Your Swimming Pool

Hello, Mr. Wooba. This is Fereezi Malegaigox, the contractor you hired to construct the 100-foot swimming pool in the shape of a massive set of big boobs in your backyard. I have a couple of questions that I need to get answered by you before we break ground on the project at your mansion. First off, you mentioned when we spoke last that you wanted the areas where the nipples would normally be to consist of rounded fountains that would periodically spew bursts of water to simulate lactation of real breasts. Is this still your wish, because, frankly, most of the people in our office believe that’s kind of sick. Also, do you still require a blessing of the site conducted every 5 minutes by a Boobianic Priest as we proceed with construction, because this will delay things a bit as we are not able to find a priest who thinks this is an acceptable use of his time. Also, I’m going to have to speak with you at length about your plans for a massive ass-shaped backyard observatory. Your insistence that the telescope protrude from the anus is causing some serious design problems that we’re going to have to resolve. Thank you for your prompt reply.

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