Bubble Butt Hottie

Jordan Jagger - Bubble Butt Hottie in Hardcore Sex Video
Bubbly and juicy, that’s how BoobaWooba would describe Jordan Jagger’s big round butt. It’s one of the finer specimens of human female ass that the great intergalactic porn baron has seen so far this year (BoobaWooba is not counting the new Human-Goralian Ass Beast hybrid that was introduced by his company last month, as he believes it would be an unfair comparison). We are lucky that a girl with such a fine bubble butt has entered the debauched world of intergalactic pornography, but her juicy ass is far from all this sexy babe brings to the table. In this hot sex video for Round Mound of Ass, Jordan Jagger shows off her great oral sex skills by blowing this guy while her ass is jutting up into the air. As hot as that is, it’s even hotter to watch Jordan ride his hard cock while her big ass is flopping around all over the place. After he’s done fucking the pudding out of her in the doggy position, he blows a thick wad of cum all over her great round ass. Jordan is a sight for sore eyes, and her ass is a jiggly bundle of joy.

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Big Ass Texas Babes

Alexis Texas and Megan MonroeBoobaWooba has always said that four ass cheeks are better than two, and this doesn’t only apply to those in the market for a new sex beast. Whenever you can find two sexy bubble butt babes willing to engage in sweaty threeway sex, you should always jump at the chance. That’s what this guy from Roundmoundofass did when he hooked up with the super sexy bubble butt queen Alexis Texas and her cute friend Megan Monroe. Now, anyone here who does not yet know who Alexis Texas is will be kindly asked to stand up and go sit in the corner for the duration of this post. This woman possesses only one of the hottest big asses to be seen in human porn in several decades. Her girl-next-door looks and her flawless curvy body add to her unbelievable hotness, and she’s now probably the most adored butt babe in all of pornotopia. But an ass this perfect can always be improved by placing another sexy butt right beside it, and that’s where Megan Monroe comes in. She’s got a smaller booty, but it’s nice and bubbly and begging for some attention. When this guy finally takes a crack at these booty queens, his dick is visibly harder than a Zercorian Castration Axe and it soon gets engulfed in the hungry mouths of these big butt mamas. After the oral debauchery, these babes get a nice power-fucking that makes their big asses jiggle like it’s a doomsday earthquake. Any fan of Alexis must see this video.

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Hot Ass on Jessica Lynn

Jessica Lynn's Hot AssThere’s a new ass in town, and this one is a hot cheek package. Jessica Lynn is new to the porn biz, and her beautifully hot ass is making a splash all over the cosmos. Roundmoundofass was able to hook up with Jessica for a steamy sex video that will have butt lovers drooling gallons onto the carpet. BoobaWooba believes that Jessica’s ass is very near to being perfect, except that it does not have multiple anuses, which would be quite useful at his sex parties. For most of us, however, Jessica’s one-anus ass is more than enough to get the job done. This video at Round Mound of Ass is a great way to appreciate the stunning hotness of this blond porn newbie, as it contains some sizzling scenes involving the oiling up and fondling of this terrific butt as they prepare her to take cock. Jessica goes right to work on that cock as soon as they present it to her, sucking this guy nice and sloppy. When she gets on to ride his cock, her glistening hot ass jiggles about splendidly, which is sure to put a couple of wads of cum in your tissue paper (BoobaWooba ejaculated so many times into his tissue paper that it became saturated to the consistency of pudding. Yes, chunky green pudding. Wanna guess who had to clean it up?). The video ends with the guy spewing his copious cum eruption all over her sexy butt. Don’t miss the cowgirl cock riding, it really is the hottest part of this video.

Angelina Lee – Big Ass Booty

Angelina Lee is the perfect big ass booty girl. She’s a curvy dark hottie with something in her eye that just screams “fuck me.” BoobaWooba believes it might be a case of Zantropian Ocular Fever, but it’s probably just nymphomania. Angelina’s ass must rank right up there with the most fantastic, lust inducing big booties ever to be seen in the three known parallel universes. In fact, with an ass this perfect, it would’ve been a moral crime had this sexy butt slut chosen not to enter the intergalactic porn industry (the Boobianic Scriptures are very clear on this matter). Luckily, though, Angelina Lee has not only chosen to do porn, but she’s chosen to a video for the renowned big butt clearinghouse Round Mound of Ass. Her scene is absolutely volcanic. First, that amazing round ass is put on display for all of us to adore. The sexy big ass booty is worshiped, spanked, licked and fondled, but that’s only the pre-game show.

When it’s time for the real sex to begin, Angelina Lee proves that she does, indeed, have a deep hunger for cock. This guy she gets paired with has a nice thick dick, and he proceeds to shove it into her pretty face for some servicing. She sucks on the fucker and jams it as far down her throat as she can, then she begs for it to be crammed into her tight pussy. Angelina makes the cutest noises while her tight hole is being stretched to astronomical dimensions. The best part of watching her take that cock, though, is glimpsing that magnificent big ass booty shake and jiggle while she’s getting nailed. A truly stellar experience.

Brook Scott Huge Ass

Unspeakably perfect in it’s shape, delightfully jiggly, and superb in every other measure of female ass. Brook Scott possesses one extremely juicy, round ass that cries for some penile attention. BoobaWooba says her ass reminds him of the Cheraxian Death Gorge on Culona 4, which has a crack running through the middle so deep that no explorer has ever been able to reach the bottom alive. In this scene of big ass naughtiness, Brook and her formiddable tuckus get down and dirty with a thick dicked gentleman provided by the folks at Round Mound of Ass. The scene starts with Brook in a parking lot, apparently somewhere on Earth, showing off her clothed huge ass. We can see the beauty of her gorgeous butt through her tight skirt and panties as she prances around. A little tease never hurt anyone (except those 2 elderly Terraxians on vacation at Hedonism Neptune).

When the dick is released, Brook goes for that phallus like it’s her long lost Yorkie. After plenty of ass worship, Brook finally takes real live dong in the pussy. We get to watch that unbelievably hot ass bounce around on that cock until the dude can hold back no more and releases his seed all over this huge ass hottie. Checkout the free clips for a preview. Pretty good stuff.

Sunny Lane Interview

Sunny Lane’s Bulbous Ass Provokes Uncontrollable Midnight Lust In BoobaWooba!

Sunny Lane's big round assBoobaWooba recently discovered the very beautiful Sunny Lane, a cute redheaded porn girl with a big round ass that is too perfect to be described. The ordinarily calm and collected porn baron of high intergalactic repute could not contain his excitement when he spotted Sunny on Round Mound of Ass a couple of nights ago. He came rushing into my quarters in the dead of night and woke me from my slumber to announce that he had just found the newest addition to his personal harem. The virile porn magnate, standing right above me, was visibly aroused and, for a second there — in the haze of my grogginess — I feared my servant duties were about to leap beyond webmastering and take on a new unspeakable dimension that would leave my dignity hanging like a chad from the ignominious butterfly ballot of sexual slavery. Thankfully, though, BoobaWooba’s tiny erection was caused by Sunny’s round ass and his lust for her, and it, was reaching truly ecstatic proportions.

At BoobaWooba’s direction, I immediately made contact with Sunny Lane’s agent and offered many millions of quatloos and several hundred Joreelian Vaginal Pulse Suppositories for Sunny Lane’s agreeing to join the Booba-Harem. Amazingly, Ms. Lane refused all offers, but BoobaWooba is certain that when he can get an interview with the big butt babe, he will charm her right off her cheeks and into his permanent analingual service.