Big Butt Anal Sex Queen Phoenix Marie

Big Butt Anal Babe Phoenix Marie - Free Movie
Well, Phoenix Marie has done it again. She has brought the intergalactic porn world a masterpiece of big butt/big tit erotica by starring in this debauched piece of work over at Big Butts Like It Big. BoobaWooba assures me that Phoenix’s beautiful big butt gets soundly fucked in this movie (entitled “Anal Proposal”) and that the scene is absolutely volcanic. Apparently, Phoenix has a boyfriend who’s been waiting an eternity for her to agree to let him slip his rigid manhood into her curvy round ass (BoobaWooba reminds us that there are interstellar treaties banning this form of torture, most prominently the “Intergalactic Convention on Anal Refusal” and the “Galactic Minimal Booty Sex Agreement”, both of which were signed by at least 4,589 races and the Orion Syndicate ).

But now, Phoenix has had a pang of conscience and has agreed to spread her voluptuous cheeks for her anally starving man. She arranges a nice little romantic dinner for the two of them and teases him with her great ass for a while before letting him go for the anal gold. We soon see that this guy is extremely well-endowed, which might explain Phoenix’s hesitation to allow anal sex. Nevertheless, she does manage to fit that big cock into her big bubble butt and it is a sight that will make your penis shoot through your pants. When he cums, he makes sure to drench her gorgeous big tits, which is a nice ending to a torrid scene. This is one of the hottest big butt anal movies out there right now, so don’t miss it.

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Phoenix Marie – Big Butt Gets Anal

Phoenix Marie Gets Anal at Ass Parade
It must be a time of great galactic good fortune, BoobaWooba opines, since the last few months have seen the busty big butt super babe Phoenix Marie perform a score of sizzling anal sex scenes that have melted the previously unreachable green cum stains off of the master smut peddler’s cathedral-like bedroom ceiling. Today, we find that Phoenix has done yet another big butt anal video, this time for the site Ass Parade. Do you like the idea of watching this busty booty babe wash herself with lots of bubbly suds, then take a fat cock deep in her delicious looking bubble butt? Well, if you do, watching this video will become a necessity that will trump your other priorities to the back burner. Yes, BoobaWooba knows that your son needs braces and the leak in the bathroom is on the verge of inundating the entire second floor, but are those things really as important as watching this choice piece of big butt beauty get assfucked until her anal ring can take no more? Of course not.

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Big Tit Babe Phoenix Marie Anal

Phoenix Marie Big Butt AnalBoobaWooba has just blasted into my quarters raving about a recently posted video he has just seen over at MonsterCurves. Apparently, the very sexy and curvy Phoenix Marie, whose delicious big tits and full round butt have been making my diminutive master’s salivary glands overproduce for the last few months, has done anal for the first time and the scene is absolutely white hot. The video starts with Phoenix arriving at an upscale earth domicile where all of the debauched anal penetration will take place. The cameraman gets her to lift her tight dress and show off that amazing big booty while she walks slowly to an ornate bathtub that reminds BoobaWooba of the one he had to use during his leaner days when he was just starting out in the intergalactic porn business. Phoenix gets naked and slips her curvy self into a nice sudsy bubble bath and washes her perfect big tits and big butt. When the dude finally shows up, he’s as hard as can be and Phoenix pops to attention and slips his hard cock into her hungry mouth. Lots of sloppy oral, then she gets her tight pussy nailed right there in the tub. Her gorgeous tits flop around while he’s nailing her and that big round ass jiggles and ripples like nuts. Finally, we get to the anal and it is electric! Phoenix takes that cock all the way up her ass and those fantastic ass cheeks just bounce and jiggle like they’ve never been happier. Totally hot video of this curvy goddess getting her tight pooper poked good.


Big Tit Babe Phoenix Marie

Big Tit Babe Phoenix MarieThis one is the total package, people of Earth. Phoenix Marie has previously been featured in the pages of this blog, and she is now back due to her magnificent big tits and profoundly hot big booty — physical features which have stimulated the great and sexually potent BoobaWooba to ridiculously high levels of Boobulan arousal. Phoenix is the perfect curve queen, with nice big titties that are plump and juicy, much like the treacherous Gazongalia fruit from the deepest reaches of Boobula’s tropical rain forests. But, unlike Gazongalia fruit, Phoenix’s boobs will not consume you whole, digest your flesh, then spit out your acidified remains onto the jungle surface. In this hot video for Monstercurves, this sexy buxom babe goes on a hiking trip that turns into a debauched carnal fuckfest. She gets stripped out of her tight shorts and skimpy top and gets boned by a gentleman with a large penis. Judging by her reactions, the deep pussy penetration she receives is very satisfying, but more satisfying is the sight of watching that fat ass and those big tits jiggle while she’s being plowed relentlessly. Much to stroke to here.


Hot Butt and Titties

Phoenix Marie's Hot Butt and TittiesThis curvy creature Phoenix Marie, recently discovered by our wise and perpetually horny intergalactic porn king during a wanking session at the site Monster Curves, looks like she just walked right out of a comic book. It’s hard to believe that a human female can achieve this level of curviness naturally. Her hips are wide, her hot butt is plump and round, and her perfectly juicy titties are…well, ok that’s where nature was apparently helped out a little. Phoenix is not only super curvy, busty, and bootylicious, she’s also horny as hell. In this video for Monstercurves, she apparently can’t even stick to a routine home improvement job without getting the urge to get fucked by a stiff cock. They pair the sexy busty blond with a dude who absolutely adores hot butts so much, he actually attempts to consume them. No joke, watch this guy try to literally eat her delicious big butt while taking a break from the painting job that I’m sure will never be completed. BoobaWooba blew 3 chunky loads of his precious green ejaculate on this video, so I’m sure you humans will get something out of it as well.