Wet And Juicy Booty Babes

Wet and Juicy Black Booty
BoobaWooba was experiencing a deep longing for big juicy black booty, so he found himself a video over at Round And Brown that caused him a serious amount of ejaculatory joy. Kakey and her big butt wielding ebony friend got their pussies fucked raw by this guy Voodoo, who’s got a dick the size of a photon torpedo. The two sexy black chicks sucked his cock and got it all hard and ready to fuck. The massively endowed human male then inserted his tool deep inside these two wet and juicy pussies and delivered the black hotties a fucking they’ll not soon forget.

These booty babes are packing some serious junk in the trunk, BoobaWooba warns, so if you don’t like big ass cheeks that clap louder than a Jorelian Pleasure Beast during anal penetration, you better stay far away from this porn video.

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Massive Black Booty

Massive Black Booty
BoobaWooba’s high-powered booty radar has just detected a massive black ass that stunned the immensely powerful intergalactic smut peddler when he first glanced it. This amazingly large and round ebony butt belongs to a human girl named Gizelle, a curvy mocha-flavored booty queen who has decided to ride big cock on video for the enjoyment of the galactic porn viewing masses. This sexy big booty babe doesn’t just bowl you over with her juicy bubble butt, she also sports a delectable pair of all-natural big boobs that must feel terrific to squeeze while pumping her full of dick.

In this porn video over at Round and Brown, Gizelle gets her ginormous mega booty adored and worshiped by this lucky chap who gets to water her down by the slip n slide. They engage in various water games before Gizelle gets her mouth filled with hard cock. She sucks the massive dick, getting as much of the human sausage in her oral orifice as possible. The best part of this video comes when Gizelle takes that fat cock in her pussy and gets fucked hard while her big black bubble butt shakes crazily and jiggles like it’s the end of the universe. Overall, a profoundly stimulating big booty porn treat. BoobaWooba’s tiny green balls are still quivering as I write.

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Rump Rub Down

Rump Rub Down
Words cannot express how awesome the big juicy booty on this human female named Treasure actually is, but BoobaWooba has put a high-powered hand phaser to my temple and is forcing me to try anyway. Treasure is a mocha flavored superbabe who has a nice round ass that jiggles so happily, it could cure even the worst case of depression. The people at Round and Brown were lucky enough to get Treasure to do a porn video for them, and BoobaWooba is thanking the Gods of booty for that fact.

Treasure’s big black ass is put on fine display during the beginning of the video, and all that rippling butt flesh is quite enough to make any ass lover blow his load right there. But the video gets even more stimulating when a guy named “J-Mac” and his giant cock enter the picture. The sexy black babe sucks his big dick and gets it nice and slobbery, but her best act is yet to come. When Treasure mounts that monster cock and gets the fucking of her life, that juicy round rump comes alive and starts bouncing so jubilently, you may just injure a testicle. This video definitely qualifies as a true “Treasure” of big ass porn, and you should most definitely view it as soon as possible.

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Black Booty and Boobs

Black Booty and Boobs
BoobaWooba is excited to feature this new buxom black beauty on his intergalactic porn blog, and as well he should be. Jessica Grabbit is a curvy ebony superbabe with a fantastic set of big juicy boobs and a hot round booty that makes BoobaWooba produce more salivary fluids than I even thought was possible for his species. Jessica’s fine black body is on full display in this video from Round and Brown, in which she shows off her sexy booty and deliciously large breasts before getting down and dirty with a dude named Voodoo, who’s got a penis larger than most of Earth’s subway trains.

When these two get going, it’s time to pound your hard pud, because the sight of those hot tits bouncing around while Jessica sucks cock and gets fucked will give you pleasant sensations that will demand attention. That big phat ass of hers also looks awesome during her porking, and Jessica has such an ebullient lust for big cock, you will be blasting your ball load all over the curtains before too long. This porn video, called “Love To Grabbit”, is one you Earthlings definitely need to check out.

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Big Black Booty Basketball

Big Black Booty - Aryana Adin
Aryana Adin….hmmm. BoobaWooba believes this curvy black booty babe may be one of the hottest new faces in big ass porn since Ana Assmounds, the 3-ton Dazarian superstar who accidentally suffocated three male porn performers who were foolish enough to attempt analingus on her for the video “Ana Packs ’em In Her Pooper, Vol 4.” In this porn video from Round and Brown called “She Scores,” Aryana gets that massive black ass worshiped in proper style while she sucks a huge cock and gets it all slobbery.

She had been playing basketball with this guy, then decided to explore his genital treasures when she noticed a serious bulge in his sweat pants. This lady has some pretty awesome big boobies too, and they look fantastic hanging and swaying from her chest as she takes dick. That bubbly round butt jiggles very happily as she rides this dude with her pussy, and you can’t miss how this video ends…it will stimulate your loins, that’s for sure. BoobaWooba highly recommends this one for the big booty fans out there.

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