Busty Big Butt Milf Assfucked

Busty Big Butt Milf Devon Lee Anal Video
BoobaWooba believes that busty milfs are a galactic treasure that exceed the entire Milky Way’s gold-pressed latinum reserves in intrinsic value. What makes a busty milf perfect, however, is a complimentary big butt that happily accepts extremely large penises through it’s tight sphincter, says the renowned porn king. Devon Lee is a sterling example of the kind of big tit milf BoobaWooba speaks of. She’s a sexy human woman in her thrities who’s got a fantastic pair of big tits, but who also sports a perfectly round bubble butt booty that is as desperate for big cocks as BoobaWooba’s 234-year-old Analingus Pleasure Beast is for a mercy killing.

Now, this busty babe’s ass is a perfect globe of naughtiness, considering that she can accommodate ridiculously large cocks inside of it. In this video called “The Ass Warden” over at Big Butts Like It Big, Devon plays a prison guard who gets accosted by one of her inmates in her bathroom. This particular inmate isn’t packing heat, but he’s packing an awful lot of something else. He just happens to have a huge cock, which he decides he needs to shove up Devon Lee’s voluptuous curvy ass. What ensues is a torrid assfucking that will leave your ceiling dripping cum. Truly, BoobaWooba believes this to be one of Devon’s hottest anal videos to date. This gorgeous big butt milf gets assfucked like it’s scheduled to be banned by the Galactic Congress. This particular anal video is a must see.

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