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Alanna Ackerman and Whitney StevensFew women arouse the microscopic loins of the galaxy’s most revered porn baron as does Alanna Ackerman. Her big round butt and perfect natural boobs are simply some of the best boobage to be found in the Milky Way. Whitney Stevens is another girl who’s formidable bust tugs at BoobaWooba’s prickly green nutsack, so it was a foregone conclusion that we would be doing a post featuring the latest Bigtitsroundasses video starring both of these super hot big boob babes getting down and dirty with two exceptionally well-endowed guys who are apparently hornier than a priapism-plagued Saurion Fuck-Dino. This foursome sex fest is loaded with plenty of great shots of both Alanna and Whitney taking massive cock up their tight twats. BoobaWooba mentions that the part where Alanna and Whitney are riding cock on the couch is probably the best, since it provided the maximum amount of jiggling boobage. These girls both have a couple of nice round butts to compliment their great boobs as well, and those plump cabooses go wild as well during the height of the action. This video will most certainly pull some serious quantities of jolly juice out of your groin, so don’t forget the wet-naps.


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Alanna Ackerman's Natural TitsThe very sexy Alanna Ackerman has once again sparked a fire in BoobaWooba’s checker-print Speedos. The highly esteemed and universally revered porn baron has spotted the curvy, naturally busted babe in a video for Extreme Naturals taking a very large cock in her tight pussy. The video begins with Alanna’s marvelous natural tits getting oiled up and rubbed, which soon leads to some nasty oral sex action when the gentleman with the large cock arrives. We get some nice footage of this girl’s fantastic big ass as well. Alanna is soon found with that fat dick deep in her salivating mouth as her pussy moistens, anticipating the deep power fuck it is about to receive. Alanna soon assumes the doggy position and takes that cock up her wet twat, moaning and groaning like the dickens. When the guy finally cums, he shoots his man sauce all over her perfect natural tits. Very nicely done.


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Alanna Ackerman - natural boobsThis Alanna Ackerman woman has intrigued BoobaWooba since he first caught a glance of her while sitting on his gold-plated toilet during the passing of particularly large, dry turd. He was surfing the net on his hand-held connectivity device when he spotted this naturally breasted hottie who possessed girl-next-door looks and a pair of big and floppy boobs that would melt the hemorrhoids off a Jorian Anal Mule. If you’re into floppy boobs that don’t stay in any one place for very long, Alanna is your girl. She’s not a classic beauty, but she’s got that realness to her that can be very sexy. In this video at Bigtitpatrol, Alanna takes a big cock in her tight pussy and gets her natural boobs fucked soundly, then takes a nice gooey cum blast to the tits. This girl has it all, a nice pair of big boobs, a curvy round ass, and a deep-seated lust for cum that will milk your testes dry for at least a week.

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Big Tits Babe Alanna Ackerman

Alanna Ackerman's Big TitsOh, boy, have the guys at Big Tits Round Asses done it this time. They scored a scene with the incredibly busty boob queen Alanna Ackerman, a sexy and curvy newbie to the big tit porn universe. She’s a pleasure to the eye, whether you have two or twenty-six of them (Yes, BoobaWooba does own several sex beasts that have twenty-six eyes. Their increased visual acuity makes it that much more difficult for them to climax during sexual congress with him — at least in the missionary position). Alanna was spotted on Miami Beach, sunning her curvy body and making human men drool with lust as they watched her. The Bigtitsroundasses guys approached Alanna and convinced her to reveal her perfect nudiness to their cameras. Lots of teasing on the beach leads to them inviting her to the beach condo where all sorts of naughtiness is known to take place. (BoobaWooba can personally attest to this. He once rented this same condo several years back during a Milky Wayan porn producers conference and remembers quite well one sizzling sex session he enjoyed there with a cuban call girl who had a remarkably huge round ass that had the phrase “Cometelo, Fidel!!” tattooed across the top of it.)

Once they get Alanna nice and naked, we get to see just how spectacular those natural big tits really are. No sign of silicone or any other augmentative substance in those beauties, just the perfect big titties the Gods of Boobianity produced themselves. Alanna also has one hell of an ass, as we learn when those bottoms come off. To make things really, really interesting, Alanna tells us that she loves anal! That’s one craving these guys are more than happy to satisfy. She gets her big round ass fucked into next tuesday and if that isn’t enough to launch your load, then you’ll probably need an appointment with a good urologist. Check this one out, it’s a scorcher.

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