Bubble Tits and Ass

Natasha Nice - Bubble Tits and Ass
The news that human female Natasha Nice had returned to the debauched world of big tit porn hit BoobaWooba like a box of Orion Slave Girl chain leashes. The intergalactically adored and widely admired diminutive smut king found this new porn video, called “Natasha’s Nice Bubble Tits”, over at Big Tits Round Asses. BoobaWooba complained of severe testicle discomfort after having blown 72 loads of his chunky green ejaculate while watching the porno, which he claims has got to be one of Natasha’s hottest videos ever.

Many of us remember when this curvy french sweetie first popped onto the big boob/bubble butt porn scene. She was only 18 years old and fresh as a just-picked Zarphlaxian Boner Berry, but her all-natural tits and bubbly ass quickly shot her to the very top echelons of the smutverse. After having performed in a pitifully few number of sex videos, Natasha just seemed to disappear from the porn radar. BoobaWooba even conducted an exhaustive search for the stunning busty teeny bopper, using his vast financial resources and network of pan-galactic porn pushers, which sadly met with no success. But now, the sexy young lady with the perfect curves has surfaced and she is hotter than ever. In this porn video, Natasha climbs aboard a big dick and gets her gorgeous round ass oiled up while she rides the human phallus to orgasm. And thankfully, those bubbly big tits bounce and jiggle just like they did in the old days, BoobaWooba ecstatically reports.

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