Curvy Chick Rides Cock

Curvy Chick Jayden Jaymes
Jayden Jaymes has been ripping a path through the porn universe for a couple years now, making an impression that has inflated countless male genital appendages across the Milky Way. Now, Jayden has chosen to do a video for Monster Curves that has gotten BoobaWooba drooling even more liberally than usual. Jayden is a sexy curve queen who’s just about got it all. She’s got a curvy round ass and a pair of big tits that, even though BoobaWooba’s scans detect significant artificiality, do appreciably arouse the phallus and tingle the testicals.

In this sizzling porn video called “Ass Craving”, Jayden is working at a jewelry store when Manuel Ferrara walks in looking for a gift for his girlfriend. You can imagine his reaction when he see Jayden’s sexy curves and spies some of that hot cleavage. He invites her back to his house and ends up fucking her brains out by the pool! The best part of this video is when Jayden is riding his cock cowgirl and her plump butt just jiggles out of all control. Lots of good titty sucking action as well.

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Jayden Jaymes Interview

Jayden Refuses To Cater To An Emerging Alien Market – Claims She Is Not Prejudiced

JaydenToday, BoobaWooba interviews a sexy young thing named Jayden, who is being featured at Big Tits Round Asses in a scene you simply have to see to believe. This girl has an ungodly body that was evidently designed for maximum sin. The curves on this woman never seem to end, and her ass is a round, bubbly bundle of joy. When BoobaWooba discovered her while enjoying his 999-year membership at BTRA, he set out to arrange an interview with this gorgeous example of busty beauty. BoobaWooba believes that Jayden is one of the hottest busty babes to enter the debauched world of internet porn in many eons (which, considering that BoobaWooba recently won the Intergalactic Porno Award for Best Multi-Orifice Penetration of a Gas Moose With a Power Tool Scene, is a serious endorsement), so don’t allow yourself to miss out on this curvy goddess of big boobs and butts.

BoobaWooba: Oh, my dearest Jayden, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview, my delicious morsel of hotness.

Jayden: (Blushing) Thank you, Mr. Wooba.

BoobaWooba: Now, tell me, dear girl. How in the hottest Hell did you get a body so terribly perfect in every way? I mean your ass is a masterpiece, your legs are stunning, and your tits are worthy of indefinite cryo-archival.

Jayden: Um, well, thanks for the compliments. A lot of guys seem to really like my body, but I always thought I was a little cartoonish, you know? I mean, I’m a very curvy girl.

BoobaWooba: Yes, you most certainly are, my dear! And there’s nothing at all wrong with that! Oh, and as someone who actually is cartoonish, I can assure you that you don’t qualify on that score. So, tell me, have you ever orally serviced a Farzekian Marathon Mule while wearing a cheerleader’s uniform?

Jayden: Um, I don’t think so.

BoobaWooba: Ok, because, there’s a huge market for that on Ferenginar. If you can ever bring yourself to do it, BoobaWooba Inc. would love to shoot that scene for you.

Jayden: (Giggling) Ok, I’ll keep that in mind, but I don’t think that will ever happen.

BoobaWooba: Why is that? Are you somehow prejudiced against Marathon Mules? Or, perhaps, your problem is with Farzekians? They’ve come a long way, you know. That unfortunate sewage tsunami in their capital city was finally cleaned up decades ago and you can barely tell by the smell that it ever happened at all, but people just can’t put the image behind them, it would seem.

Jayden: No, it’s not that, it’s just that I don’t really know what a Marathon Mule is, and anyway, I wouldn’t want to orally service a mule of any kind. And I don’t really care that it’s Fareekian.

BoobaWooba: Farzekian, dear girl, Farzekian.

Jayden: Whatever.