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BoobaWooba mentioned to me recently that he has not yet encountered the equal of Alexis Texas, the blond human female with the gargantuan mega booty that so mesmerizes the big ass porn viewing public. Indeed, Alexis is a pure beauty from head to toe, and her amazingly large and voluptuous bubble butt is a thing […]

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Why do all the most amazing bubble butts in the galaxy always show up on Earth, and not on planets far closer and within convenient range to BoobaWooba? That’s what the highly esteemed and universally admired intergalactic porn king is currently wondering, given that Alexis Texas has just popped onto his big ass radar. This […]

Alexis Texas Ass Parade

Porn King Insists Alexis’s Ass Responsible For Dream Homicide! BoobaWooba once related a dream to me that he had had where he was laying naked at the center of a very large room that was surrounded by massive marble pillars. He looked up and saw a gorgeous woman enter the enormous room wearing a tiny […]