Big Booty Threesome

Big Booty Babes Carmella Bing and Chayse Evans
It’s safe to say that Carmella Bing has been one of BoobaWooba’s favorite big booty babes for quite some time now. Her curvaceous womanly figure has captivated the renowned porn king in a way that I haven’t seen since the great smutmaster purchased his last Orion slave girl for 3,740 quatloos at the Intergalactic Sex Slave Expo, which was held that year on Depravinax 6. That girl had a beautiful set of big plump boobs, and so indeed does Carmella. Those hot tits would ordinarily be more than enough to arouse the microscopic genitals of the galaxy’s most intrepid porn pusher, but Carmella also possesses one of the hottest big booties either BoobaWooba or I have ever seen.

She is joined in this porn video called “Double Ass Action Pack“, which was produced by the pervy crew at AssParade, by the sexy Chayse Evans, who is also packing quite a booty back there herself. The scene begins with these two butt babes taking each other’s clothes off and adoring the voluptuous curves that abound between them. Soon, a big thick dick is introduced and we get an all-out fuckfest that sees more jiggling booties and titties than you can imagine. BoobaWooba claims the best part is when Carmella is getting pounded with cock and her great big ass shakes like an earthquake. Fans of big booty simply must watch this incredibly arousing movie.

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