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BoobaWooba has long been of the opinion that hot boobs of all stripes are inevitably destined to be oiled up. Whether they belong to Pamela Anderson, or to a Hortaxian Mammary Beast, it is simply unavoidable that big juicy boobs will take a splash of baby oil and get rubbed up to glistening perfection. This video from Extremenaturals features two such sets of hot boobs belonging to Alexis Silver, that exotic British babe with the ungodly hot set of massive titties, and Honey, an asian looking girl with a similarly arousing pair of squeezable gazumbas. The scene starts off with lots of bouncing and jumping jacks and basically any other activity that leverages Earth’s gravity to cause breast gyrations conducive to the stimulation of male loins. After lots of oil has been applied to both ladies’ sets of tits, the girls begin to rub up each other in very friendly ways. They both partake in the delight of sucking awesome oiled boobage, then get ready to take some action from hard cock. When the human male enters the picture, his dick is engorged and ready to fuck boobies. The girls go straight for that cock and orally service it until there’s more drool being produced than at one of BoobaWooba’s notorious interspecies analingus parties. Soon, Alexis Silver positions her curvy self on that cock and receives the hardest fucking of her life. Honey, too, gets a royal fucking that must be witnessed by all boob lovers, since those tits were flying all over the place and looking like they might achieve low earth orbit. Finally, the busty maidens get a copious load of human male ejaculate all over their great titties, finishing a scene that put BoobaWooba’s tiny alien testicles on ice for a full week on doctor’s orders.

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