BoobaWooba to spew his chunky green ejaculate all over his computer monitor. Nikki Sexx is definitely on fire in this episode, and the fact that she’s now into anal sex is a cause for the deepest perv joy.

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Blond Booty Anal Sex

Full Porn Video at Monster Curves
One of the hottest blondes to enter the porn world, in recent years, has to got to be the insatiable AJ Applegate. This curvy lass has a big phat white booty that would qualify as a wonder of the world, if the world were sane. AJ not only has an ass to die for, but she also loves anal sex and requires a good butt pounding every now and then. Well, lucky for us, one the hottest anal fucks of her life was caught on camera by the boys at Monster Curves. It’s so freaking hot, you’re gonna paint the ceiling with jizz.

I was cruising an xnxx tube when I ran into this little gem of a video, and I was hooked pretty much from the beginning, where AJ introduces herself and describes her lust for all things anal. The girl has a magnetism which really grips you. After a bit of gabbing, AJ goes straight for that huge dick and gives it some serious oral love. Before you know it, she’s getting dicked in the butt and…well, you gotta see the full video to find out!

Savannah Fox Anal Sex

Savannah Fox Anal
Full XXX Anal Sex Video at Monster Curves
There are few asses currently active in the big butt porn world that are as exquisite as the one possessed by Savannah Fox. This curvy chick is just amazing to look at…and that phat booty of hers could make me blast a ton of sperm just by catching a glimpse of it. I was lucky enough to chat with Savannah during one of her live cam sex shows a couple months back, and she told me that she absolutely loves to have men with big cocks fuck her tight bubble booty until she cums. Anal sex is not only one of her favorite things, it’s actually become an obsession of hers. You can see in this video how Savannah reaches an almost ecstatic level of pleasure as this guy pumps her gorgeous round ass with his massive phallus. Damn, this girl is freaky! I can’t wait to catch Savannah Fox on live nude chat again, so that I can ask her about what it was like doing this scene. She’s probably got a lot of naughty details to share. Anyway, you guys need to join Reality Kings/Monster Curves pronto and watch the full videos. Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe it!

Rainia Belle’s Bubble Butt

Full Porn Video at Monster Curves
I’ve totally fallen for this redhead super cutie with a booty named Rainia Belle. She’s got a gorgeous curvy body that won’t quit, but her juicy ass and big titties are her best assets by far. I first learned about Rainia Belle over at porn hd, where I saw her in a hardcore video getting it on with a dude whose dick was bigger than her entire body. After I found out that she had done a scene for Reality Kings, I just about came in my pants. Check her out in the full video at MonsterCurves and you won’t believe how much cum this bubble butt porn hottie will milk out of your balls.

Big Phat Bubble Asses

Big Phat Bubble Asses - Bobbi Starr and Alexis Malone
All it took for BoobaWooba to decide to feature this porn video from MonsterCurves was catching the sight of Bobbi Starr’s juicy bubble butt getting pumped by a fat cock. Yes, it helps that Alexis Malone is also in the video…bouncing her big juicy ass around as she rides thick cock. This one is called “Racey Curves”, and it’s a true gem. First of all, as BoobaWooba excitedly points out, the combination of these two big butt porn queens is absolutely explosive.

These girls love to play with each other as much as they love to play with big cocks. The two lucky male humans that got to fuck these two babes had their work cut out for them…these women are insatiable. Bobbi Starr even demanded to be fucked up her phat bubble ass, and it was some of the hottest anal sex footage ever recorded to video. This porn video will definitely relieve you of at least 2 quarts of semen, so you should definitely check it out.

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Big Tit Pornstar Shyla Stylez Anal Sex

Big Tit Pornstar Shyla Stylez
Shyla Styles is a name everyone here in BoobaWooba’s adoring masses should know exceedingly well by now. She’s a big tit pornstar with long blond hair, a juicy big round butt, and a couple of outrageous gazongas that would make even the most devout ascetic monk pop a stiffy. Her gorgeous body is tight and lean, but very curvy in all the right places. One thing in particular that BoobaWooba loves about Shyla is the fact that this curvy girl loves to take fat cocks up her juicy ass. This video called “Puss In Boots” at Monster Curves displays this fact in copious fashion as Shyla gets down and dirty with the guy who stopped by to help her out with the lawn.

She’s dressed in a seriously hot gardening outfit that was so visually stimulating for BoobaWooba, it caused one of his purple hemorrhoids to pulse uncontrollably for several minutes. Rarely is a porn girl so hot that she can stimulate BoobaWooba’s infamous hemorrhoids without performing direct analingus on the intergalactically cherished smut tycoon. Shyla Styles loves to suck cock too, which she gets down to nice and early in this scene. She crams that dick all the way in her hungry mouth and slobbers it up nicely. Soon, we get to the anal sex, and that’s when this video gets really interesting. If you’re at all interested in watching Shyla get one of the hardest poundings in the ass she’s ever had, don’t miss this movie.

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Big Butt Hottie Lexxxi Lockhart

lexxxi lockhart's big butt
The hotness of this new entrant into the big butt porn world is really off the cosmic charts. Lexxxi Lockhart has a curvy form that makes BoobaWooba’s balls turn different colors. Her gorgeous round butt is a fantastic example of booty perfection. It’s a bubbly bundle of joy that will have you spurting dick sauce all over the draperies.

In this porn video at Monster Curves, Lexxxi Lockhart gets around to playing some baseball. She looks freaking gorgeous in that baseball uniform, with her big sexy ass jutting out the back. She gets it on with a fellow player and they make very sweet ballpark music together. She likes big cocks, it seems, so he really gives her a nice hard fuck. Super hot.

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Big Booty Barbecue Girls

big booty barbecue girls
Okay, this just might be one of the hottest big ass porn videos produced on planet Earth in the last half century. The idea of getting the gorgeous and big assed Ava Rose together with the teen hottie Brooke Lee Adams for a porn shoot is inspired. But the idea of having them make a barbecue while dressed in the skimpiest bikinis known to science is fucking genius.

These two juicy booty babes are hot enough to melt that grill, and the prove it when they start taking cock in this video. Ava’s fat ass bounces around and jiggles happily while she takes cock, while Brooke puts her cuteness on maximum display as she rides thick dick with her young pussy. Fantastic big butts on both these babes, and one hell of a video!

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Bubble Butt Blond Madison James

bubble butt blond madison james
BoobaWooba has directed me to check out this sexy bubble butt blond named Madison James, who is a delightful piece of curvy beauty, to say the least. Madison finds herself hiking in the hills when she comes across a couple of very horny human males who seem to be quite taken with her plump big tits and big round butt. They inspect her more closely by lifting her top and feeling up those delicious looking boobies, then they turn their attention to that massive bubble butt.

This blond sex goddess has stimulated BoobaWooba to the point of multiple messy, uncontrolled ejaculations, and given how jaded the worldly smut king is these days, that’s no small feat. When you see just how hard Madison James gets her tight bald pussy fucked in this hardcore porn video at MonsterCurves, I’m sure you’ll have quite a mess to clean up as well.

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