Huge Tits – Big Black Cock

Samantha G and her Huge Tits with a Big Black Cock
BoobaWooba had expressed a desire for ridiculously large breasts today, so I went and found him this big tit video from BigTitsCurvyAsses. It stars Samantha G, a very voluptuous lady with a pair of unbelievably huge tits that appear to be 100% natural. BoobaWooba expressed immediate approval when he glimpsed Samantha’s monster tits, exclaiming that I had “exceeded all expectations of competency in webmastering” and that I would shortly receive a bonus reward for my demonstrated professional excellence. The reward turned out to be one of BoobaWooba’s used pleasure mules, which had quite a bit of mileage on it and an unsightly ring of inflammations surrounding the genitalia that were oozing pus, so I graciously declined the gift.

In this video, Samantha G takes it to a new level when she gets it on with this black guy who possesses a monster cock to match her monster tits. He puts her to work on that thing as she orally pleasures him by taking that dick as far down her throat as she can. Soon, that big black cock is plumbing the depths of her tight pussy and making her squeal in delight. Samantha then gets some titfucking action and takes his warm load of cum all over her deliciously huge tits. Very hot action in this video featuring a very voluptuous big tit babe.

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Busty Samantha G

Busty Samantha G at Extreme Naturals
Time for some ridiculously huge boobage, people of Earth. From time to time, BoobaWooba is overcome by a lust for seriously large tits and ass, a fact that has gotten the intergalactically respected porn king into more than his share of trouble (the Volkswagen tit enlargement incident immediately comes to mind). This time, though, I cannot see a way that my revered smut pushing master would encounter any danger, since Samantha G has already declined his offer to have her flown to the Booba-Mansion so that BoobaWooba can nest in her cleavage for two weeks. Samantha, by the way, is the terribly busty and voluptuous female you see before you who has recently shot this extremely arousing video for Big Tits Round Asses. Her body is a curve-lover’s dream come true, with a massive set of huge natural boobs and an ass that is sure to attract a moon in the near future. In this scene, we see her get a total full-body sex workout as she’s fucked with a massive dick and gets cum creamed all over her busty boobage. This woman is what the doctor ordered if you’re just not getting enough monster tits and ass in your diet.