Big Tit Babes Nancy and Lizette

Big Tit Babes Nancy and Lizette from Primecups
BoobaWooba strongly believes that, when you’re dealing with a couple of incredibly hot big tit babes, it sometimes is better to leave cock out of the equation. Hairy Man Ass Syndrome has ruined many otherwise hot scenes with gorgeous titty babes in the past so BoobaWooba is glad to have spotted this video from PrimeCups that features two sexy and busty sweeties who have decided to go at each other without penile intervention. Nancy and Lizette are terribly hot girls from Eastern Europe with terribly hot sets of all-natural big titties that you just want to pop into your mouth and suck on for a few centuries. This particular video that brings them together for some busty lesbian naughtiness is just what you need to get your ding dong hard as a rock. The two busty hotties go at each other’s tits and suck them like they’re looking for milk. Soon, the girls are stuffing dildos into each other’s wet pussies and making each other cum like it’s the best sex they’ve ever had. Look, BoobaWooba appreciates big dicks plunging into tight female orifices as much as the next diminutive green alien, but sometimes a little lady-on-lady loving is what the doctor ordered.

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Tits Perfection

Tits - Primecups NancyBoobaWooba knows that when tits are as perfect as those belonging to Nancy from Primecups, they should generally be scientifically analyzed and studied to determine their exact cellular makeup, so that they can be mass-replicated and sold at a premium on the intergalactic breast transplantation market. Unfortunately, Nancy has rejected persistent requests by BoobaWooba Inc agents to get this done. But even though BoobaWooba cannot exploit Nancy’s deliciously perfect tits on the open market, he can at least enjoy her raunchy video over at Prime Cups, which has her engaging in all sorts of sordid sexual activities such as assfucking and double penetration. But the stars of this scene are definitely Nancy’s big beautiful titties, which are totally out of this galaxy. They’re so perfectly plump and round that BoobaWooba claims they might be a sign of some Boobianic apocalypse. It is written in the Boobianic Scriptures that there will, one day, come a pair of titties so gorgeous, so arousing, that the men of the universe will strive against one another in desperate competition to win the right to fornicate with the most holy tits. I don’t know whether I buy any of that (I’m a lapsed Boobianist) but I definitely agree that Nancy’s tits are something special. And watching her big round ass get thoroughly and deeply penetrated is more than enough to make me spill my seed.

Tits Of The Utmost Perfection


Oily Boobs

Primecups EliseThis girl Elise who just popped up on is an absolute intergalactic cutie. This brunette hottie from Eastern Europe has got a pair of perfect natural boobs that are so adorable, BoobaWooba could almost give birth. The guys at Prime Cups got a hold of her and convinced her to do some extremely naughty things for their camera, which she happily did. The video starts out with Elise sexily teasing as she disrobes and reveals her tasty boobies. These tits are all-natural beauties that could have been grown on a Zerubian Breast Beast for the intergalactic physical augmentation market. When this gorgeous busty chick is totally naked, they put her on the couch and set her up with a massive dildo that she proceeds to insert into her tight pussy. From listening to her moans, one can easily conclude that Elise loves to have objects crammed into her tight pussy. One of the best parts of this video, though, has to be when Elise gets oil poured all over her delicious boobs and rubs it all in while uttering dick-stiffening noises that will probably cause you to have to change your shorts. Things get taken up a notch when Elise sticks that massive dildo up her perfect round ass and sees just how deep that thing will go. Trust me, friends, this chick will really make you appreciate the Eastern Europeans, even more than the Yugo did.


Big Wet Boobies

Big BoobiesBoobaWooba tells me that he once cracked his pelvis during a heated tit-fucking session with an intoxicated Denubian Sex Goddess. Her breasts were so large, he insists, that he had to be suspended from above by a harness so that he could position his tiny penis between her oiled wet boobies. Everything went swimmingly well until the harness snapped and BoobaWooba careened into the boobular abyss that was this woman’s tit cleavage. The lovely Denubian was in a state of extreme drunkeness and sexual excitation and did not even notice that the diminutive smut baron was experiencing serious trauma while trapped between her massive swaying boobs. BoobaWooba only brings up this unfortunate encounter with big oily boobs because he was reminded of it when watching this video from Prime Cups featuring Carolina, a sexy blond with a perfect set of tasty titties. This girl oils up her fantastic big boobies and shows them off for all to enjoy. She also gets around to masturbating her sexy pussy and even fucks herself in the ass with anal toys! One serious piece of ass you need to check out.


Big Boobies Oiled Up

Angelina is a sexy euro babe who’s got a set of big boobies that will floor you. No sillycone or genetic enhancements of questionable galactic legality to be spotted anywhere on this girl, just all-natural big boob hotness. In this episode at Primecups, Angelina gets some oil poured all over her perfect tits and she rubs those flesh treasures up to shiny goodness. Then, things get even more interesting when the banana comes out. Yeah, this chick is into tit-fucking her mams with phallically shaped fruit (trust me, BoobaWooba knows women who are into tit-fucking themselves with things far more bizarre – stinky sneakers, used tampons, even spent hyperdrive fuel rods). Not having gotten enough, Angelina then proceeds to insert the banana in her tight totally shaven pussy and fucks herself to multiple orgasms and screaming climaxes that were probably heard on Fantaxis 7, where all of the native inhabitants are nearly deaf (yes, BoobaWooba is responsible for that as well and, yes, it does have to do with ear canal intercourse, but it’s a long story). My advice to you would be to checkout these free video clips of these perfect big boobies getting oiled and fucked by tropical fruit because it’s actually quite boner inducing.


Big Ass Tits

Lucy LoveBoobaWooba just loves to visit Earth, especially Eastern Europe. He knows he can always find plenty of big tit babes there who just love sex and crave his chunky green ball gravy all over their big ass tits. Well, ok, he’s only ever had one big tit babe from Eastern Europe crave his ball gravy on her tits, and she was high on three different hallucinogens at the time, but still. BoobaWooba believes that Lucy Love from Primecups is one of the hottest of these formerly iron-curtained cuties and I have to say, I have rarely witnessed a big tit hottie with such a lust for cock in all my days as an intergalactically indentured adult webmaster. This sexy blond has got a serious pair of big ass tits. They’re plump and juicy as can be, and they’ve got some of the hottest big areolas either BoobaWooba or myself have seen in quite some time. The movie at Primecups starts with some copious adoration of this busty sex kitten as she takes off her top and start to liberally apply oil to her perfect big tits. Watching her rub all that oil into her big boobs will get you hard as a rock, but don’t blow your load of liquid love just yet because this video has a lot more to offer the horny gentleman. Lucy gets introduced to two studs who possess thick cocks designed for some serious orifice plumbing and they go straight to work on Lucy’s tight holes. She gets both her tight pussy and round ass violated as they fuck the living daylights out of her. Then, they turn their attention to Lucy Love’s big ass tits and go crazy. You’ve got to see the whole movie, because it will blow your mind. Greasy tits getting fucked in a porn movie is always a winner.


Jane Darling

The porn world regularly produces busty babes that love taking cock in their orifices, but only a few have the overflowing lust for sex that Jane Darling has. She’s a stunning blond sex kitten that’s been turning on the galaxy’s men through her scorching performances as a renowned porn star. One of the features that have made Jane Darling the super porn queen she is, is her perfect set of big boobs. Those tits are simply exquisite examples of booby beauty, BoobaWooba agrees. Indeed, BoobaWooba claims that just last week, he judged a regional big boob beauty contest in the Potara Nebula which was won by a Zercorian War Whore who had one of the most stunning sets of five boobs he’d ever seen, but even those paled in comparison to the perfect busom of Jane Darling. In this porn video from PrimeCups, Jane gets joined by two guys who love her tits as much as we do. They shove their thick dicks in her face and she does an admirable job of servicing them. BoobaWooba admits that, while watching this, he fantasized about Jane servicing his own 2-inch wart covered love rod. After the oral sex, Jane Darling gets her delicious looking busty babe body fucked hard while she begs to be fucked harder. The video finishes up with Jane chugging down a fat load of cum. Definitely a scene that can’t be missed.

Jane Darling from PrimeCups Gets Two Cocks – Free Videos


Busty Niko

BoobaWooba Recruits New Tit Babe Into His Harem – Neglects to Mention Somewhat Important Detail!

Niko at PrimecupsBoobaWooba tells me that he has made contact with an unbelievably hot eastern European babe who’s got a perfect set of big natural boobies that she loves to wrap around thick cock. His interview with Niko went very well, apparently. She even agreed to join his galactically famous personal harem. BoobaWooba is quite excited about the prospect of welcoming this horny big tit beauty into his stable of Harem girls, which he insists is a done deal in spite of the fact that Niko is apparently unaware of the fact that her new Booba-Harem duties will require her to live on another planet (Nipplona IV). I advised the great and cunning BoobaWooba that this was no small technicality, but he assures me that Niko won’t mind at all when he springs this fact on her after she is securely strapped into her seat on the hyperdrive enabled Booba-Cruiser enroute to Nipplona.

BoobaWooba: Well, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes, my dear!

Niko: Thanks. You are a sight for sore eyes, too, Mr. BoobaWooba.

BoobaWooba: Yes, that’s exactly what I think! I’m so glad you agree that I am a vision of manly beauty. I always try to convince girls of this obvious fact, but they usually seem to resist the idea, for some reason.

Niko: Well, I think you’re very sexy, Booby. Your bulging muscles make me so hot.

BoobaWooba: The…They do??? What muscles are you talking about? Um, I mean, of course, you’re talking about these muscles! Look at these things, they’re so hard and firm you could crack an egg on them! I workout everyday, you know. (wink, wink)

Niko: Oh, I can see that. My nipples are already getting hard just looking at your gorgeous manly body! I want you to fuck my big boobies right now, you nasty boy!

BoobaWooba: Yes!! Oh, baby, I’m going to fuck every last drop of milk right out of your beautiful juicy boobies!

Niko: Whoa, big boy. Not so fast. I need 1,000 American upfront.

BoobaWooba: You need what? Oh, you want money? Well, my dear, money is no object for the exceedingly wealthy BoobaWooba. I’m so rich, I hire Bill Gates to come over every Thursday to clean the toad shit out of my pool — and I even pay for his interstellar space commute. Tell me, would you be interested in making far more than just a measly 1,000 bucks?

Niko: Well, of course, you sexy green thing. What did you have in mind?

BoobaWooba then proceeded to negotiate a harem contract with Niko. Not once did he mention to her that she would need to relocate to another planet, but BoobaWooba strongly believes that if she registered no objections to performing daily analingus on his purple hemorrhoid infested ass as per the contract, she won’t much mind living on a world named “Nipplona.” And yes, the sum of money she received was more vast than the field of stretch marks on Oprah Winfrey’s thighs.