Poolside Pussy Boobs

Poolside Pussy and Boobs
BoobaWooba found this porn video while combing through the BigNaturals archives, and I have to say, it’s quite a find. Charlie James and Gianna Michaels star in “Poolside Pussy”, putting their huge natural boobs on display for all to see. They strut their curvy stuff by the pool in some very provocative bikinis, which leads to some hot titty sucking action between the two of them.

The busty beauties even go after each others bubble butt asses with their tongues before a guy named Ramon shows up with a huge erection. They work his big cock, eventually getting that meat stick pumped deep in their juicy pussies. The big boobs on Charlie James and Gianna Michaels will blow your mind…so damn soft and juicy looking. All tit lovers should check this video out.

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Giggles and Hot Tits

Gianna Michaels' Hot Tits In Hardcore Action
It’s no secret that BoobaWooba has longed to place his microscopic wart-covered penis between the hot tits of Gianna Michaels. This busty and curvy goddess has been sucking cock and getting her delicious tight pussy fucked on video while BoobaWooba has been blowing wads of copious green cum to those videos all the while. Now, Gianna is starring in this extremely hot big tit porn video called “Giggles and Tits” from Extreme Naturals where she gets her gorgeous big tits oiled up and adored before getting thoroughly fucked. This is probably one of the best videos she’s done because there’s plenty of oiled boobs action, which is quite arousing. Oh, and Gianna also has quite a big ass on her, as well. It gets oiled up and adored too, and that alone would get BoobaWooba ejaculating like a machine gun. There’s no hotter sight than watching Gianna get fucked and her seeing her hot tits bounce off the fucking walls, so definitely watch this video.

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Large Boobs on Gianna Michaels

Gianna Michaels - Large Boobs Jiggling in Lust
The great and virile smut king, BoobaWooba, known across the galaxy for his intrepid and envelope pushing erotica, has confessed to me that he simply cannot get enough of Gianna Michaels. She’s been featured here before and with every new video she stars in, BoobaWooba’s tiny phallus throbs all the more for her busty deliciousness. This buxom beauty has a body that causes tongues to hit the floor across the cosmos, with a set of perfect large boobs that are big, juicy, and all-natural. Equally stunning and dick-stiffening is Gianna’s big round bubble butt, which is as vast as the strip mines on Culona 3. This new video at Big Tits Round Asses stars the sexy big tit goddess in one of her best performances yet. She gets picked up in a cab off the street by the depraved proprietors of the website, and she quickly gets sucked into an interview that tunes us into the fact that she is a very naughty girl! After the gab-fest, they arrive at a condo where the busty boob queen will be stuffed full of thick cock. They get her naked and wet, then the cock appears and we’re in business! This lucky human fucks the crap out of her sexy curvy body and makes those large boobs jiggle out of all control. BoobaWooba insists that this video will definitely make you blow a few loads of juice, so standard keyboard protection protocols apply.


Big Booty Boobies

Gianna Michaels Big Boobies and Big BootyThis busty creature must be a product of some sexual pleasure droid laboratory, probably located somewhere in the Gazonga sector, BoobaWooba opines. Gianna Michaels is simply too perfect to be human. With those amazing big boobies, that just jut out from her chest like massive Argalian coconuts, and a luscious big booty that makes mouths water across the Milky Way, this busty babe is out-of-control hot. In this video from Bigtitsroundasses, Gianna starts off working out in some high rise condo, showing off her fine curves to the camera. We get to watch that beautiful big butt bounce around while she rides the exercise bike, then she starts to remove articles of clothing and the scene gets really interesting. BoobaWooba mentions that he likes boobs as sweaty as can be and Gianna really satisfies on that score. Once she’s totally naked, we can appreciate this curvy Goddess in all her glory. When the dude finally shows up, Gianna goes crazy on him, sucking his cock down and getting him ready to fuck her daylights out. They get into the shower for some serious naughtiness, then proceed to make more bacon than Jimmy Dean. Very hot woman, very hot big boobies, and an extremely hot big booty. Don’t miss.


Gianna Michaels

Holy Mother of the Great Galactic Tit Beast, Gianna Michaels has just entered the building! This woman is the most perfect big tit babe BoobaWooba has seen since he recovered from his last hallucinogenic mind trip three days ago. So perfect she is, in fact, that BoobaWooba claims that if you looked up the term “big tit babe” in the Intergalactic Edition of Webster’s Boobulan Dictionary, you would a see a picture of Gianna right next to the definition. For quite some time, BoobaWooba has been aware of Gianna Michaels, but he never considered her to be among the top tier of big tit babes until he saw her in this porn video scene at Big Tits Round Asses. The stars must have aligned in some spectacular way the day she did this video because she is just absolutely stunning in this one. Freshly tanned and looking more voluptuous than an Antaran Pleasure Cow during it’s fertility cycle, Gianna is a sight for any lover of big tits to behold.

The video starts off with the gorgeous big tit babe teasing the guys at an outdoor cafe. They convince her to show her tits and do other assorted naughty actions, which is a serious turn-on (especially for the old guy that got an unexpected eyeful). They then retreat to the apartment where, if everything goes according to plan, Gianna will get the stuffing fucked out of her perfect curvy body. Those beautiful big titties come out and Gianna lubes them up until they’re all shiny and happy. Then we get to watch as this hot babe puts those titties to work in some excellent hardcore action. Lots of cock sucking, tit jiggling, and ass rippling in this video, so don’t fucking miss it!