CosmiBanc Latinum Visa

Dear Mr. Wooba,

We have placed a temporary hold on your CosmiBanc Latinum Visa account due to some irregular charges that we recently discovered. Specifically, on 4/28, there was a purchase of a “Fusion Powered Anal Cleansing System” that was charged to your account by subaccount holder “Misty MegaTits”. On that same day, there was a charge for 50 cans of “Super Fresh Flatulence Odor Eliminator” by the same subaccount holder. Please confirm that these charges are genuine and we will promptly reinstate your account. For security reasons, we will require you to personally confirm these charges over the phone to one of our friendly female customer service representatives. All calls are monitored and recorded to ensure courteous service. Thank you.

Varla Vega, Director – Account Affairs