Poolside Pussy Boobs

Poolside Pussy and Boobs
BoobaWooba found this porn video while combing through the BigNaturals archives, and I have to say, it’s quite a find. Charlie James and Gianna Michaels star in “Poolside Pussy”, putting their huge natural boobs on display for all to see. They strut their curvy stuff by the pool in some very provocative bikinis, which leads to some hot titty sucking action between the two of them.

The busty beauties even go after each others bubble butt asses with their tongues before a guy named Ramon shows up with a huge erection. They work his big cock, eventually getting that meat stick pumped deep in their juicy pussies. The big boobs on Charlie James and Gianna Michaels will blow your mind…so damn soft and juicy looking. All tit lovers should check this video out.

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Busty Milf – Sexy Car Wash

Busty Milf Charlie James - Sexy Car Wash
BoobaWooba has noticed that, for some odd reason, humans attach a great deal of importance to the appearance of their automobiles, which he points out are far inferior methods of locomotion given that they lack hyperdrives. For instance, BoobaWooba mentions that just last night, he jumped into the hyperdrive enabled Booba-Cruiser and was able to pickup three Zarphlaxian hookers in Las Nalgas, the famous gambling and sin capital of the Milky Way, and shortly thereafter arrived at the BoobyLand theme park a full 98 light years away so that he could enjoy a debauched foursome while riding the “Monster Mammary Milkshake” rollercoaster.

In this video entitled “Sexy Car Wash“, a sexy and very busty milf named Charlie James attends to a human-built luxury automobile by washing it thoroughly with soapy water. Though this car lacks hyperdrive engines, it compensates by having a deliciously curvy milf draped all over it, with her fantastic big natural titties hanging from out of the bottom of her drenched white t-shirt. The video footage gives us several great shots of her amazing big ass while she soaps it up and rinses it off. Soon, a muscular male enter the picture and orally services Charlie’s erect nipples and juicy breasts. There’s some great shots of Charlie riding cock while her big natural titties bounce around and jiggle uncontrollably. Her sexy big ass is also on display while she takes cock, rippling and gyrating enough to make you cum like a fusion powered particle cannon. This brand new busty milf is definitely an all-natural superstar in the making.

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