Coffee Shop Titfuck

Dan writes:
“You’ve got to hear this story about this chick I once knew. She was a really hot brunette with shoulder length hair and a pair of unbelievably hot big titties that drove me absolutely nuts. I met her while I was working at a coffee shop, she was the cashier there. She looked so hot in the uniform, which was basically a tight short-sleeved shirt and a pair of khaki shorts. Her nice titties really stuck out and her curvy butt was accentuated by the tight shorts. I was into her big time the whole time I worked there, but she always ignored me. I was kind of geeky and she was super hot, so she basically never gave me the time of day. That is, until we were working late one night and it was just the two of us in the shop.

It was like 1:00 in the morning and we were told by the manager to close the store, but we some equipment to clean before we could leave. The manager decided to take off and told us to just lockup when we were finished. It was just the two of us who had to do this, so we were alone there. We went about our duties and then she got a call on her cell phone from her boyfriend. I overheard what she was saying and it sounded like her boyfriend was dumping her over the phone. She got really upset and slammed the phone down. I walked over to her and asked if everything was ok and she said angrily no it wasn’t. I turned around to leave her alone and she told me to wait. She asked me if I wanted to fuck, because she wanted to get back at her boyfriend by taking pictures and emailing them to him. I couldn’t believe it, but I said fuck yeah!

She got naked and told me to take out my dick, which I did. She put her warm mouth on my cock and started to suck me and it was everything I could do to keep from cumming immediately. She kept telling me to snap pictures with her camera phone which I tried to do. She then put my cock between her great big titties and I started to titfuck her real hard. She seemed to like that a lot. I finally came all over her tits and she insisted that I take pictures of her cum covered tits to send to her boyfriend. It was a fucking great lay, and thankfully my face wasn’t in any of the pictures so the guy never knew it was me who fucked his girlfriend.”


Big Butt Latina Vacation

Sam writes:
“In August of last year, I experienced what was probably the sex I had ever had. It involved a sexy latin girl who had one of the most perfect big butts I had ever seen. I was on vacation in the tropics and was just lying on the beach reading a book. This girl, who’s wearing the skimpiest bikini on the planet (really just some strings that barely covered her naughty bits) walks over to me and tells me something in spanish. I don’t know any spanish beyond “Hola”so I didn’t understand a word she was saying. When she realized this, she started to address me in broken english and told me that she thought I was a very sexy man and she would love to spend some time with me. Then, she turned around and asked me to apply some lotion to her back. The minute that girl turned around and I got a look at her virtually naked big round butt, I said to myself that I had to get a piece of that. This butt was so perfect, you wouldn’t believe it. I started to apply the lotion to her back and I started to get really hard. She noticed my erection and told me that “I could help you with that, senor.”

We retreated to a cabana and she just casually took my cock out of my shorts and got on her knees. She sucked me for a couple minutes before I came down her throat. That was fantastic enough, but then she said she wanted my cock in her pussy. She turned around and propped that big butt up so that I could enter her doggy style. I slipped my cock in her pussy and fucked that latina babe into next Tuesday, all while her perfect butt was jiggling like wild. That was the fuck of my life.”


Big Boobs Poolside

Jason writes:
“Well, my story has to do with older women. Older women with big boobs, that is. When I was 23, I got a job cleaning the pool at a really high-class country club that was frequented by lots of rich folks. Every Thursday, there was this group of 3 very Milfy, very busty women who used to lounge by the pool and chat it up with each other. They were all in their upper thirties and they all had very nice plump boobs, a couple of pairs courtesy of the local plastic surgeon but still fantastic looking. This one lady, a stunning blonde, had a set of boobs that had to have been double D at least. They were all in bikinis, showing off their delicious curvy bodies. While performing my duties, I would often look over at them and I started to get hard imagining what it would be like to get it on with the three of them at once. It was so fucking distracting.

At one point, the blonde saw me gawking at them and then turned to whisper something to her two friends. The next time I looked back at them, they were all sharing one pool chair and were rubbing suntan lotion on one another. They each removed their bikini tops so that they could apply the lotion better and I got to see their perfect big boobs totally bare. These chicks were so fucking hot, I couldn’t believe it. I was thinking to myself how fucking lucky I must be. They each started to rub lotion all over each other’s boobs and then they all took their bottoms off! I couldn’t believe they were doing this. They were the only ones at the pool that day, so their audience consisted of just me. I could tell they liked that I was watching them because they would flash me wicked smiles. I was so hard watching those wet oiled up big boobs that I needed some relief. I walked over and asked if they needed any help applying their lotion. The blonde with the big double D boobs said no, they didn’t need help, they just need cock! She reached over and unzipped my shorts. My dick popped out and was as hard as it had ever been. She started to suck it right there and her friends lined up for turns. All three of these busty MILF hotties sucked my cock until I finally came all over the blonde’s big boobs! That was the best fucking job I ever had.”


Big Butt Spring Break

Harrison writes:
“I had an experience, once, which really turned me into a big butt lover. I was a freshman in college and a few friends and I decided to go to Cancun Mexico for spring break. It was the first time I had ever been to a spring break celebration, and I had never been with a girl before, so the guys were all talking abouthow they were going to get me laid finally. Before this experience, I was into petite chicks. I never particulary liked a big butt on a woman, but a girl I met in Cancun changed all that for good.

Her name was Maria, and she was also 18. She had a body that just wouldn’t quit, with the sexiest curves I had ever seen on a woman. Her ass was a thing of beauty, nice and plump and round as could be. That butt was perfection, but at the time, I didn’t pay it much mind — not until Maria did her little dance for me. She took me away to a secluded spot near the bar we met at and slowly started to disrobe. I knew she was horny and that she wanted sex, but I was a scared kid who’d never even been to third base. I was basically frozen in place while she proceeded to tease the hell out of me with that body of hers. Some salsa music was playing in the background and she started to move those hips. She turned around, bent over right in front of me, then took down her shorts and slipped them off. She wasn’t wearing undies, so that big glorious butt was staring me right in the face. I remember thinking to myself, damn, that’s a sizeable caboose. But them I noticed something else. My dick had stiffened to the point of pain. I was literally as hard as a rock. Then it began to dawn on me that that butt was really turning me the fuck on! I watched as she shook her naked ass right in front of my face. She moved close to me and began pushing her big ass butt right into my crotch. She whispered to me in a soft, delicate voice that she wanted me to fuck her butt! I was in shock, ok. This hot latina honey wanted me to fuck her ass and I had never even fucked a pussy.

I took her back to my hotel room and somehow managed to perform the deed. I fucked her good and hard up the ass and worshipped her big butt of perfection like a devoted servant. That experience totally changed my sexual outlook. From then on, I became a total assman.”


DD Tits Creamed

Frank Writes:
“When I was in the Marines, I had one hell of a time with this Phillipino girl who had the biggest fucking boobs I’d ever had the pleasure to squeeze. They must have been double d and all natural. I met her at a bar in Olongapo where she was flirting with just about every guy there. I knew when I saw her that she was the kind of girl who like to get crazy in bed, so I went over and bought her a drink. She started to whisper in my ear that she wanted to suck every last drop of cum out of my dick and then spit it all out onto her boobs so that she could rub it in. That was enough to get me seriously turned on. Just the thought of getting a crack at those glorious big tits was all I needed to get rock hard. I put her hand on my crotch so that she could feel how hot I was for her and she squealed like a banshee. She said she loved big cocks and was dying to take mine inside her. With that, we got up and left for a motel room to get some serious fucking going.

At the room, she started to strip the minute we were inside. When I saw those massive tits fall out of her dress, I almost hit the ceiling. I immediately went for those hot big boobs with my mouth and teased those perfect nipples with my mouth. Then I put her on her knee so that she could suck my cock. To my amazement, she was able to get the whole 7 inches down her throat and, damn, did it feel good. I pulled out of her mouth and placed my dick right between her perfect tits. I told her to spit on it and then I started to titfuck those beautiful boobs until I came all over her. The cum dripped down from her face onto her tits and she went ahead and rubbed it all in. The sight of this woman with cum bathed tits right in front of me was amazing. I’ll never forget that busty piece of ass.”