Big Tit Babes Nancy and Lizette

BoobaWooba strongly believes that, when you’re dealing with a couple of incredibly hot big tit babes, it sometimes is better to leave cock out of the equation. Hairy Man Ass Syndrome has ruined many otherwise hot scenes with gorgeous titty babes in the past so BoobaWooba is glad to have spotted this video from PrimeCups […]

Tits Perfection

BoobaWooba knows that when tits are as perfect as those belonging to Nancy from Primecups, they should generally be scientifically analyzed and studied to determine their exact cellular makeup, so that they can be mass-replicated and sold at a premium on the intergalactic breast transplantation market. Unfortunately, Nancy has rejected persistent requests by BoobaWooba Inc […]

Oily Boobs

This girl Elise who just popped up on is an absolute intergalactic cutie. This brunette hottie from Eastern Europe has got a pair of perfect natural boobs that are so adorable, BoobaWooba could almost give birth. The guys at Prime Cups got a hold of her and convinced her to do some extremely naughty […]

Big Wet Boobies

BoobaWooba tells me that he once cracked his pelvis during a heated tit-fucking session with an intoxicated Denubian Sex Goddess. Her breasts were so large, he insists, that he had to be suspended from above by a harness so that he could position his tiny penis between her oiled wet boobies. Everything went swimmingly well […]

Big Boobies Oiled Up

Angelina is a sexy euro babe who’s got a set of big boobies that will floor you. No sillycone or genetic enhancements of questionable galactic legality to be spotted anywhere on this girl, just all-natural big boob hotness. In this episode at Primecups, Angelina gets some oil poured all over her perfect tits and she […]

Big Ass Tits

BoobaWooba just loves to visit Earth, especially Eastern Europe. He knows he can always find plenty of big tit babes there who just love sex and crave his chunky green ball gravy all over their big ass tits. Well, ok, he’s only ever had one big tit babe from Eastern Europe crave his ball gravy […]

Jane Darling

The porn world regularly produces busty babes that love taking cock in their orifices, but only a few have the overflowing lust for sex that Jane Darling has. She’s a stunning blond sex kitten that’s been turning on the galaxy’s men through her scorching performances as a renowned porn star. One of the features that […]

Busty Niko

BoobaWooba Recruits New Tit Babe Into His Harem – Neglects to Mention Somewhat Important Detail! BoobaWooba tells me that he has made contact with an unbelievably hot eastern European babe who’s got a perfect set of big natural boobies that she loves to wrap around thick cock. His interview with Niko went very well, apparently. […]