Coffee Shop Titfuck

Dan writes: “You’ve got to hear this story about this chick I once knew. She was a really hot brunette with shoulder length hair and a pair of unbelievably hot big titties that drove me absolutely nuts. I met her while I was working at a coffee shop, she was the cashier there. She looked […]

Big Butt Latina Vacation

Sam writes: “In August of last year, I experienced what was probably the sex I had ever had. It involved a sexy latin girl who had one of the most perfect big butts I had ever seen. I was on vacation in the tropics and was just lying on the beach reading a book. This […]

Big Boobs Poolside

Jason writes: “Well, my story has to do with older women. Older women with big boobs, that is. When I was 23, I got a job cleaning the pool at a really high-class country club that was frequented by lots of rich folks. Every Thursday, there was this group of 3 very Milfy, very busty […]

Big Butt Spring Break

Harrison writes: “I had an experience, once, which really turned me into a big butt lover. I was a freshman in college and a few friends and I decided to go to Cancun Mexico for spring break. It was the first time I had ever been to a spring break celebration, and I had never […]

DD Tits Creamed

Frank Writes: “When I was in the Marines, I had one hell of a time with this Phillipino girl who had the biggest fucking boobs I’d ever had the pleasure to squeeze. They must have been double d and all natural. I met her at a bar in Olongapo where she was flirting with just […]