Alexis Texas Mega Booty

Alexis Texas Booty
BoobaWooba mentioned to me recently that he has not yet encountered the equal of Alexis Texas, the blond human female with the gargantuan mega booty that so mesmerizes the big ass porn viewing public. Indeed, Alexis is a pure beauty from head to toe, and her amazingly large and voluptuous bubble butt is a thing to behold and cherish, if you like junk in the trunk. Some of Alexis Texas’s best work on video can be found at Assparade, where she is featured in numerous videos that expertly portray her full round ass in all its glory.

In this new video from Ass Parade, Alexis gets her gorgeous bubble booty squirted with lots of oil and made shiny for the camera. Lots of ass worship ensues, which then leads to Alexis being given a rather large and thick cock to put in her mouth. Nobody sucks a cock like Alexis Texas, and she puts on quite a show here. Slobbering up that dick and getting it ready for her tight pussy. Watching Alexis get fucked deep and hard is a heavenly experience, and this video contains some of the hottest such footage of her entire porn career. All fans of big white booty have got to see this one.

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Fast Ass With Three Bubble Butt Babes

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Alexis Texas, Bobbi Starr, and Franceska Jaimes look absolutely stunning in racing suits, which is what they briefly wear in this video before they get stripped naked on a race track, right in front of a stock car. The three bubble butt porn hotties get their hot asses eaten and played with before they start taking cock up the pussy and eating each other out in some seriously hot lesbian action. Lots of jiggling booty in this one…very hot!


Alexis Texas Big Ass Creampie

Alexis Texas Creampie - Big Butt Porn Video
BoobaWooba has long admired the ultra curvy big ass porn queen known to humans as Alexis Texas. This sultry, booty heavy blond beauty with succulent tits has taken the porn world by storm, shaking that massive white ass for the camera and taking huge cocks up her tight pussy. BoobaWooba has long desired that Alexis Texas take a vaginal creampie on video, but she never seemed terribly inclined. Well, that has all changed with this porn video produced by the people at Big Butt Booty Cream.

The super hot curve queen takes a big cock right up inside her and gets the fucking of her life. That big juicy ass of hers gets plenty of camera attention during the fucking, as they capture every last ripple and jiggle for the viewing public. When the human stud has pounded her pussy thoroughly enough, he releases his torrent of semen deep inside her, giving her the juicy creampie the bootyful hottie deserves. If you like big ass blondes taking warm creampie blasts in the vajayjay, you should probably check out this video.

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Alexis Texas Big Booty Ride

assparade alexisThe woman BoobaWooba features today has exceeded all galactic boundaries of big booty hotness. Alexis Texas has one of the most perfect big round butts in all the cosmos, including the big ass theme-park world of Culona 4. When the great and intergalactically esteemed porn baron, BoobaWooba, was notified that Alexis had done yet another big butt porn video scene for the guys at AssParade, he felt compelled to feature her again in his widely read, not to mention universally adored, porn blog. The curvy voluptuous body that this goddess of big ass porn possesses will simply cause your tongue to fall out of your mouth. A big round ass, wide hips, and legs that will pop boners in your pants so big, you’ll be able to throw out your entire supply of Viagra. But the plump natural tits on Alexis are really something as well. BoobaWooba agrees that, while they’re not as large as he might like, they’re the perfect size to grab on to while plowing the sexy porn hottie from behind.

In this video at AssParade, Alexis Texas shows off that spectacular round booty and teases the camera with her sexy body before getting totally naked and jumping on a hard thick cock that goes straight up her juicy pussy. This piece of ass likes to get fucked hard, and she definitely gets what she wants in this scene. Pop your heart pills, then checkout the amazing video of this big booty porn queen bouncing that perfect ass around like it’s a basketball.


Alexis Texas Assparade

Why do all the most amazing bubble butts in the galaxy always show up on Earth, and not on planets far closer and within convenient range to BoobaWooba? That’s what the highly esteemed and universally admired intergalactic porn king is currently wondering, given that Alexis Texas has just popped onto his big ass radar. This woman has an ass that will cause your dick to jump out of your pants and demand a scientific explanation. But whether this amazingly gorgeous bubble butt can be explained by science, or any other discipline for that matter, is a question that is still very much in the air. Right now, all we know is that Alexis Texas has to be considered one of the hottest big butt babes in all the Alpha Quadrant, a girl with first class tits and ass. When you get a glance at this marvel of nature you will see why BoobaWooba has decided to offer Alexis over 10 million quatloos and 500 edible butt-plugs in exchange for her allowing that a cast be made of her delectable big ass so that a statue can be erected in BoobaWooba’s foyer.

Assparade is definitely the site you want to be charged with presenting the beauty of Alexis’s perfect round ass to the general public, and they definitely don’t disappoint with this porn video. The video begins with Alexis walking around in a skimpy bikini and the camera focusing on the majesty that is that bubble butt. She strips off her bottom and shows off that big butt copiously while playing with her perfect tits, then turns her attention to a huge cock that has been lined up for her. The best part of the video is watching that hot ass bounce and jiggle while thick cock is pounded ruthlessly into her wet bald pussy. You can’t miss this one, people of Earth, so don’t even think about turning on Grey’s Anatomy or some other such nonsense.


Alexis Texas Ass Parade

Porn King Insists Alexis’s Ass Responsible For Dream Homicide!

Alexis AssparadeBoobaWooba once related a dream to me that he had had where he was laying naked at the center of a very large room that was surrounded by massive marble pillars. He looked up and saw a gorgeous woman enter the enormous room wearing a tiny white gown that barely covered her amazing body. As she approached, the esteemed intergalactic porn baron could see that she was naked underneath the gown and that she had the curves of a goddess. When she neared BoobaWooba, she removed her gown leaving herself totally naked and revealing a phenomenally round ass that was a sight of pure perfection. It was the most splendid big round butt that our porn-slinging superstar had ever laid eyes on – round, firm, and protruding like a bubble of ecstasy. BoobaWooba relates that the dream then concluded with this bubble butt goddess sitting on and asphyxiating the master smut peddler with her massive keister while tiny pink elves danced around the room singing “If Ya Think I’m Sexy.”

BoobaWooba insists that this new girl at AssParade, Alexis Texas, is a virtual carbon copy of the woman in his famous dream. He insists that her ass is every bit as divine as the one that snuffed the life out of his unfortunate dream self. In this scene, Alexis gets doused with oil and is greased up for some naughty sex that caused BoobaWooba a significant amount of carnal satisfaction. Just watching that perfect round ass get oiled up is all you’ll need to blow a few loads into the tissue paper, BoobaWooba assures me.