Busty Niko

BoobaWooba Recruits New Tit Babe Into His Harem – Neglects to Mention Somewhat Important Detail!

Niko at PrimecupsBoobaWooba tells me that he has made contact with an unbelievably hot eastern European babe who’s got a perfect set of big natural boobies that she loves to wrap around thick cock. His interview with Niko went very well, apparently. She even agreed to join his galactically famous personal harem. BoobaWooba is quite excited about the prospect of welcoming this horny big tit beauty into his stable of Harem girls, which he insists is a done deal in spite of the fact that Niko is apparently unaware of the fact that her new Booba-Harem duties will require her to live on another planet (Nipplona IV). I advised the great and cunning BoobaWooba that this was no small technicality, but he assures me that Niko won’t mind at all when he springs this fact on her after she is securely strapped into her seat on the hyperdrive enabled Booba-Cruiser enroute to Nipplona.

BoobaWooba: Well, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes, my dear!

Niko: Thanks. You are a sight for sore eyes, too, Mr. BoobaWooba.

BoobaWooba: Yes, that’s exactly what I think! I’m so glad you agree that I am a vision of manly beauty. I always try to convince girls of this obvious fact, but they usually seem to resist the idea, for some reason.

Niko: Well, I think you’re very sexy, Booby. Your bulging muscles make me so hot.

BoobaWooba: The…They do??? What muscles are you talking about? Um, I mean, of course, you’re talking about these muscles! Look at these things, they’re so hard and firm you could crack an egg on them! I workout everyday, you know. (wink, wink)

Niko: Oh, I can see that. My nipples are already getting hard just looking at your gorgeous manly body! I want you to fuck my big boobies right now, you nasty boy!

BoobaWooba: Yes!! Oh, baby, I’m going to fuck every last drop of milk right out of your beautiful juicy boobies!

Niko: Whoa, big boy. Not so fast. I need 1,000 American upfront.

BoobaWooba: You need what? Oh, you want money? Well, my dear, money is no object for the exceedingly wealthy BoobaWooba. I’m so rich, I hire Bill Gates to come over every Thursday to clean the toad shit out of my pool — and I even pay for his interstellar space commute. Tell me, would you be interested in making far more than just a measly 1,000 bucks?

Niko: Well, of course, you sexy green thing. What did you have in mind?

BoobaWooba then proceeded to negotiate a harem contract with Niko. Not once did he mention to her that she would need to relocate to another planet, but BoobaWooba strongly believes that if she registered no objections to performing daily analingus on his purple hemorrhoid infested ass as per the contract, she won’t much mind living on a world named “Nipplona.” And yes, the sum of money she received was more vast than the field of stretch marks on Oprah Winfrey’s thighs.