Big Boobs and Ass – Anal Sex

Claire Dames Anal
Oh, boy, has Claire Dames done it this time! She hooked up with the Monster Curves guys and did an anal sex scene that will inflame your balls just as huge as it did BoobaWooba’s. Claire has been one of our favorite big boob butt babes for a while now, and the fact that she is now doing anal on camera is a cause for serious celebration. In this video, Claire sheds her clothes and shows off that curvy body so that we can take in her full magnificence. Just the sight of her big plump boobs and perfect bubble butt will likely get your dick hard enough to cleave the Moons of Nibia. But the real fun begins when she gets a hold of cock to suck. She takes it in as far down her throat as it will go, then bobs her head back up and slobbers all over the rigid cock. Very hot, but even hotter is when Claire gets put on the kitchen counter totally naked and gets that cock plunged straight into her big round ass. Some really good footage here of that phat ass taking cock deep as her huge boobs jiggle about. Totally perfect anal video for fans of tits and ass perfection like Claire Dames.

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Big Tit Porn Star Claire Dames

Big Tit Porn Star Claire Dames
Well, BoobaWooba’s tiny alien genitals were so aroused by the last update that he has ordered me to serve up another post featuring the very curvy and busty big tit porn star Claire Dames. This sexy short-haired brunette tits and ass goddess is indescribably gorgeous, but since BoobaWooba has a super charged particle phaser pointed straight at my temple, I’ll try to describe her gorgeousness anyway. Her massive round boobies are the first things that hit you when you look at Claire. They’re like a couple of fun bags made just for your own personal enjoyment. Her big round ass is unspeakably hot as well, and thanks to the great Gods of Boobianity, Claire is now taking cock back there (checkout Claire Dames getting buttfucked here).

In this video for Big Tits Round Asses called “Mattress Madness”, Claire takes on a guy in the kitchen. She gets stripped down and water gets poured all over her great tits and big ass. When the dude is finished adoring and lubricating Claire’s curvy body, he whips out his hard cock and plants it in her hungry mouth. She sucks him nice and vigorously, then takes his cock between her massive big tits. Soon, he’s sticking his horny manhood deep into Claire’s delicious looking bald pussy and gives her the fucking of her life. Claire has never looked better.

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Hot Ass Anal Orgy

Hot Asses In a Hardcore Anal Orgy - Claire Dames, Ricki White, and Kelly Divine
BoobaWooba is asking all of his adoring fans to take a moment to prepare themselves for the big booty bounty that is about to come their way. This video called “Booty Building” over at Big Butts Like It Big featuring Claire Dames, Kelly Divine, and Ricki White getting assfucked at a gym is one of the most arousing big butt anal porn videos that has been produced on Earth in quite a while. Now, BoobaWooba had to put his precious alien testicles on ice after he viewed this video, but it is known that human testes are slightly more resilient to excessive masturbation, so you may fare better. However, it is a definite fact that the sight of these three hot asses getting a hard anal stuffing of cock is going to be hard on the male genitalia of any species.

While at the gym looking to build their asses into perfectly sculpted mega booties, Claire Dames and her two busty gal-pals get instructed by their horny male personal trainers on exactly what they need to do in order to get those hot asses into the shape they desire. Evidently, one of the most important training methods is to stuff those asses with ridiculously large cocks. Kelly Divine and Ricki White look absolutely amazing getting anal attention on their delicious big booties, but Claire Dames is totally ball busting as she rides thick cock with her big round ass while her great big boobs bounce about. This anal orgy is a perfect example of what a typical gym session should consist of. The calories burned would be off the charts.

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Claire Dames

When one finds the perfect example of big boob perfection, one must linger over it until one’s salivary glands have yielded every last drop of drool they will produce. That’s BoobaWooba’s governing philosophy when it comes to the discovery of big tit porn hotties. That’s why he has chosen to bring back one of his favorite boob queens, the irresistible Claire Dames, who BoobaWooba insists has more curves than the Cherelian Asteroid Field Race Track, which he and I are quite familiar with given that we’ve actually raced on that trecherous track in the hyperdrive-enabled Booba Cruiser (the prize for that race was a lactating Antaran Tit Beast). When you get an eyeful of Claire’s stunningly perfect big boobs, you realize that this girl is truly special. Those plump titties are decorated with the most delicious looking big areolas BoobaWooba has ever seen on a human female (think giant Soraxian pepperonis). Those big titties aren’t the only things Claire Dames has going for herself, that ass of hers is also a thing of cosmic beauty. So round and firm, a big butt that begs to be adored.

In this sizzling porn movie for Bigtitsroundasses, Claire’s goddess like body gets adored and worshiped like it should. First, she strips off her top to show us her magnificent titties, then gets totally naked and shows off her perfect ass. Plenty of hot shots of her gorgeous big booty and sweet big tits before we get to the action, which entails Claire getting her wet bald pussy stuffed with thick dick. You’ve got to see Claire Dames ride cock while her big boobies jiggle uncontrollably. Good shit, says BoobaWooba.


Claire Dames Interview


Claire Refuses To Do Porn Scene With BoobaWooba – Obviously That Time Of The Month

Claire DamesToday, BoobaWooba interviews Claire Dames, who is being featured on Big Tits Round Asses. She stopped by BoobaWooba Inc’s American office to chat with our smut pushing hero about life in the porn biz. This woman is pure perfection, in BoobaWooba’s professional opinion. Her tits are massive, she’s got a bald pussy, and her ass needs to be fucked to be believed.

BoobaWooba: Hello, my dear. How are you today?

Claire: I’m good. Um, please don’t touch me, ok?

BoobaWooba: What do you mean?

Claire: I mean please keep your fingers — those are fingers, right? Please keep your fingers off my leg. Mr. Wooba, I agreed to this interview only because my agency said it would be good publicity. I’m not into you or anything.

BoobaWooba: I understand, I understand. Women often don’t realize the powerful attraction they have for me at first. It will take some time for you as well, I expect.

Claire: Um, okay, sure.

BoobaWooba: Now, tell me dear thing, what do you like most about doing porn?

Claire: Well, I don’t know, I guess I like to have sex a lot and doing this for a living allows me to fuck a lot of hot guys without having to date or go to bars or anything.

BoobaWooba: Would you ever consider doing a scene with a partner who is not of your race?

Claire: You mean, like a black guy?

BoobaWooba: No, I was thinking more along the lines of someone from another planet?

Claire: Well, let me put it this way. I would never do a scene with an alien who was three feet tall, green, and who resembled a mutant frog with a diseased complexion. Also, severe body odor would be a sure deal killer as well.

BoobaWooba: Let’s move on. What do you like most about your huge tits?

Claire: Well, they’re really sensitive. I like to pinch my nipples when I’m about to come and it really boosts the orgasm. Guys really seem to like my tits and they usually cum all over them after they fuck me. I like to rub the cum all over my boobs until they’re all shiny.