Big Tit Pornstar Shyla Stylez Anal Sex

Big Tit Pornstar Shyla Stylez
Shyla Styles is a name everyone here in BoobaWooba’s adoring masses should know exceedingly well by now. She’s a big tit pornstar with long blond hair, a juicy big round butt, and a couple of outrageous gazongas that would make even the most devout ascetic monk pop a stiffy. Her gorgeous body is tight and lean, but very curvy in all the right places. One thing in particular that BoobaWooba loves about Shyla is the fact that this curvy girl loves to take fat cocks up her juicy ass. This video called “Puss In Boots” at Monster Curves displays this fact in copious fashion as Shyla gets down and dirty with the guy who stopped by to help her out with the lawn.

She’s dressed in a seriously hot gardening outfit that was so visually stimulating for BoobaWooba, it caused one of his purple hemorrhoids to pulse uncontrollably for several minutes. Rarely is a porn girl so hot that she can stimulate BoobaWooba’s infamous hemorrhoids without performing direct analingus on the intergalactically cherished smut tycoon. Shyla Styles loves to suck cock too, which she gets down to nice and early in this scene. She crams that dick all the way in her hungry mouth and slobbers it up nicely. Soon, we get to the anal sex, and that’s when this video gets really interesting. If you’re at all interested in watching Shyla get one of the hardest poundings in the ass she’s ever had, don’t miss this movie.

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Shyla Stylez Interview

Shyla Gets Tricked Into Interview – Rejects Opportunity To Perform Analingus on BoobaWooba!

Shyla at BigtitsroundassesOk, so her tits are not exactly natural, but they are as delectable as they come. Shyla is a sexy busty blond babe, currently appearing in a scorching scene for Big Tits Round Asses, who packs a honking set of perfect D-size boobs and is not afraid to use them. Her scene is simply incendiary, and will certainly arouse even the coldest of loins without the assistance of any kind of erectile dysfunction medication whatsoever. BoobaWooba, in his infinite and overabundant genius as an intergalactically renowned porn tycoon, was crafty enough to trick Shyla into agreeing to an interview.

BoobaWooba: Welcome my dear Shyla Stylez! So glad you could make it for what I hope will be a deeply probing interview into your divine naughtiness.

Shyla: Um, hi. I think I’m in the wrong office, though. I was supposed to talk to someone about getting a free one year’s supply of edible panties?

BoobaWooba: Oh, right, yes! Yes, my dear, you are indeed in the right office. How could I have forgotten! Yes, the supply will be delivered to your place of residence as soon as we complete this little interview. You don’t mind, do you?

Shyla: Well, I guess not. But nobody said anything about an interview with a talking frog.

BoobaWooba: No, no, my dear. I’m a space alien, not a frog. The sentience should have tipped you off. I’m a Boobulan, to be precise.

Shyla: A whatulan? Look, I didn’t know there was going to be an interview. I didn’t even know there were space aliens. But if that’s really what you are, you better be careful because Immigration is pretty anal about illegal aliens.

BoobaWooba: Not to worry, my dear, I have greased the appropriate palms in your government and can assure you that my presence here is semi-legitimate. But enough about me, I want to talk about you and your exciting porn career, you sexy little bundle of huge titness. Tell me, have you ever had those huge tits fucked on camera by a well-endowed farm animal with priapism?

Shyla: NO! What kind of a question is that to ask me?!! Anyway, I stopped doing those films in Brazil long before I got my boob job. Sheesh!

BoobaWooba: Oh, I’m terribly sorry, my sweet. I didn’t mean to offend you in any way. Let’s move on from your porn career to your personal sexual proclivities. By any chance, do you believe you would enjoy orally soothing my inflamed hemorrhoidal tissue?

Shyla: I’m sorry, what?

BoobaWooba: Would you like to suck my roids?

Shyla: This interview is over, Mr. talking space frog. And I better get that panty shipment on time or it’ll be your little green ass, roids and all!